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Firefox users may have trouble seeing the entire AAR.  Apparently Firefox has some trouble viewing these very long, pic heavy posts.  Switch over to IE or some other browser if you're having trouble.


Inspired by positive feedback, I'll take another crack at putting together an AAR.  I've tweaked my conditions a little bit as I've found what kind of game I like.  My last game worked out well, so I'll use the same conditions, except that I'm jacking the difficulty up to Masochistic.

I upped planets and habitable planets from uncommon to occasional.  Otherwise you're looking at 80% or more extremes with a frequent extreme setting.

I also decided to go for a custom race.  I like to string together a narrative while I'm gaming, so I gave them a little backstory:

I edited the races a bit based on what I've read on the forums.  As usual, I played with a range restriction.  This time it's -100.  My custom race got 20 points to spend instead of 15.  I also removed the Arceans -10 speed penalty.

The Gaians shipped off to colonize a new planet long before humanity developed hyperdrive.  They spent a long time in space, stretching their resources thin.  When they finally arrived, they found the Gaia system to be devoid of inhabitable planets and were forced to reroute to a nearby star system.  There they settled a barren planet, renamed Gaia, and over time nursed it into a thriving world (race PQ bonus and Super Isolationist barren world colonization abilities.)  Creativity and research were critical to their survival, and they learned to be happy with what they had and to economize on scarce resources.  These are the abilities that I like, so I'm doing some reverse justification, but it makes a nice story.  It also happened that the star Gaia ended up being my immediate neighbor, so it worked out nicely.

I picked the races for ethical balance:

3 good, 3 neutral, and 3 evil. And Masochistic

The Gaians will use the Terran tech tree, for obvious reasons, and I plan to play them out as neutral.  I had my evil run with the Yor for a couple games and I'm just not up to going good quite yet.  That makes 4 neutrals, but it's better to weight the middle I suppose.

Well, with everything set it's time to go.

The map turned out nicely on the first run. I ended up sandwiched between the Terrans and Altarians, which fits the story nicely.  I actually view the Altarians as another offshoot of humanity that got all uppity and goody.  I notice the Yor directly to the south of me, but it doesn't occur to me until later that including the Yor may have been to my disadvantage.  As Super Isolationists, the Gaians take advantage of both abilities.  Slowing enemy ships down to 3pc/turn allows me plenty of time to react when I see them invade my space.  Helps me defend and also helps when they come after the uncolonized planets in my space.  I can usually cut them off in time.  It's very difficult to sneak up and surprise me - only if I'm not paying attention.  Also, and critical to the discussion, being able to colonize barren planets is a nice advantage considering the conditions I play - not very many habitable and lots of extremes.  I've considered Super Adapter to get Toxic and Aquatic colonization, but slowing enemy ships is too nice to give up.  Soooo, now I have the Yor right next to me and they can colonize barren worlds, too.  Here's hoping I can beat them to the punch, then.


Unfortunately, I have to stop here for now.  I'm 1.5 years into the game, so there will be a quick update coming.  Things are starting to move, and I'm eager for some action.  I can't play until I write it up, so I have plently of motivation!

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December 16, 2008 2:42:44 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

I haven't even read it yet...but THANK YOU for doing a new one!    I prefer this style of AAR to the ones that are just one long story with no pics...

**say, how are you doing that range penalty?  I'd love to do that in my games**

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December 16, 2008 2:58:51 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

He's editing the raceconfig.xml file in the Program Files/Stardock/TotalGaming/GalCiv2/Twilight/Data/English folder, or applying a mod which edits that file.

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December 16, 2008 4:41:27 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

one other thing, how do you do these nice screenshots?  I see where you can set the file type for screenshots, but I don't see in the manual how to take one.  I tried 'print screen' ctrl+printscreen alt+printscreen...nothing.

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December 16, 2008 6:29:37 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

I prefer this style of AAR to the ones that are just one long story with no pics...

Then you might like my old AAR for DA with lots of pics. 

Detailed Suicide Medium Map DA AAR!

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December 17, 2008 1:14:29 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Quoting Mascrinthus,

I prefer this style of AAR to the ones that are just one long story with no pics...

Then you might like my old AAR for DA with lots of pics. 

Detailed Suicide Medium Map DA AAR!


That's a great one!  If anyone has any other links to similar AAR's, I'd love them.  I like the ones with lots of game details and pictures and less on the narrative...and how is everyone taking screenshots?  Are you taking a regular screenshot and then leaving the game to go save it in an image editing parogram?  God, I hope not...

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December 17, 2008 1:55:33 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Drengin has started a new AAR for TA, Chistmas Times, with lots of pictures but it is very basic, aimed at new players of GalCiv II.

With the unique tech trees in TA, any guide for TA has to be different for each race.

So let's focus in DA where only the Super Ability and starting race bonuses matter.

Below you find three excellent AARs for DA (the third one is my own):

Altarian Rebillion AAR

Detailed Suicidal AAR for DA

Detailed Suicide Medium Map DA AAR!

Some excellent AARs for TA from Wyndstar are:

Thoughts and analysis on TA as of beta 4

My Greatest Comeback Win Ever!

Also check out my index which is in need of updating:

A Collection of Game Play Stories, Plus GalCiv II Stories

The early ones are AARs of DL with lots of pictures from Brad/Draginol/Frogboy taken from the Journals.


... how is everyone taking screenshots?

I took screenshots by hitting Print Screen, Alt-Tabbing to an image program, pasting the image there, and saving the image as a JPEG to the harddrive.  I only recently noticed the screenshot option in GalCiv II, so maybe that is new to the TA expansion.  I've not tried this feature but it looks like it is meant to save the images in the ScreenShots folder.  Have you looked in there?  You won't find it with the GalCiv II TA install under Program Files but instead under My Document->My Games->... (I can't recall the full path, I'm at work so I can't check) where your TA games are saved.

If you found this helpfull then don't forget to send some good karma my way.

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December 18, 2008 1:07:39 AM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

RickSmith:  I am, in fact, editing the raceconfig.xml file to get my range penalty.  The path has been linked up, so you should be able to find it pretty easily.  The raceconfig is pretty self explanatory, although messy.  You'll need to open it up in Notepad to edit it.  Just go through and give all the races (including minors!) a range penalty and you're ready to go.  Remember to save a copy of the original if you're going to mess with it.  Makes reseting things much easier.

Also, the game saves a raceconfig file everytime you play the game.  It's located at C:\Documents and Settings(my computer)\My Documents\My Games\GC2TwilightArnor.  You'll have to delete any raceconfig files in that folder or your mods won't show up.

Lastly, I am alt-tabbing out of GC2 and using good old MS Paint for my screenshots.  Luckily my system is stable and I rarely have any trouble minimizing.


