The General and The President-memoirs of a Navy War Hero

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By General 'Stormin' Mike Mormon SMTADF, TADC, PSC, PH, DSO, GSM, KBE


I have lived a good life.  I was born in the dog days of the year 2183-five years after humans used the technologies we stole from the Arceans and joined what has since been termed the Great Space Race.  In my life I have seen the growth of humanity as a star people and presided over the birth of a mighty stellar Navy. Me from my humble beginnings on a lowly council estate in South West London.  I who's drive and ambition took me from that grim place in the burnt out inner city to Private School through sheer force of will and then from there to the Royal Stellar Naval College.  Quick promotion as an EU Defence Officer in the global war of protection against the Xendar that wracked our planet at the turn of the 23rd Century found me battle-hardened and war-experienced: at it's close in 2215 and with our forces victorious I found myself the youngest Officer to be promoted to the rank of Brigadier General and was sent to the United Earth Seat of power in Tokyo to act as military attache for the Navy to the Office of the President. 

I have made many friends in many races from all over our mighty galaxy-and I have made some enemies too.  I have sent countless servicemen and women to their deaths in the cold fastnesses of space and I have not flinched-I did what I had to do.  I regret none of it.  But I am not writing to tell you of all of that-what I want to chronicle is the remarkable friendship that I formed with a remarkable man.  He was much more-a titan of his age and many to come. He was the President of the Terran Alliance when we finally made our leap into greatness in 2226 and he is the President now many years later. I have the privilege to have served with one of the finest political and humanitarian minds to have ever graced the Azure House and to have been his Chief of the Star Navy.

His name was Dr Ben Amponsah and this is our story..........

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January 15, 2009 5:38:14 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

22nd November 2236

Kyoto, Japan

Winter arrived in Tokyo where I was spending more and more time keeping the President and the Council updated on the gravest threat to our way of life since the Xendar had attacked us so many years ago.  Snow fell always-a beautiful clear time of year where if you were lucky you could see myriad rainbow-ettes pirouetting off the peaks of snowy Mount Fuji: the air was so clear here since our forebears had cleaned up their act and the atmosphere late in the 21st century.  They had no choice-it was either change fundamentally their lifestyle or perish-luckily, the development of clean fusion technology had been our salvation.

Who was to be our salvation from the Dread Lords?  Well increasingly, people had come to see me as it despite the fact that our hitherto invincible Harriers were hopelessly outgunned by the Organic space-faring craft that we had designated Dread Lords Frigates.  The inevitable initial panic had seen some fractious meetings of the Federation Council of which the President was Chair but sanity had prevailed. I was told that this was in no small part to my reasoned and calm briefings, first letting them know of the heroic last stand at Trenor I by Brigadier Sheila Unsworth who was posthumously awarded a Duranthium Cross for her selflessness and sacrifice. She had led her force into battle with no shields deeming that the lives of the thousands on the Mining Starbase nearby were not going to be tossed away cheaply.  All six Frigates that she commanded were destroyed with very few survivors (the Doom Rays simply vaporised ships leaving little to no time for the lifepods to eject) but she had taken both Dread Lords with her and saved the Starbase. I had quietly wept in the privacy of my own Quarters on the Naval Base at Kyoto where I had set up temporary residence-she had been a good friend.

Her small victory gave us hope and, more importantly bought us some breathing space. I had been given Executive powers by the Council to direct research and requisition whatever I needed from the Spaceyards, which were now jointly tasked with replenishing our Frigate Fleet and continuing the constructor build far to the north-west, where representatives on the Torian worlds of Siblia II and Akilians IV were already in secret talks with N’gong and his people about defecting to the Terran Alliance-it seemed that our way of life and the advantages of being in a Federation, where every planet was fully autonomous, were proving hard to resist.

My Recce Chief, Brigadier Muji Sakamoto had done an excellent job directing our Scouts to find the source of the Dread Lord threat.

‘Find ‘em and track ‘em!’ had been my curt instructions and his scout crews, often operating for months at a time without resupply, had done just that. The main thrust seemed to be coming from the North with three groups of twin Frigates coming out of Iconian space. The Iconians were not in much of a position to do anything about it as they possessed no capital ships. The Torians, however, were a different proposition and despite our differences, I was happy to authorise my Navy to work with theirs to take on the growing menace. Their battleships and frigates had put in a couple of well-timed blocking actions to our north and seen off at least two of the enemy. 

