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Answers to questions about the Metaverse
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Anyone still playing?
9 Replies
Kzinti Empire - offical empire thread
4,030 Replies
The 'Negative Balance'-strategy (NB strat)
21 Replies
The 249 Military StarBase Field (MSBF)
3 Replies
"Spore" ZYW - a step-by-step guide
7 Replies
Advanced Race Customization (ARC)
1 Replies
'Super-Diplomat' ZYW strategy
51 Replies
The '3-starting-planets' trick
0 Replies
The 16/24 Military Starbase Arrays (MSBA)
8 Replies
The 'Great Galactic Swindle'
2 Replies
24 Replies
So, Altmeta is gone?
5 Replies
Bought GalCiv2 Ultimate from Steam - How to play GalCiv2 or Dark Avatar Games on Metaverse?
11 Replies
Tyranny of Evil - A Metaverse Empire.
3,421 Replies
The shape of the GC2 Metaverse
12 Replies
Adepta Sororitas - An Active Metaverse Empire Thread
193 Replies
Kilts And Daggers
210 Replies
Need Link To Crash Exception Procedures
8 Replies
Empire thread --> The Gerontocracy
524 Replies
Metaverse Council Suggestion Box
61 Replies
Problem with Metaverse
2 Replies
Metaverse League (MVL) Recruitment Drive
40 Replies
Galactic Brotherhood of Steel is now recruiting
1 Replies
Zero Year Win Club 2011
205 Replies
Wrong Steam account tied to Metaverse GalCiv install
2 Replies
The Metaverse Recruiting Center
193 Replies
How to Mod with Steam?
2 Replies
Crash upon signing in from Steam Ultimate Edition
3 Replies
Why the heck would I want to post to Metaverse?
14 Replies
New Millionaire's Club (million-point games)
30 Replies
AltMeta Help Desk
104 Replies
ToA not registered to Metaverse
1 Replies
TA: Step by step guide to getting max score
8 Replies
Connecting to the Metaverse in ToA 2.02 vs 2.04
2 Replies
Loaded game crashed
3 Replies
registrated, cant join tournamen or metawerse, game crashes
4 Replies
Add Player - Not working
2 Replies
Loading saved games in metaverse?
3 Replies
The Millionaire's Club
142 Replies
Can this game be posted to the metaverse?
4 Replies
Can't change e-mail address
1 Replies
Galactic Balance
4 Replies
Breaking News! Read all about!
1 Replies
Qourth Empire
4 Replies
How to create a charater for the metaverse?
4 Replies
We are Adepta Sororitas
17 Replies
Score dependency on victory condition
8 Replies
What is a Metaverse?
4 Replies
Kzinti Race Mod
1 Replies
create a character questions
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