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Can't activate or register the game? See here first!
399 Replies
Show off your ship designs 2013
16 Replies
Galactic Civilizations: The case for no multiplayer
616 Replies
Brad's "Did you know you could do this" thread
182 Replies
GETTING HELP for GalCiv II / Dark Avatar
151 Replies
Galactopedia. Now Twilight of the Arnor compatible.
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How To Report Crashes and Bugs / troubleshooting tips
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Groupy WIn11 Microsoft Office trouble
2 Replies
Start 11 Bug
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GalCiv 2 Ultimate Edition Community Update
2,016 Replies
[MOD] Future Worlds v0.65
246 Replies
Object Dock & Alt+F4
1 Replies
GC II Empire State Mod v32
15 Replies
GC3: Inhabited Planets disappear
0 Replies
Install fails with "Product Activation could not write the activation signature"
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Dread Lords Collectors Edition Content Problems
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Trying to Update Gal Civ II
5 Replies
Issues with multiple ideology pop-ups upon turn start
1 Replies
Version 2.20
5 Replies
Windows 10 Black Screen With Cursor Issue
0 Replies
Anyone still playing?
12 Replies
Can't trade for planets?
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game crashes when invading a planet
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i have my product key but it wont accept it
2 Replies
The screen will flicker
1 Replies
GalCiv2 + Expansions
17 Replies
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