By the autumn of 2236 what had become clear is that we were not facing annihilation after all-our scouts had the measure of the Dread Lords and were tracking no less than four of their Fleets-three were on a heading North to South East and towards the old Krynn worlds-another had been spotted between Kryseth and Freya I to the East of our main systems.  We would have to fight but at least we had now retrofitted our Cruisers, unrolling the Harrier Frigate-(Sh)-its four Barrier emplacements were not much when measured against the destructive power of the Doom Ray but it was something and might buy enough time for an intrepid commander to cause some real damage a la Sheila Unsworth.

And my friend Andy Sharpe had not been idle either, dusting down, in short order, his design for a Light Battlecruiser-all he needed was for our scientists to discover the requisite alloys and grav systems to keep such a behemoth together in space and we would be able to start producing. Providence must have been shining on us then for the Altarians quickly sent a delegation asking for a Trade-some of our sundry planetary development techs for the knowledge they already had to build large-sized space hulls. I had not asked at the time but the impish smiles that my lover kept throwing at me whenever he visited seemed to suggest some other forces at work-no matter-it was what we needed.

And so that morning as I contemplated the beauty of those little rainbows from my icy balcony why was I feeling so unutterably sad?  We had rebuilt our economy, we had gratefully accepted the defection of two Torian and one Iconian world, vindicating the President’s new policy of cultural domination-we had just completed research on the mighty new Condor class Battlecruiser which was going to take the fight to the Dread Lords but all I could think on was the roll call of the dead. You see, having a photographic memory is as much of a curse as it is a blessing and all I had been thinking on lately was the ever expanding list of the bright young things that I had sent to their untimely ends: Brigadier Sheila Unsworth, Colonel Belinda Mansworth, who was the first to take on the Dreads, Commander Tim Haines, Commander Sef Uhugu, Commander Butch Relange, Commander Alia Dixon and so it went on-a never ending litany of lives cut short and promise unfulfilled.  And it was in these dark moments that my beloved always came to me-soothing tired bones and calming my over-wrought mind: the Altarians were masters of sensual meditation. He was my blessing the beautiful, slender man that I called husband.

He was not here now though, I thought. But now was not the time for morbid thoughts-now was the time for action: I had just ordered Brigadier De Franc on an intercept course on the Dreadies that were menacing our central systems around Freya I and Thielbahr-here was an opportunity to redeem himself forever more and write his name in the stars-either that or live in infamy for not protecting those systems. I was myself on my way to Kampala for the launch of our newest piece of hardware-the Condor Battlecruiser was to be our defiant answer to the might of the Dread Lords and against all the advice of my staff and even the wishes of the President I intended to command the very first one into battle………….

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January 17, 2009 7:19:53 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Good add, Mambaman! Looks like you've managed to hold down the Dreadies...

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January 19, 2009 4:45:31 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Hey thanks Eidolon-mate I tried to read your last post and I couldnt-it had some weird code in the window and no possibility of adding a reply-you havent closed it have you?

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January 20, 2009 3:29:59 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Nono... I have rewritten the post, hope it displays right now. Can't uderstand what happened... I could read it correctly. Mysteries of the forums

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January 21, 2009 4:19:28 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Excellent Eidolon-the story continues hehehe

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January 30, 2009 10:04:43 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

8th November 2237


The anniversary of my 54th birthday-I was still relatively young by 23rd Century standards but I felt old-really old, drawn and spent as I floated free in my life capsule with 20 other survivors from the ruins of the TAS London.  Have you ever been close to a powerful beam weapon when it has gone off?  You get this intense metallic taste in your mouth-your hair stands on end-it’s very unsettling and very memorable in the worst possible way.  That’s all I could think about as we hoped and prayed that the two Dread Lords Frigates would deem our tiny survival vessel too insignificant to bother with and continue on their path of destruction-that strange metallic taste in my mouth.

‘How many other pods made it out?’  I breathed to a witless Naval Rating who could only gasp at me open mouthed before emptying his guts all over my shoes.

‘HOW MANY OTHERS?’  I screamed.

A Deck Chief, who had a little more presence of mind than his young companion responded, ‘we were the only pod that launched in time as far as I  can see Sir-I  have done a visual check and checked the Manifest-we’re it....’


But maybe I should wind the clock back because you, the reader, must be wondering how on earth it came to this?  And wonder you might not least because ours wasn’t the first Cruiser Fleet to take on the menace-commonsense had prevailed or rather Fleet Command, combined with the strident words of the President, had impressed upon me the utter folly of being the first to lead one of our new Heavy Battlegroups into action against the seemingly all powerful Dread Lords.

