Stardock Summer Vacation
Jul 6, 2020 8:00

Stardock will be closed for the week starting on Monday, June 29th and we will be returning on Monday, July 6th. We will be monitoring support tickets and forums during this time, but expect delays in responses during this time.

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Elemental Beta 1G will be this week
61 Replies
People of Elemental: the Empires
115 Replies
People of Elemental: The Kingdoms
42 Replies
The Lore of Elemental
21 Replies
Grrr. We’re gonna get bumped
79 Replies
The Gameplay of Elemental
53 Replies
The Elemental Box
69 Replies
Sid Meier’s 10 rules for game design
25 Replies
Mmmm. Vectors
20 Replies
Creatures of Elemental: Hordes of the Fallen
84 Replies
Full Medallion list
17 Replies
Elemental: The Tragedy of Procipinee
46 Replies
Incredibuild is incredible
31 Replies
Ugly children
72 Replies
Elemental: Internal debates made external
565 Replies
The Spells beta is coming
35 Replies
Elemental: Pen & Paper – Game 1
30 Replies
Some thoughts on succession
104 Replies
Understanding The Fallen, Elemental, and Middle Earth
40 Replies
The importance of optimization
32 Replies
Tiny coincidences
26 Replies
“The Dumbest Smart Person”
64 Replies
Elemental Multiplayer Revealed
59 Replies
Treaties in Elemental
9 Replies
We don’t like the research mechanism
96 Replies
We’re back..
21 Replies
Elemental: How I Spent my Christmas Vacation
16 Replies
Elemental: Christmas time Status Report
37 Replies
Don’t be afraid of the sausage factory
63 Replies
Some quick battle notes
80 Replies
Sovereign Attributes discussion
47 Replies
Random Elemental journal: December 2009
183 Replies
Elemental: Beta 1D Change Log.
15 Replies
Channeler Customization: Part 3
74 Replies
Elemental: Data-Driving the Unit Stats
47 Replies
Channeler Customization: Continued
48 Replies
Elemental Story design
48 Replies
Elemental Beta 1C
13 Replies
New movement code
56 Replies
Happy Thanksgiving!
34 Replies
Oh I’ve got all year
48 Replies
Elemental: Let's Talk, Good Sire.
45 Replies
Elemental video diary
42 Replies
Elemental: And now for something completely different
196 Replies
Elemental: Pen & Paper Rules
29 Replies
Elemental: Video blogging
8 Replies
Elemental: Pen & Paper
54 Replies
Welcome to the Team!
61 Replies
Okay, this is pretty cool.
30 Replies
70 Replies
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