Now on to the action . . .

Jan 2227

Well aware that I'm playing at a disadvantage, I need to do everything possible to improve my own abilities.  The first choice for research is Artificial Gravity.  5% pop. growth and a doorway to other valuable techs.  SoLuna is renamed Gaia and the Expedition has a home.  Gaia, as is usual for my homeworlds, will focus on research to move me up the tech tree.  The starting ships go off to explore while the Space Miner goes to work on the 3 asteroid fields I started with.  Turns out I ended up with a little bonus, too.  The system just north of mine has a habitable PQ7 planet.  I leave it for the time being and search for other planets further from home.

Feb 2227

Artificial Gravity -> Planetary Improvements.  Can't resist the +10% to military, social, and research.  Problem is, it'll take 19 weeks.  I debate going after some easier techs, but I give it one turn and the creativity of the Gaians reaches a breakthrough in 1 week!  What a great bonus!

Planetary Improvements->Hyperdrive.  Need  Hyperdrive to build my own colony ships and constructors - if I don't want them moving 2pc/turn, anyway.

Mar 2227

Hyperdrive->Xeno Research.  I have a couple labs on Gaia, so I want to unlock Xeno Labs right away rather than upgrade them all later.  The surveyor - renamed the GEF Expedition - turned up a 250bc meteorite.  A good find.  I'm still running a slight surplus, but I expect that to change when I start claiming worlds.

Xeno Research->Stellar Cartography.  I need all the help I can get finding habitable worlds.  So far I've turned up a couple heavy G worlds, a couple radioactive worlds, and a couple aquatic worlds, but no normal or barren worlds.

Apr 2227

I got notice that the Arceans built an Orbital Command Center and the Torians built the Aquatic Transport Station.  Nothing alarming, yet.  Turned out to be a busy month for the the GEF Expedition.  It turned up another 500bc meteorite, then found an unclaimed PQ4 world bordering Terran space, and finally ended up contacting the Terrans.  I hurried to send out a colony ship in hopes of snagging the planet from the Terrans.

Stellar Cartography->Interstellar Construction.  It allows building of small hulls as well as my own Orbital Command Center.  It also unlocks Xeno Engineering and Sensors, both techs that I'd like.

May 2227

The Expedition turned up another unclaimed planet by Terran space, this one a PQ5 world, just NE of the PQ4.  I almost diverted my colony ship, but it stumbled upon a PQ10 world about halfway between my space and Terran space.  Can't pass this one up.  Thus the Gaian Expedition began its expansion.  My PQ bonus turned Bullwinkle I into a PQ12 planet.  It has 1x100% farming and 1x100% research bonus tiles, so I decided to make it my first money-maker planet.  I christened it Bull Market and built a Xeno Lab to use the research bonus, then queued up Market Centers.  At that point I upgraded the Space Miner into another colony ship.  The SoLuna asteroid fields were built up, so I didn't need it anymore.  I also made contact with the Altarians.

Interstellar Construction->Xeno Engineering.  The 10% social production bonus will help speed up development of my colonies.


Xeno Engineering->Sensors.  The +1 bonus will help me to find habitable planets and resources, and I want to create a sensor ship to scour the galaxy for goodies.  I'm keen to find resources and snag them before the other civs do.

Funny I should mention that.  I found 3 resources right in my own back yard.  There's an influence resource SW of Gaia and 2 resources W of Gaia - research and morale.  I launch a new colony ship and buy another.  I wasn't keen on buying it, but I wanted to get a move on colonizing.  With 4 colony ships out, I switch production to constructors.

The Terrans grabbed the PQ4 planet near them, so I send a ship toward the PQ5.  It's a 14 week journey, so I'm not very optimistic.

The 6 month map. The Gaians are dark green.  The blob near the Terrans in Bull Market, and the blue blob above it is the PQ 4 planet.  The resources I've found so far are marked in their respective colors.  A pretty nice collection close to home.


Jul 2227

Sensors->Space Militarization.  Gotta have the recruitment centers.  The pop growth and econ bonuses are key to getting me out of the financial mess colonization brings.  I didn't track my budget, but I think I was starting to run a deficit by this point.  I have plenty to ride it out, but it's good to be proactive.  Things started to speed up a bit in July.  The Expedition found a 1000bc meteorite and lucked into finding an economic resource north of my space, just a bit out.  That will be my primary goal when the first constructor is ready.  I encountered the Snathi, who I later found out are just south of Bull Market.  I also found a nice PQ6 world just SE of Bull Market, which I colonized pretty quick.  I got my first ethical choice:

-12% morale or -10% production?  Not for some lousy bugs!  I'm going to have to suffer with the consequences of going with the evil choice on this one . . .

I got lucky again.  The colony ship that I sent east came across 2 Altarian colony ships inbound into my space.  No doubt coming to colonize my PQ4 planet in the SoLuna system and the PQ7 at Cheli nearby.  A couple missed turns and I'd be hosting some unwelcome guests.  I turn around the colony ship heading to the PQ5 world and change Gaia's production from a constructor to another colony ship, which should come out just in time.


Again, time constraints force me to stop here for now.  Sorry for not as many pics, but not much really happens in the first 6 months.  Til next time.

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December 18, 2008 11:41:31 AM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

awesome as always!  Thank you

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December 18, 2008 4:02:11 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Hehe lovely AAR Tolmekian and I love this style too though as a writer of the other I always try and spice up narrative AARs with pics

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December 18, 2008 11:09:57 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Hehe lovely AAR Tolmekian and I love this style too though as a writer of the other I always try and spice up narrative AARs with pics


Thanks, I just read your most recent one.  Good work there.  I'll keep up with it.


Aug 2227

August brought on a great expansion of the Expediton, and we narrowly avoided an interstellar incident over the incoming Altarian colony ships.  We were able to lay claim to SoLuna II and Cheli I mere weeks before the Altarians could establish their own colonies.

We received a signal from the Altarians.  Although we don't yet understand their language, it was obvious that they were less than pleased to find Gaians setting up base on worlds they intended to claim.  Nevertheless, they changed course, heading south from our space.

SoLuna II was renamed Ares to honor our ancestral home.  Upon arriving and scanning the planet, we found a long-lost Gaian scientist of great skill and knowledge.

We opted to respect his wish to remain in isolation, provided he give us some insight on his recent findings. There wasn't much of use to us, so we left him in peace.

We found Cheli already inhabited by a pre-industrial race.  It was decided that they'd have to earn their keep by working in the factories.  It's hardly slavery as some protest.  Yes, they're required to do the work, but the conditions are humane and perhaps eventually they'll be able to integrate into our society.  It was simply decided that conditions in the galaxy don't allow us the luxury to bear the burden of shielding them while they live on oblivious to the struggle around them.  The extra production the Chelians provide make Cheli an ideal place to establish a forge-world.

