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Can't activate or register the game? See here first!
399 Replies
Show off your ship designs 2013
16 Replies
Galactic Civilizations: The case for no multiplayer
616 Replies
Brad's "Did you know you could do this" thread
182 Replies
GETTING HELP for GalCiv II / Dark Avatar
151 Replies
Galactopedia. Now Twilight of the Arnor compatible.
81 Replies
How To Report Crashes and Bugs / troubleshooting tips
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How to get ships on orbit?
3 Replies
Random GC2 questions
14 Replies
What does Super Manipulator ability really do?
6 Replies
Old Impulse purchase
2 Replies
GoG Version with integrated community patch very much uninhabitable planets
10 Replies
Battling Tech Victory on Suicidal
1 Replies
No Population Growth
3 Replies
[MOD] Autumn Twilight - v2.3 Release
298 Replies
Galactic Civilizations II: Common Issues And Solutions
10 Replies
new 2.20 patch
27 Replies
Coming back to GalCiv2 after a long layoff
2 Replies
A General Solution to Poverty
208 Replies
Unique technologies
1 Replies
Crash every turn
3 Replies
Ship Def files
1 Replies
Know Where Man
3 Replies
Need help GalCiv2 Dread Lords
3 Replies
What colour schould i use for a new windowblinds skin project?
15 Replies
Changing the race color during a match(It is possible, I did it, where's how)
0 Replies
speed limit 5 parsecs on immense
3 Replies
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