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I'm wondering results the various options get you. I don't want to have too many planets to manage but I don't want to have too few so I want to get the right level.

I usually keep the galaxy size to medium, but if the amount of stars and planets are independent of the galaxy size I might make a bigger galaxy with less in it. Especially since I very few of my games have engines and life-support been necessary because of the shot distances between things, but I want to have those things be a factor.

So what I'm wondering is if the various options are dependent on each other or not. For instance if I set the amount of stars to a given level will I have the same number of stars no matter what size of galaxy I pic or does it scale to galaxy size? Like the amount of stars is on a per sector basis?

I have a similar question with the relation between number of stars and planets. Like if I set for the most planets would that mean that every star has the max number of planets and thus the number of stars would also affect the number of planets or does it set the amount of planets and then that number is spread out over the available stars?

Same question with the different types of planets. There's settings for planets, habitable planets, and extreme planets. Do these set separate amounts for each or does it set the number of planets then make a percentage of those habitable and then a percentage of those extreme?

My last game went too well for me. I was the Iconians so I set extreme planets to the highest level and I ended up having 20+ planets while no one else had more than five, and I won by influence, and never fought one battle. Not very interesting so I want to make sure that while I set things so my races abilities are useful I don't don't stack it so much in their favor that I cripple everyone else.

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February 15, 2013 2:01:43 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Stars: Will scale to galaxy size, except for Immense.  Immense contains the same number of stars on average as a Gigantic galaxy but there's more room.

Planets: As far as I know, yes, extreme is a subset of habitable, habitable is a subset of planets.  The homeworld systems are not random though, for example you'll never get a PQ 16 extreme environment Moon in orbit around Earth.

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