Space Militarization->Xeno Economics.  Our scientists and administrators have worked out what they think is the best way to manage our expansion.  We can now establish centers to better manage our economy and attract recruits to bolster our forces.  The door is also open to explore space weapons and defenses, but for now the focus is on improving our financial situation.  To help ease our budget deficit, taxes were raised to 40%.

Also of note is our first communications with the sentient robot race called the Yor.  We don't yet understand them, but they still seem a little upset about our . . . appropriation of the warp field disruptor technology that we both now use to interfere with interstellar travel in our space.

Sep 2227

Xeno Economics->Xeno Communications.  With our economy improved, we could establish advanced trading centers fo facilitate commerce.  Construction on Bull Market continued apace.  It was determined that we had best learn to communicate with our galactic neighbors to prevent any further incidents that might arise.  Next time someone attempts to colonize our worlds, we can tell them just what we think of their plans . . .

Oct 2227

Xeno Communications->Universal Translator->Diplomatic Relations->Interstellar Governments.

With communications established,  we returned to our economy.  It became clear that having one man on a throne just isn't the most efficient way to run a society spread over multiple planets.  The problem will only get worse as we progress, so we began to research improved ways of governing the Expedition.  We also began work on a new invention - Diplomatic Translators.  With them, we can not only understand alien speach, but grasp their intentions and desires, giving us an edge in our negotiations with them.

The GEF Expedition turned up a meteorite witha rare ore that should boost our trade income a bit, and discovered a PQ11 barren world east of Gaia, near the border of Altarian space.  At the risk of further straining relations, we sent a colony ship to claim it.  I doubt the Altarians would even know what to do with such a world.

Nov 2227

Due to bureaucratic fumbling, we are only now beginning to  construct our Recruiting Centers.  A misstep, but one we are confident we can work through.  Our work will be easier now that we've claimed a galactic resource that should give our economy a boost.

Interstellar Governments->Alliances.  It seems our communication with our neighbors has gotten us a seat in the United Planets council, which is meant to foster good-will and cooperation throughout the galaxy.  As part of our research on governments, we're studying the various protocols involving treaties and alliances between galactic powers.

Dec 2227

We claimed the barren world Cygni I, our skillful colonists improving it to PQ13.  Our economic situation doesn't allow development yet, but we'll establish our Recruiting Center and bide our time.  We also claimed a galactic resource that will improve our influence in the galaxy.

Of great importance is our discovery of another habitable world, the farthest unclaimed world from our space.  It is in the Hestia system, which is home to two other habitable worlds already claimed by the Altarians.  Our colony ship went into orbit in preparation to claim the world for the Expedition.  The Altarians aren't happy with our incursion into what they now consider their space, but I consider it turnabout on their previous attempt to snatch our worlds.

Jan 2228

It seems our inclusion into the UP was a blessing and a curse.  The Altarians sponsored a tax on colonies in other races sectors and managed to get the Yor to support them.  They hope it will deter us from colonizing Hestia II.  They're wrong.  They do, however, have a huge influence on our new colony.  We'll have to carefully monitor the situation lest our citizens be tempted by the Altarian way of life.

Alliances->Interstellar Republic.  The UP meeting wasn't a complete bust.  Our research into treaty protocols got us a seat on the UP's Galactic Relations council.  We are now able to establish treaties and nominate other members to the council.  We also gleaned a great deal of useful information on distributing power to planetary governers and establishing a republic type of government.

Feb 2228

The galaxy at the start of 2228.  Known galactic resources are indicated in the appropriate color, and Gaian colonies are marked with their initials: B=Bull Market, Al=Alenil Forge, A=Ares, G=Gaia, Ch=Cheli, Cy=Cygni, H=Hestia.  The economic resource in Altarian space was found this month and claimed by the Drengin.

There are reports that the Yor have begun to militarize.  We will continue to monitor galactic militarization, but are taking no steps as yet to counter it.

Mar 2228

With the proper technology, we've been able to construct our first sensor ship.  The Explorator class of ships will help us to search out new worlds and resources.  Almost immediately after launch, our first Explorator locates the homeworld of the Snathi.

Interstellar Republic->Trade.  Our economy needs a lot of work right now.  To that end we charter the Gaian Expeditionary Republic!  Greater freedom should lead to increased prosperity.  We are also looking into trade to boost our income.  We must not only design and construct freighters, but navigate UP regulations as well.

The GEF Expedition found a meteorite containing a rare material that can be used to aid our espionage.  It also encountered a scout ship from a reptilial race known as the Drengin.  None too friendly, that lot, but it doesn't seem that they've expanded much beyond their home system.

Apr 2228

Trade->Xeno Biology->Xeno Medicine->Space Weapons.  We need to find ways to boost our population, so studying the effects of alien worlds on our people is paramount.  After reaching some impressive improvements, we switch focus to weapons to counter our increasingly militarized neighbors.  The GEF Expedition discovers another meteorite, this one yielding a crystal that can theoretically be used to improve our weapons.  They also discover a derelict vessel which they salvage to improve the Expedition's hull.

May 2228

The GEF Expedition discovered more meteorites with rare and valuable materials.  Our influence in the galaxy should be improved, and we were able to sell some material for 100bcs.  I'm also proud to announce that the Gaian finances are finally back in the black!  Our burgeoning population is fueling a rise in tax revenues that will finally allow development of our worlds.

Jun 2228

Our Explorator has discovered a galactic influence resource held by the Snathi.  It is marked for later consideration while the Explorator continues on to harvest a meteorite which should help fuel our economy slightly.  Our engineers have announced that the Diplomatic Translators have been completed on Gaia.  We established trading rights on the technology, but intend to hold it close unless we get a very favorable trade for it.  We start construction on the Restaurant of Eternity to improve our cultural standing in the galaxy.

Space Weapons->New Propulsion Techniques->Ion Drive.  Undecided on which weapons to pursue, we opt to increase the speed of our ships.  The galactic resources are being claimed fast, and if we want any chance of getting another we'll need to be fast.

Jul 2228

The map in July 2228.  I've marked the Snathi influence resource and homeworld.  We're a long way from conquest, but there are already discussions about our rodent neighbors being a test when our military is finally ready.  I've lost the records, but we did also manage to claim the research and morale resources near Gaia to the WEST, not east as earlier stated (corrected in earlier post.)

