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Galactic Civilizations II: Common Issues And Solutions
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STICKY: Metaverse Help!
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How to sumbit a bug report
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STICKY: Dual Core Machines may need a driver update
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The number one gripe about GC2 on Steam
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Fog of war issue
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Refresh problem on setup screen(s)
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Game exits to desktop, but the game didn't crash
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Gal Civ II Ultimate
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Test post for personal icon
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Ships not auto-upgrading after new technologies researched
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Game ruining bug for custom ships
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Error While Installing
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Loading Mods
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Galactic Civilizations II: Known Issues / How to get support
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Battle viewer videos gets wonky
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Has anyone had this issue?
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Economy collapsing bug
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GalCiv2 crashes on load
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"Out of Memory" during quicksave, then crashes.
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No models?
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AI shipbuilding bug in TA
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Galciv2 all episodes new game crash
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Bug with UP event
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