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Official Multiplayer Discussion Thread
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DA Combat System
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Official Carriers/Orbital Bombardment Thread
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Official Tactical Combat Discussion Thread
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GCII Keyboard Shortcuts
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Purchased Galciv II from stardock back in the day, but cannot download from GameStop with the stardock CD Keys
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late game economy
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Loyality ability?
5 Replies
Anyone know Games Exhibition?
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Control-P Cheat isnt working
16 Replies
The Wormhole Sagas
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What does the "Focus" button in ship design screen do ?
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Ultra Long Distance Battle
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Feisty Minors
2 Replies
Peaceful Invasion
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Mining base spam
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How well does GalCiv2 work in Windows 7 64bit?
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How do you manage multiple vessels?
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Advanced (BadPlanetType) Colonization
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Colony ship capacity?
3 Replies
17 Replies
Windows 8 compatible!
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Galaxy setup options
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Why doesn't your ship design screen info match your technology?
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AI research vs Player research
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