We've encountered another alien race, this one calling themselves the Torians.  Their homeworld is in the galactic southwest, but they've sent colony ships our way.  It seems they intended to claim the aquatic worlds in our sectors.  Our experience with the Altarians tought us some lessons about dealing with this kind of situation.  Some tough negotiations convince the Torians to avoid our space.  We also convince them to reveal their secrets of Aquatic World Colonization in exchange for entry into the UP and license to form Alliances.  We also expressed interest in their unique research doctrines, in particular their Advanced Philosophy (res +5%) and Scientific Method Implementation (res +5%).  They agree to teach us in exchange for our Interstellar Constuction techniques and the schematic for our Ion Drive engines.  We end up putting a few bcs into the deal, but we consider it well worth it.

Armed with our new colonization technology, we reroute our colony ship from just north of Yor space to a system with 2 aquatic worlds.  Alenil Forge and Gaia both switch production to launch colony ships in 1 weeks time, and an old constructor heads back to Gaia to be retrofitted as a colony ship.  That covers the 4 aquatic worlds in Gaian space.  There is another aquatic world in NW Altarian space, near Cygni, but we'll go for that one in time.

The GEF Expedition also reported finding a barren PQ7 world just north of Drengin space.  We'll have to consider sending a colony ship there, but it's admittedly lower on the priority list.

The Terrans built their own Restaurant of Eternity.  Seems our plans were leaked and they beat us to the punch.  Construction on Gaia is switched to a planetary entertainment network instead.  There are also reports the Arceans built a Stellar Forge.


Whew!  I'm actually caught up with the current game.  Time to play finally.  Until next time . . .

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December 22, 2008 11:38:58 AM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Loving this Tolmekian   I do have 1 question though: everyone keeps referring to PQ classification worlds-what is this?

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December 23, 2008 10:32:46 AM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Planet Quality.  Like 10, 12, etc.

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December 23, 2008 3:03:55 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Aaaaah-silly me-of course

Thanks mr-look frwd to your next installment-this AAR is excellent

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December 23, 2008 3:19:57 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Hey Tolmekian, I like this AAR and I wanted to know if I could include the Gaian Expedition as a minor race in a mod I'm currently making.

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December 26, 2008 12:58:35 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Quoting Emperor_Seth,
Hey Tolmekian, I like this AAR and I wanted to know if I could include the Gaian Expedition as a minor race in a mod I'm currently making.

Minor race? MINOR RACE!!!

Just kidding.   Sure.  That's really cool.  Let me know how it turns out and maybe I'll give it a try.

Sorry it's been slow, everyone.  Holidays and all.  I'm hoping to put down the next year of game play when I get home tonight.  Lots of stuff has been happening, and the journal gets longer and longer for each month.  I have six pages of notes.  I stopped after a year, which was early last week, but still wanted to play. So, I started another, non-AAR, game as Altarians.  I included the Expedition as an opponent and I must say they're doing rather well.


Edit - Also, please let me know what kind of screen shots you'd like to see.  I seem to use a lot of the same ones - ethical choices and maps.  I get some ship designs in, but my designs aren't particularly inspired right now.  I just use the base designs and customize the weapons.  I have shots of the timeline chart from my current date to show how I compare with the other civs.

Any suggestions?

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December 26, 2008 8:18:28 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Ships are always good Tolmekien

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December 26, 2008 10:06:04 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Alright, so here it is.  Some things are fuzzy since it's been a while with so much going on.  Just have to rely on the notes.


Aug 2228

The first factory on Hestia II is complete.  It was built on the site of a precursor mine, allowing for amazing output (+700%).  The Innovation Complex was then built on Hestia on a site rich with precursor artifacts, allowing increased research output and boosting our influence (+300% res).

We also received a freighter from the Terrans this month, which we expect to provide a modest boost to our economy.

Impulse Drive->Sensors II->Sensors III.  Our own freighters will make good time with improved engines.  Now we've decided to pursue the bonuses available through advanced sensors technology, which will also allow us to improved the Explorators for more efficient exploration.

Sep 2228

Sensors III->Sensors IV.  Nano Recorders ordered to be built upon Alenil Forge.

Our dealings with the Torians have paid off well this month.  We claimed 3 aquatic worlds in our sphere of influence.  Acelloria I (PQ8->9), which housed a precursor workshop that we chose to utilize sparingly.  The planets also had a number of other significant advantages - +300% man, +300% res, +100% farming and approval.

Also colonized was the second planet in the Acelloria system (PQ12->14), which had no noteworthy features.  Acelloria I was designated a laboratory planet, while Acelloria II was slated for market use.

Sollis I came under our control as well (PQ 7->8, +300% & +100% farm, + 100% influence).  Survey teams found an abandoned weapons plant once used to manufacture an illegal type of weapon.  We wouldn't make use of banned technology, but reconfigured the plant for our own purposes.

Very tempting, but we're at least trying to keep ourselves firmly in the middle of the road.

We received another Terran freighter and completed a freighter of our own.  The new freighter was upgraded with the newest engines and sent off to bolster our growing trade with the Terrans.

Finally, we encountered the Drath Legion.  No significant dealings as of yet.

Oct 2228

We're rated quite low in the galaxy.  We're well positioned to develop strongly, but our weak military artificially deflates our true prowess.  Our low standing in the galaxy fuelled a close senate election, with my Federalists claiming only 54 seats despite approval ratings in the low 70% range.

Other reports have our economy ranked #3 in the galaxy.  We're still expanding and are confident that we can become #1.  A challenge to this is that the Terrans have built an economic capital.  We have yet to designate a planet as such.

We added another aquatic world to the Expedition, this one on the eastern edge of our domain, near the barren planet Cygni. Holmes I (PQ14->16, no bonuses).  We located a scientist who had split off from the Cygni group, but left her to her own affairs.

Sensors IV-> Beam Weapon Theory.  We've ordered construction of a massive sensor complex on Hestia Forge.  Dubbed the Eyes of the Galaxy, it will aid our ships greatly.  We then moved to improve our military by researching the beam weapons that our agents reported the Drengin using.  To further enhance our ships, we traded the Snathi the appropriate protocols to establish a Republic in exchange for Enhanced Deflectors, Fleet Warp Bubbles III, and 95bc.

Nov 2228

Our engineers designed the Exporator 2 class of ships to utilize the latest Impulse Drive and Sensors MkIII.  The new ships go faster and see farther.  Our existing fleet of 3 Explorators was ordered upgraded.  One of our newly upgraded Explorators found a prize orbiting a rare purple star.

A PQ29 world!  With some skilled tending our colonists should see a PQ34 planet!  Mamba III would make an ideal technological capital, and Mamba II is PQ14.  The PQ12 radioactive world orbiting Tacitus is a bonus if we get around to it.  All efforts go to claiming Mamba II and III.

Another Explorator found 2 barren worlds NE of Terran space.

