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Official Multiplayer Discussion Thread
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DA Combat System
43 Replies
Official Carriers/Orbital Bombardment Thread
176 Replies
Official Tactical Combat Discussion Thread
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GCII Keyboard Shortcuts
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GalCiv2 + Expansions
17 Replies
Not 32 resources on tiny maps.
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When you give an AI money
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Thought I knew what I was doing
1 Replies
Doesn't go to battle screen
1 Replies
Confused about targeting priority
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What is the use of population and market center?
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speed limit 5 parsecs on immense
3 Replies
Not doing so well as Drengin
26 Replies
Some ideas I'm considering
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Why do colony ships and transports disappear when you use them (sometimes)
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Building multiple fertility clinics to populate planets quickly
4 Replies
Can any starbase be improved to repair ships quickly?
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Can I use a troop module to colonize a new planet?
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I'm back a year later to give it another try
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Need help on GalCiv2 ultimate edition cheats how do you make them work?
11 Replies
Courage Ability?
1 Replies
1 Replies
Complete Set of Ship Designs?
2 Replies
Did I... only dream about massive ship hulls?
6 Replies
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