The General and The President-memoirs of a Navy War Hero

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By General 'Stormin' Mike Mormon SMTADF, TADC, PSC, PH, DSO, GSM, KBE


I have lived a good life.  I was born in the dog days of the year 2183-five years after humans used the technologies we stole from the Arceans and joined what has since been termed the Great Space Race.  In my life I have seen the growth of humanity as a star people and presided over the birth of a mighty stellar Navy. Me from my humble beginnings on a lowly council estate in South West London.  I who's drive and ambition took me from that grim place in the burnt out inner city to Private School through sheer force of will and then from there to the Royal Stellar Naval College.  Quick promotion as an EU Defence Officer in the global war of protection against the Xendar that wracked our planet at the turn of the 23rd Century found me battle-hardened and war-experienced: at it's close in 2215 and with our forces victorious I found myself the youngest Officer to be promoted to the rank of Brigadier General and was sent to the United Earth Seat of power in Tokyo to act as military attache for the Navy to the Office of the President. 

I have made many friends in many races from all over our mighty galaxy-and I have made some enemies too.  I have sent countless servicemen and women to their deaths in the cold fastnesses of space and I have not flinched-I did what I had to do.  I regret none of it.  But I am not writing to tell you of all of that-what I want to chronicle is the remarkable friendship that I formed with a remarkable man.  He was much more-a titan of his age and many to come. He was the President of the Terran Alliance when we finally made our leap into greatness in 2226 and he is the President now many years later. I have the privilege to have served with one of the finest political and humanitarian minds to have ever graced the Azure House and to have been his Chief of the Star Navy.

His name was Dr Ben Amponsah and this is our story..........

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May 15, 2011 1:03:26 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

You should Dana and yes you're right re the Torian but it was all I could do as their super aggressive expansionism would have led us to war eventually anyway so I did provoke that one hehe

And you should write

Check out my new AAR 'Saga of the Exiles' 

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May 16, 2011 1:24:24 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

I will definitely check out your newest AAR. Thanks for pointing it out to me. It is sometimes difficult to figure out which AARs are still going on and such.


I believe I will start my own soon. I am just trying to sharpen up my writing so that I can actually create a decent story line.

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May 18, 2011 6:08:41 AM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
Just look at which ones have flames on 1st page and look at date of last post Danalee. That's usually th pointer Look fwd to reading yours mr
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