Another barren world was found NE of these two, making an attractive base to explore and colonize the galactic NW.

Hestia Forge began building colony ships in preparation to claim the Mamba worlds.  Another Impulse Freighter was launched and sent to the Altarian home world.  The Terrans built a manufacturing capital, and our Nano Recorders were completed.

Finally, we had enough money to spend on espionage efforts.  Our first agent was sent to gather information on the warlike Drengin.

Dec 2228

Our agents brought back a good deal of interesting information this month.  First, it seems the Altarians are researching Extreme Colonization technologies.  We'll have to be careful that they don't steal our prize from us.  The Dominion of Korx built an Orbital Command Center, and the Thalans built an economic capital.  We sent another agent to gather information on the Drengin and have a Low level of knowledge on them.  We were also able to establish contact with the Thalans.

We were finally able to upgrade our research mining base, and should be able to upgrade all of our mining bases in the future.  Cheli Forge was fully developed and switched to military production.  To increase our manufacturing might, we traded the Drath Legion Alliances for their Xeno Industrial Theory and 81bc.  None too soon, either.  The Yor Collective came calling and demanded that we relinquish Alenil Forge to their control.  We suspect they fear our potential and want to deprive us of a critical manufacturing world.  We refused their demand without discussion and ended communications.  Relations with the Yor will be cool for a while, but we feel they aren't currently a threat to us.

Jan 2229

We toss the Star Faring Tax right back at the Altarians and manage to strike it down! Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Eleys!

Foreign relations were interesting this month.

First, the Torians declared war on the Dominion of Korx.  Then we contacted the Dominion.  Then the Yor Collective came back and demanded Ares - as if!  Then the Torians declared war on the Yor.  Guess we won't worry too much about the toasters for the time being.  By the time they get themselves out from their war with the Torians, we'll be ready for them.  As a first measure, we begin work to fortify our starbases against raiders.  A minimum of offensive capability should be enough to prevent small ships from inflicting heavy losses on us.

We decided to make the most of our contact with the Thalans and worked out a trade with them.  Our Space Weapons, Interstellar Warfare, Alliances, and Interstellar Republic for their Planetary Adaptation, Remedial Engineering, Xeno Anthropology, and 227bc.  Their technologies provided us a significant boost (+25% morale, +5% research, and +20% influence overall.)

Despite turbulent times, the galactic populous is out and about.  We'll put the extra revenues to good use.

We established trade with the Altarians.  We also send a colony ship from out easternmost colony Cygni I to claim an aquatic world in the Otho system.  It's encroaching on Altarian space, but things are rough all over.

Feb 2229

Our Explorators brought in meteorites that provided bonuses of +1% in defense and weapons.  They also made a fascinating find.

A microscopic civilization that we have named the Micronians.  We decide that the potential gain doesn't justify defiling their remains and leave them in peace.

We established a trade route to Earth, noting an economic mining base nearby.  The Eyes of the Universe were completed on Hestia and work continued on additional factories.

Mar 2229

An Explorator found documents of an ancient society and its foreign relations.  Studying them brought us a +1% diplomatic bonus.

We colonized Otho IV and found yet another reclusive scientist.

I guess it has something to do with the whole "slavery" issue.  Why is it that scientists can be so dumb?  We're going to set an example with this one and put him to work in the Otho labs.  Show him the real meaning of slavery . . .

With a +100% research tile and overall 18% bonus, I guess Otho is now a lab planet.

We received a freighter from the Drengin Empire.  They have interesting exports, to say the least, but as long as the credits flow we'll allow them limited access to our markets.  We send out a freighter of our own to the Altarians to make some money and hopefully ease tensions between our governments.

Our agents now have a High level of access to the Drengin government and Low level contacts inside the Yor collective.

Beam Weapon Theory->Lasers I -> Advanced Colonization.  We need to develop the Toxic Atmosphere Reductor ASAP.

Apr 2229

The Phoenix Mk3.  We spent very little time considering the design and rushed right into production to form at least a minimal defensive fleet.

We purchased a Space Miner to take advantage of the 4 asteroid fields immediately adjacent to Cygni I.

The Dominion of Korx built a manufacturing capital.

May 2229

Altarians built Orbital Command Center and Dominion built economic capital.

Our first starbase received Battlestations Mk I this month.

Our agents gained a Medium level of access to the Yor Collective.

Advanced Colonization->Toxic Atmostphere Reductor (finished early on creativity)->Advanced Hulls.  Bigger ships=more prestige in galaxy.

Jun 2229

Claimed Mamba III for the Expedition! (PQ29->34)

What is it with all these idyllic preindustiral aliens?  Well, someone will need to build the labs on our future technological capital.  If the bleeding hearts want to cry about slavery they can spend some time in the Drengin Empire.  You wouldn't believe half of what goes on there . . .

Bought recruitment center on Mamba III.

The GEF Expedition has been racing the Altarian survey ship for prizes and finally beat them to one.  Seems we'll get a +1% diplomatic bonus.

Jul 2229

The Altarians decide to inform us that they're researching Toxic Atmosphere Reductor.  Good for them.  It's too late for them to claim Mamba III, but there are many other toxic worlds in our mutual spheres of influence.  We must do everything to claim them before the Altarians.  A quick check shows us that the Altarians also have Radioactive World Colonization.  Looks like another race for planets has begun.  We begin to send out a swarm of colony ships to claim the formerly uninhabitable planets.  We claim Mamba II (PQ14->16, no bonuses) right away.

Advanced Hulls->Xeno Farm Construction->Soill Enhancement.  Larger populations mean more tax income, and higher PQ planets means more research and production.  All critical to our advancement.  The Gaian economy maintains only a very slight surplus (10-40bc usually).  We need to expand our economic prowess through technology and market utilization if we are to continue expanding.  A Terran Freighter established another trade route, which helps, and we raised the taxes from 45->50% (approval 93->88%).  Very good, for now.

We encountered the Scotlingas.

A major development took place this month.  A United Planets technological forum was convened with the keynote being extreme environment colonization.  It was basically a huge technology exchange with a focus on providing all the races equal access to the remaining uncolonized planets in the galaxy.  The Expedition took the lead, trading technologies with a number of civilizations and gifting colonization technology to almost all of them.  A summary of exchanges:

Dominion of Korx: Traded Alliances for Advanced Trade and 179bc.  Gifted Toxic Atmosphere Reductor.

Drengin Empire: Traded Advance Colonization, Planetary Improvements, Laser I, Interstellar Republic, and Xeno Economics for Unconventional Warfare, Xeno Slavery (we're already taking heat for slavery, may as well get the benefit!), Arena of Agony, and 67bc.  Gifted them Barren World Colonization and Toxic Atmosphere Reductor.

