Stardock Thanksgiving Holiday
Nov 28, 2022 6:00

Stardock will be closed for the rest of the week starting on Wednesday, November 23rd and we will be returning on Monday, November 28th. We will be monitoring support tickets and forums during this time but expect delays in responses during this time.

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Official Multiplayer Discussion Thread
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DA Combat System
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Official Carriers/Orbital Bombardment Thread
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Official Tactical Combat Discussion Thread
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GCII Keyboard Shortcuts
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GalCiv2 + Expansions
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Not 32 resources on tiny maps.
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When you give an AI money
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Thought I knew what I was doing
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Doesn't go to battle screen
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Confused about targeting priority
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What is the use of population and market center?
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speed limit 5 parsecs on immense
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Not doing so well as Drengin
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Some ideas I'm considering
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Why do colony ships and transports disappear when you use them (sometimes)
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Building multiple fertility clinics to populate planets quickly
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Can any starbase be improved to repair ships quickly?
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Can I use a troop module to colonize a new planet?
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I'm back a year later to give it another try
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Need help on GalCiv2 ultimate edition cheats how do you make them work?
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Courage Ability?
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1 Replies
Complete Set of Ship Designs?
2 Replies
Did I... only dream about massive ship hulls?
6 Replies
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