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Official Multiplayer Discussion Thread
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DA Combat System
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Official Carriers/Orbital Bombardment Thread
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Official Tactical Combat Discussion Thread
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GCII Keyboard Shortcuts
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AI research vs Player research
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Confederacy created out of about half of my planets
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Anyway to see exactly where a ship can go in one turn
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beginner assitance
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Dread Lords campaign, missions: please help a beginner
8 Replies
difference between toxic atmosphere reductor and advanced one?
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Terran War Ships
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What is your typical fleet composition?
24 Replies
Missing Techs(Outdated?)
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Research TP costs by galaxy size and technology rate
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Setup Effects - the Disease Becomes a Decisive Event
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Highest Leveled ship you ever had?
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Im losing bc every turn......
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Questions about trading....
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How do you make logistics higher?
7 Replies
Adding modules to starbases?
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Best Starships in Ultimate Edition
8 Replies
Capitals and bonus tiles
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new to the game, have some questions
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Influence in GalCiv 1
8 Replies
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