Yor Collective: Gifted Advanced Colonization and Toxic Atmosphere Reductor.

Thalan Empire: Gifted Barren World Colonization and Toxic Atmosphere Reductor.

Altarian Resistance: Traded Interstellar Republic and Beam Weapon Theory for Radioactive World Colonization, Starship Defenses, and 142bc.

Torian Confederation: Gifted Barren World Colonization and Toxic Atmosphere Reductor.

Drath Legion: Traded Advanced Colonization for Fusion Power Plant and 355bc.  Gifted Barren and Toxic world colonization.

Terran Alliance: Traded Advanced Colonization for Advanced Diplomacy and 106bc.  Gifted Barren and Toxic world colonization.

Everyone left satisfied and galactic relations got a boost as the Gaian Expediton was viewed as a great benefactor to all.

Out of character: So, here's the deal.  First, I wanted to do some big trades.  It was just that time.  Second, I could see a bad thing starting to happen.  I was starting a big-time colony rush with the Altarians, but nobody else was participating.  I really didn't think it would be any fun to just spam colony ships and claim half the galaxy while the other civs just spun their wheels.  I gave everyone a chance to get some more planets and make the game a little more interesting, and tried to help out some races, like the Drengin, who are pretty hopelessly behind with only their 2 planets.  I realize now that frequent extreme planets is a little much.  The AI doesn't really handle it too well, in that some AI will go nuts and grab them all and others won't grab any until it's too late.  Common is a much better setting, I think, and that's what I'm using in my other game that I play while waiting to post here.  Besides, the technology forum was just a fun idea and I enjoyed the relations boost I got from some civs for gifting the techs.  This covers 4.5 pages of the 6 pages I had but I'll stop here for now and let you digest while I play a little more and prepare for another post.

Oh yeah, and of course here's the galactic map:

You'll notice a pretty big change when I post the next map.  There's a colony rush on!

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December 27, 2008 7:21:53 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Aug 2229

Our Explorators have located another purple star, this one hosting a PQ22 toxic world.  Also in the system are a Thalan economy mining base and a Scotlingas research mining base.  Unable to afford losing this world, we purchased a colony ship on Otho iV and sent it out immediately.  We also claimed the toxic world Algenib I, PQ13->15, with a 100% research bonus.

In espionage, our agents gained a High level of access to the Yor Collective.  We also found a foreign agent operating on Hestia Forge, and our counter-espionage forces quickly nullified it.

Soil Enhancement->Basic Miniaturization->Enhanced Miniaturization.  Slowly working on building a respectable military.

In foreign affairs, we established another trade route to Earth.  The Draath Legion built an economic capital, and the Altarians built a Dark Energy Lab.

Sep 2229

Our earlier generosity came back to bite us this month, as we found the Terrans had colonized the 3 barren worlds near their space before our colony ships could arrive.  Despite that setback, we managed to add 5 worlds to our domain this month, including a radioactive world inside Terran space.  We still have Radioactive and Aquatic World Colonization technology to give us an edge in claiming the NW corner of the galaxy.  Our new worlds are:

Nigel I, south of Yor space, PQ12->14. +100% manufacturing.

Magica IV, north of Drengin space, PQ12->14. +300% manufacturing.

Kupe I, NW corner of Altarian space, PQ22-26. +300% farming

Gallus I, inside E edge of Terran space.  We rerouted a colony ship from the barren worlds to Gallus I.  PQ 14->16. +100% manufacturing, approval, and farming.

Alenil I, a radioactive world in Gaian space, in the same system as one of our earliest colonies - Alenil Forge. PQ 7->8. +100% research.

Our new worlds present us with some choices . . .

Yet more ignorant country folk.  Off to work with them!

Sea creatures bringing my people down?  Not gonna have it, especially on a border colony!

We also found yet another rogue scientist on Kupe I, but let him be.  Kupe I looks like a good site for a future Manufacturing Capital, so no help is needed with research.

We had an interesting request from the Dominion of Korx.  We decided to send them the aid they requested.

Just in case we stopped feeling so generous, we sent out Phoenix class heavy fighters to garrison our planets.  It will be some time before they're all covered, but it's time to start.  We then built an Orbital Command Center on Hestia Forge, began work on Xinathium Hull Plating on Cheli Forge, and began work on Micro Repair Bots on Gaia to bolster our fleets.

Enhanced Miniaturization->Laser II.

In foreign affairs, we contacted the Jessuins.  Our agents have completely infiltrated the Drengin Empire, so we reassigned agents to the Altarians and Torians.  Lastly, the Thalans built a Manufacturing Capital.

Oct 2229

Yet more planets were claimed for the Expedition.  Our expansion is getting ahead of our ability to develop our new planets, but we are creating great potential.

Cygni III, a radioactive world in a system with another planet of ours. PQ9->10. +100% research.

Dilworth III, another radioactive world in Gaian space near Gaia itself.  PQ10->12. +300% and +100% manufacturing, +100% approval.

Sitlet V, a radioactive world just N of Earth. PQ13->15. +300% and +100% research, +300% manufacturing.

A huge choice for the Expedition.  We're taking enough flak for our treatment of indiginous populations, but our policy hasn't failed us yet.  We have no choice but to make full use of this planet.  As a result of our choices, it seems the other civilizations consider us evil.  We're just misunderstood . . .

The Altarians have Heavy Gravity Colonization technology, and they're using it.  We can't sotp them from claiming this world, so we'll just have to get used to them as neighbors.

Lasers II->Lasers III (on hold after 1 week)-> Heavy G Colonization.  We need to counter the Altarian expansion.

Foreign relations saw a flurry of activity in October.  Our agents achieved a Medium level of infiltration into the Altarian government and a Low understanding of Torian affairs.  They reported that the Altarians built a Social Matrix, some feel-good convention center for their cuddly citizens, or whatever.

Our diplomats travelled far and wide to establish treaties and further relations, but it seems the only major races willilng or able to deal with us were the Drengin and the Yor.  So be it, then.  If the galaxy wants to get on a moral high-horse and cast judgement on the Gaians, then we'll make our friends where we can.  We made a series of agreements and trades, detailed below.

Drengin Empire: Traded Economic Treaty and Alliances for Economic Treaty, Research Treaty, Fertility Accelleration (to populate all those new worlds!) and 84bc.

Yor Collective: Traded Advanced Hulls, Alliances, Beam Weapon Theory, and Research Treaty for Economic Treaty, Basic Logistics, Collective Research, and 125bc.

Those treaties brought our surplus from 17bc to 93bc, but we continued on with the so called minor races.

