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Out of Memory in Twilight
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Flaming wastes time - Don't do it.
2 Replies
Post your TA suggestions here
382 Replies
Twilight of the Arnor - Reported Bugs - Read this!
30 Replies
Next Beta Update
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How to Submit Beta Reports
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Good vs. Neutral
14 Replies
TA Beta 3- -- Rotating parts!?!?
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stardock central doesn't recognise my installed games
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map editor
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Dark Avatar: Spies, Invasions and you.
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Farm "bug"
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2.0 Beta, clearing a custom race removes all super abilities.
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1.99 beta 1: probably too late to ask, but...
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2.0 beta spectator Q, tell us about "no tech brokering"
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Page Numbering Placement On the Revised PDF Manual
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End of Turn Freeze
13 Replies
Exploit or game effect
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Instead of a Beta...
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Aul Incinerator
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BUG/Exploit: Planet quality bonus strips buildings/tiles when another race gets planet somehow yet leaves the benefit from building.
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Bug: Glaring problem with buildings that grant CIV WIDE bonus (i.e. Galactic Bazaar, trade goods)
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CTD with VISTA after everyturn
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Tiny hull invisible
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Display bug
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