Resolving apparent game-freeze between turns.

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    [DA] As the title says,  sometimes the game seems to freeze between turns (the "turn" button is hidden),  but the cursor still moves (I use the "hardware" cursor option) and I can still navigate around the map and click on planets and ships.

  Clicking the "find" button can select to a ship which (surprisingly) still has moves remaining.  I do not have the "skip moves left over" option on,  so this ship should have been auto-selected after I clicked the "turn" button.

  This usually occurs with survey ships on auto-survey,  and rarely on constructors.  The simple solution is to give the ship/fleet a manual order which uses all its remaining movement points ("skip" doesn't always do the trick);  usually the problem does not continue after the next turn.

  This is on my 1.5GHz 1.5GBRAM 500MB(!)freediskspace WindowsXP computer.

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