Scotlingas: Traded Advanced Colonization and Beam Weapon Theory for Economic and Research Treaties, Shields II, and 68bc

Jessuins:  Traded Advanced Colonization and Advanced Hulls for Econ, Res and 347bc.

Paulos:  After contacting them we traded Advanced Col and Hulls for Econ, Res, and 312bc.

Snathi:  Traded Advanced Colonization and Advanced Hulls for Econ, Res and 347bc.

Our surplus went up to around 170bc.  From this point the Gaian Expedition should be well positioned to compete for the remaining worlds.

Current Gaian colonies.  It's readily apparent how many undeveloped worlds we now have.



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December 28, 2008 2:30:30 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Seems you-ve gone down the evil route Tolmekian

Great Christmas posts dude

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December 28, 2008 2:41:35 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Quoting mambaman,
Seems you-ve gone down the evil route Tolmekian

Great Christmas posts dude

I was actually going to comment on this, Tolmekian-when you started making more evil choices. 

The ethically evil choices make you more evil than the ethically good choices make you good.

In addition, this depends on how far along the spectrum you are, so you're perceived as more good if you make a good choice and then an evil choice, as opposed to an evil choice and then a good choice.

The moral of the story is if you want to be perceived as neutral always choose the neutral option.  It's just easier that way.

But I am enjoying the story.

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December 28, 2008 6:04:18 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Yeah, I was going to try balancing them, but I got so many of the same choices.  I made a decision to always "enslave" the pre-industrial populations.  I tried to make up for it by making other good choices, but I got so many and couldn't keep up.  Besides, what else could I do when offered a +44% production bonus?  I'll need it up in the NW corner of the galaxy, probably the last place I have any chance to claim new colonies.  We'll see how things go.  I never intended the Gaians to be evil, but the story just writes itself in some places.  I may or may not pay the price to go neutral when the time comes.  I guess it depends on how I end up trying to win the game.  Things are looking dark in the Expedition right now, though.

Guess I'll catch up with my notes so I can start up again.  I'm thinking that I'll take it slower and go into more detail.  Try to jazz it up a bit so it's not just a big list of events.  After 3 years of build-up, I'm looking forward to see how things are going to shake out.  Some very interesting events unfolded in the last few months of notes . . .


PS - Thanks for the feedback.  It's a lot of work to put AARs together - as I'm sure many of you know -  and it's nice to know people are checking it out.  Wish we could get some more going.  Also, I figured out how to take screenshots in-game.  Holding Ctrl-Print Scrn saves a screenshot to the screenshots folder.  Sweet.  No more alt-tabbing out!

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December 28, 2008 8:57:27 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Nov 2229

Domestic Affairs: Launched freighter from Hestia to our new friends on Drengi.  We also finished minimal fortification of our mining starbases.  We have secured 4 resources. One each to enhance our research, economy, influence, and morale.  Each is operating at full capacity given our current technology (+19%).

Heavy Gravity Colonization->Laser III.  Our ability to claim heavy G planets secure, we continued to improve our military technology.

Foreign Affaris: Our espionage efforts yielded a Medium level of knowledge on the Torians and a High level on the Altarians.  Our Explorators in the galactic NW encountered 3 more races previously unknown to us.  After establishing contact with the Carrinoids, Dark Yor, and Lentzlandians, we quickly established Research and Economic Treaties with them and gained nearly 900bc by trading them our Advanced Colonization technology.  I guess noboby told these galactic minor-leaguers that they're a bit late to the game.  I don't see any of them even getting off their home worlds, except as tourists!  Our dealings have brought our surplus up around 225bc, plenty to fuel our booming development.  Their contribution to our economic boom is about all that prevents us from moving to claim their worlds.  5 races spread across 3 systems with high quality planets is hard to overlook.

That's 5 civilization capitals all packed into 3 neighboring systems, and a research resource claimed by one of the minors as a bonus.  Too much to ignore, but the minors are worth too much to  me right now to do anything about it.  You'll notice a Gaian world in the NE corner of the picture.  It was claimed in Jan 2230, when this picture was taken, and marks a significant turn in Gaian policy, as you'll see.

Dec 2229

Exploration and Colonization:  One of our colony ships in the NW corner discovered an unclaimed PQ22 aquatic world - pictured above - and immediately set course to claim it.  On the eastern edge of Altarian space, near our new colony of Kupe I, the Altarians beat us to the PQ14 toxic world Neleus III, so we rerouted our colony ship and claimed the PQ11->13 heavy gravity world Neleus I.  We spent a good deal of money to finish a factory and erect a starport on Kupe I, but the Altarians also beat us to a nearby heavy gravity world.  Perhaps we'll see if our vigorous culture appeals to the Altarians in those nearby systems.

Domestic Affairs:  We launched another freighter from Hestia Forge, this one bound for Iconia.

Lasers III->Lasers IV->Medium Scale Building.  Our engineers had a brilliant inspiration, and was able to improve on our MkIII lasers without spending any additional time on research.  His innovation became lasers MkIV, and we switched focus to designing a frigate to bolster our defenses.

Despite expectations that this "pre-galactic" way of life would quickly be quashed, we've allowed our citizens to indulge themselves.  There is a growing sense of exceptionalism among Gaians, and some feel it is our right to live as we like while others are subject to our rule.  With morale so high and production booming, we can easily afford to allow such notions to be entertained.

Jan 2230

The dawn of the new year marked a new begining for the Expedition.  The yearly United Planets meeting ended up being a continuation of the earlier technological forum.

It was decided that all races should share their discoveries so the inhabitants of the galaxy would be on equal technological footing.  After the exchange, all races had access to all technologies current developed.

Of course, we were much more concerned with receiving than giving, but in the end it was worth it.  Many in the Expedition were still upset by our sharing of colonization technologies, especially after watching the other races claim planets that should have been ours.  Our scientists and engineers spent the entire month trying to grasp the following technologies:

Missile Weapon Theory, Stinger I, Stinger II, Stinger III, Mass Driver Theory, Basic Rail Guns, Laser V, Shield Defense Theory, Deflectors, Master Trade, General Life Support, Extended Life Support, Advanced Life Support, Enhanced Logistics, Slave Pits (from the Drengin, of course.  Many cast dark glances our way when this trade was announced.) Xeno Factory Construction, Manufacturing Centers, Industrial Sector, Anti Matter Power Plant, Interstellar War Colleges, Amplified Weaponry, Space Superiority, Advanced Fire Control, War Rooms (+10 creativity will help the scientists immensely), Interstellar Navigation, Medium Scale Building, Planetary Conquest, Planetary Bombardment, Planetary Defense, Space Mining, Advanced Materials, Advanced Aquatic World Colonization, and Star Democracy.

