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Answers to questions about the Metaverse
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Notes from a 1 million point game
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Can't seem to leave my MV empire...
18 Replies
What are you doing while the Metaverse is broken?
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The Knights who say NI!!!!!
13 Replies
The Hitchhikers of the Galaxy
254 Replies
What does Metaverse do?
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MVL round 12
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submitting games twice
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help,cannot seem to register my game
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The Galactic Senate
834 Replies
For a Whale of a good time, join the "B.C. Space Orcas"
427 Replies
The Zegarion Republic
14 Replies
Metaverse love for 2.0
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"The Raiders" are recruiting new assassins and cutthroat vermin!
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Problems logging in to metaverse
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Serial Numbers
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Soldier for Hire
70 Replies
The Olympian Gods
340 Replies
Banned from a thread!
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Profile Picture / Name
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Drath Lieutenant for hire
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Profile Pic
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The High Command Hegemony
462 Replies
Alliance of new posters
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How does the Metaverse work?
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Question about custom races
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Metaverse down?
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Metaverse not entirely functional
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Race identification switched
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Scoring question
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Funky forum icons
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Klingon Imperial Empire
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United Confederation of Planets Thread
330 Replies
MV Questions
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ARC:Changing techs MetaVerse legal?
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Rise of the Kzinti
24 Replies
Roleplaying pseudo empire mods pics thread
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Kzinti Empire ranked #10
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Custom ship styles for the Metaverse
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Custom ships
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Creating a metaverse account
s w
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MVL Round 11
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My Message to Kryo
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A Post By Harborne
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Galactic Stargate Command
1,633 Replies
Any Active Colonial Fleet Members still out there?
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Chaotic Tree Rats - An Empire For Space Vermin
5 Replies
My first Metaverse game.....difficulty level
27 Replies
The Galactic Diplomats
1,775 Replies
Why Should I (You) Join An Empire?
19 Replies
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