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Official Multiplayer Discussion Thread
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DA Combat System
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Official Carriers/Orbital Bombardment Thread
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Official Tactical Combat Discussion Thread
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GCII Keyboard Shortcuts
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Is GalCiv II Available in Australian Stores yet
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Some interesting glitches . . . (Screenshots)
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How do I post a picture to the forums?
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A few noob questions
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registery keys
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starbase construction?
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Questions about my current game tactics....
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Resetting Default Races
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Espionage - Game Suggestions (put 'em here!)
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Hiya - I need some answers
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Playing on the largest size map...
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Hard Victories
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Looking for some help.
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Got it! Excellent game!
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I saw a web video of a designer playing the game
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YAY!!! I have it now!
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Addicted to the ship designer!
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To wait or not to wait
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Shipyard help
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Spaceship design requests
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