Now even the harshest critics of our earlier technological exchange and gifting cannot dispute the results.  Although we are on equal footing with the other races, our new exceptionalism leaves no doubt that Gaians will be able to do the most with our new capabilities.  The boost to my government was also great.  Even though we rapidly established a nominally democratic government, everyone knows who makes the decisions.  Our own treatment of indiginous planetary populations has shown us how easily we could be brought low by a conquering power.  We now have a mandate from the people to expand and establish our supremacy in the galaxy by whatever means necessary.

Domestic Affairs:  Medium Scale Building (gifted at UP meetin)->Advanced Computing->Xeno Entertainment->Particle Beams.  We established the ability to create our technological capital, placated the restless masses, and began work to arm our newly conceived frigates with more powerful weapons.  Speaking of warships, Xinathium Hull Plating (HP+15%) and Micro Repair Bots (repair +20%) were completed this month.

We received a freighter from the Dark Yor and sent a freighter of our own from Hestia Forge to Korx space.  When told of our intent to establish trade, they requested 328bc to "grease the wheels of capitalism".  Being flush with cash, we readily agreed, establishing close relations in the process.

Given the new technological landscape, it was imperative to save any useful information. Gaia is a main center of research, so the bonus is substantial.  Fortunately, most of the lives lost were imported "slaves" from nearby Cheli Forge.  Relatively few Gaians were forced to sacrifice for our gain.

Exporation and Colonization:  We spotted an Altarian ship heading to claim Najmanowicz, near Gaia itself.  Unable to persuade them to reroute, Cheli Forge switched production to a colony ship that will be ready in 1 week.  Our warp disruptors keep the Altarian ship moving so slowly that it can't hope to make first planetfall.  A quick survey of the galaxy reveals only 5 unclaimed planets left that we are aware of.  One is the aquatic world Nesro, and the other 4 are heavy gravity worlds, including Najmanowicz.  We have colony ships en route to each world and should be able to claim each with no contest.

A quick tally reveals the colony count of all the races:

Dominion of Korx: 17

Drengin Empire: 2

Yor Collective: 6

Terran Alliance: 10

Thalan Empire: 12

Torian Confederation: 12

Drath Legion: 9

Altarian Resistance: 17

Gaian Expedition: 24

We clearly lead in colonies claimed, with 5 more easily in our grasp.  We have no information yet of the Arceans, despite their participation in the UP technology exchange.  We have an Explorator that should make contact soon.

Finally, and most importantly, we did claim Nesro III this month, bringing with it a discovery that served as a display of Gaian dominance.

It was put to a vote and the Gaian people decided to make full use of the device. How could we deny its power, when such a rich reservoir of life was so nearby on Sitlet V.  It was decided to transport those lifeforms unfit for service from Sitlet V to Nesro III to fuel the machine.  The machine, combined with our own great colonizing skill, transformed Nesro III from PQ 22->36, making it the highest quality planet in the Expedition - actually, the highest quality planet in the known galaxy!

The following documents shed light on our standings in the galaxy at the end of January, 2230.

Our relations with the other races.  My top advisors are presently contemplating an alliance with the Dominion of Korx.

Current treaties and wars.  We're aware of treaties with the Arceans, but don't have the means to track them as yet.  We're uncertain whether or not to aid the Dominion of Korx against the Torians, should we ally with them.  Our military isn't ready to provide much assistance for now, but that will change soon.  The Korx are certainly under no threat right now.

Our economy is now #1 in the galaxy.

As is our influence.

Our manufacturing is brisk, but still far outdone by the Terrans.  When our manufacturing capital is finished that should change.

Our military remains quite weak, but our new frigates will make a big difference when they are launched.

We are by far the most populous civilization in the galaxy, and ready to expand further.

Our research is impressive, but stands for great improvement.  The technological capital on Mamba III should secure Gaian supremacy here.

Our vast social projects make the other civilizations look like relics.  We'll leave them all in the stardust when our building projects come to fruition.

Finally, a map of the galaxy at the end of January 2230.  We've established many new holdings and are poised to claim even more worlds for the Expedition.

Final note: Looks like Bradlius Optimus has gone to the dark side.  The future of the galaxy is certain to hold great conflict as the Gaians press forward with their self-declared right to rule.

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December 29, 2008 11:06:07 AM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Great AAR Tolmekian!  I have a question though.  Early on, you said you convinced the Torians to avoid your space.  Was this added for a narrative flair, or is this something you can do in game??  Thanks


** oh, one more thing, you say you can use ctrl + print screen to save a screenshot, but this doesn't work for me at all.  where is the folder where it saves them located?  Thanks much! 

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December 29, 2008 1:50:17 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Supern Tolmekian

Quoting RickSmith,
Great AAR Tolmekian!  I have a question though.  Early on, you said you convinced the Torians to avoid your space.  Was this added for a narrative flair, or is this something you can do in game??  Thanks


** oh, one more thing, you say you can use ctrl + print screen to save a screenshot, but this doesn't work for me at all.  where is the folder where it saves them located?  Thanks much! 

I also have a question about the screenshots?  When you 1st started writing you were using the reduced ones (probably through imageshack or similar) but now you arent and the screenshots are pretty large

My only problem is that the screenies are so large they arent fitting on my page

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December 30, 2008 11:08:35 AM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Quoting RickSmith,
Great AAR Tolmekian!  I have a question though.  Early on, you said you convinced the Torians to avoid your space.  Was this added for a narrative flair, or is this something you can do in game??  Thanks


** oh, one more thing, you say you can use ctrl + print screen to save a screenshot, but this doesn't work for me at all.  where is the folder where it saves them located?  Thanks much! 

1) It was just a narrative thing.  What happened is I saw the Torians coming in, opened communications and managed to trade them for Aquatic World Colonization, then beat them to claiming the planets.  It was close with one of them, but I didn't add that part.

2) C:\Documents and Settings\[USER NAME]\My Documents\My Games\GC2TwilightArnor\Screenshots

That's the folder where the screenshots go.  An easier way to find it is: My Computer->My Documents->My Games->GC2TwilightArnor.  You'll find the Screenshots folder and the raceconfig.xml files that are saved for each game.  Did you manage to get the modified range to work?

Quoting mambaman,

I also have a question about the screenshots?  When you 1st started writing you were using the reduced ones (probably through imageshack or similar) but now you arent and the screenshots are pretty large

My only problem is that the screenies are so large they arent fitting on my page

Well, here's the thing.  I've always posted large screenshots.  The forum does the resizing itself.  I guess with so many it's starting to have trouble now.  I can't even use Firefox anymore, since it has trouble with these long, pic-heavy posts.  I've been trying to find a way to post smaller pics, like thumbs of some kind, but haven't had success yet.

And yes, I have been using ImageShack.

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