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[MOD] Autumn Twilight - v2.3 Release
298 Replies
Making a player-usable custom ship style
45 Replies
MarvinKosh's Space Weapons Fix Mod v6B (updated 31/08/2014)
507 Replies
Introducing: The High Resolution Graphics Mod by LogicSequence
210 Replies
Creating Custom Planets in GalCiv 2
98 Replies
RELEASE: Kryo's Hull System Mod
317 Replies
Modding Tutorials
39 Replies
A Modding Guide
85 Replies
Screenshots of Mods in action
25 Replies
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halo mod
30 Replies
Default Systems Comprehensive Modification Pack (DSCMP)
46 Replies
LogicSequence High Res Mod
1 Replies
Trying to combine mods (Tolmekian's with LogicSequence's)
4 Replies
Release: Star Control Mod for GalCiv:TA
0 Replies
Government, Crime, and Cabinet Abillities
2 Replies
Properly sized stars?
2 Replies
how can i get dread lords as a selectable race.
17 Replies
Which one of the big ones?
4 Replies
Altarn's Polished Twilight of the Arnor 1 and 2
84 Replies
Modding Star Density
3 Replies
Smarter random event's race?
1 Replies
Help, starting new mod (Orginal Star Trek) by Hans
4 Replies
ship scaling
2 Replies
Planet improvement: is it possible have food value not integer? how
1 Replies
Starting Ships
3 Replies
Custom civ not loading all techs
5 Replies
Crashing In Mods
2 Replies
Need help creating a custom Political Party.
2 Replies
Modding random events and AI attack valuation?
2 Replies
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