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[MOD] Autumn Twilight - v2.3 Release
298 Replies
Making a player-usable custom ship style
45 Replies
MarvinKosh's Space Weapons Fix Mod v6B (updated 31/08/2014)
507 Replies
Introducing: The High Resolution Graphics Mod by LogicSequence
210 Replies
Creating Custom Planets in GalCiv 2
98 Replies
RELEASE: Kryo's Hull System Mod
317 Replies
Modding Tutorials
39 Replies
A Modding Guide
85 Replies
Screenshots of Mods in action
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Help with setting a tech rate.
2 Replies
In need of un-modded Techtree.xml
1 Replies
No Mods Folder
3 Replies
Looking for an "easier combat mod"
2 Replies
Battle of the Gods Mod (Allow Other Races?)
13 Replies
Changing Map Generation?
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[eMOD] Negative Abilities v1.11 released
15 Replies
Mods-just can't get them to work
8 Replies
Mod recommendations for a newbie?
2 Replies
Custom Movies Playing at Double Speed
0 Replies
More than 1 required tech doesn't work
6 Replies
Trying to mod a planet and getting 'access denied' message when I save.
4 Replies
Looking to impromve my Gal Civ II Ultimate game.
5 Replies
Can this game do fractions of a percent?
1 Replies
How do i download the map editor?
1 Replies
Technology Multiple Requirements
3 Replies
How to combine mods APT2.02 and High Resolution mod?
1 Replies
need english mod
3 Replies
Any playable STAR TREK Mod out there?
4 Replies
Modding Question?
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