The truth was that, ever since I had watched the first of our mighty new warships, the TAS London, launch from our master shipyard in Kampala, I had been bewitched.  What a beast of a spacecraft!  Sleek, shiny and massive: boasting a crew of 300 officers and ratings she was armed with five devastating Viper Mk1 Graviton Disruption cannons, was 1133m long and displaced over  0.359 million metric tonnes. Her Galactic Dynamics ‘Stellar’ warp engine propelled her along at unheard of speeds and ventral and dorsal impulse thrusters housed within a mammoth rotating central ring ensured that, despite her size, she was infinitely manoeuvrable.  Most importantly of all she sported four advanced force field generators and would hopefully provide some protection against the diabolical Doom Rays of our enemy-we were all praying: this was very experimental technology.

In the weeks that followed London was followed by nine more Cruisers: in our Battlegroup were the Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham and Cardiff-all named after principle cities of my home country on my orders. The ace in the pack was not my flagship, however, but the Cardiff, which sported a Zalan Mainframe instead of four of its cannons.  This hi-tech set up vastly amplified the processing power of the defensive computer systems within the fleet boosting our capacity to evade and resist attack by some 30%.  The loss of almost a fifth of our offensive power was more than compensated by this increase-we would need it in the trials to come.

At the beginning of October I had taken my leave of Earth and my family with a grim heart-news had just filtered in of the loss of Darcy De Franc and all six of his Frigates-obliterated by the Dread Lord Fleet we had designated 624.  There had been minimal damage to the twin alien Frigates by the account of a trailing scout ship and there had been no survivors.  I was at this point past tears-I would grieve for my erstwhile friend and protégé later.  Our mission had become even more urgent as the enemy moved towards the Terran Alliance central systems once again menacing our numerous planets and interests there.  I gave the Fleet four weeks to train our ships and crews to within an inch of breaking point and we were joined a few days after spacefall by Fleet 668-five Cruisers, commanded by General Per Nielsen.  This time-no Zalan-equipped ship accompanied them: my idea was to vary the style and pace of our attacks and see what worked. Always one for being at the forefront of the action I had agreed with Per that my Battlegroup would go in first with his moving in afterwards, in case we were unsuccessful.

And it was this very experimental approach that resulted in an Expedient Flash Message arriving in my ready room towards the end of our final training sequence.  I had been relaxing with my 2IC, Colonel Gracious Djemba-Djemba, reaching for a bottle of Jack Daniels, and feeling confident and proud of our willing Cruiser Colonels.

I  eyed the message with growing anger:

STOP….on no account are you to engage the Dread Lords Fleet first….STOP…..disobedience will result in immediate Court Martial….STOP…..the TA Star Navy needs its Commanding General….STOP…..May providence go with you Mike….STOP…..your friend.......President Amponsah…….MESSAGE ENDS

Whatever my frustrations I would have to comply-disobeying a direct Presidential order was a career ender-never mind the Dread Lords.

‘Gracious it looks like we’re to hold for Per to attack first-yeah I know the crew will be gutted.  Prepare for an address-see to it’

Of course what I  didn’t know at the time and what I  couldn’t see for all my anger and frustration was that the President had just saved my life and the lives of 20 others in my doomed ship.......

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January 30, 2009 10:17:30 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

S.I.R. for TAS London circa Sept 2237

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January 31, 2009 7:15:55 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

This is one of the best AAr's i have read..keep it going mambaman.

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January 31, 2009 7:16:37 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

PS what are your game settings?

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February 1, 2009 8:06:32 AM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Hey thanks alot Chancellor-always good to get praise like this-makes all the hours slaving over my laptop worth it hehehe

Game settings are on the 1st page-my 2nd post

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February 4, 2009 8:21:04 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

My mind had wandered….I had been thinking about what a work of wonder the Condor Battlecruiser was-it had 120 decks for goodness sake! It was a titan of engineering and testament to what mankind could aspire to-a true tribute also to my friend the genius Andrew Sharpe. But he had very much designed this ship with enemies who were technological equals in mind-no one could have planned for the Dread Lords and their devastating weaponry. We had equipped each Cruiser with enough life pods to evacuate the whole ships compliment if necessary but even in our best drills we had taken at least ten minutes to achieve the feat. Ten minutes….it was a number that haunted me as we drifted in the one pod that survived, drifted and hoped.


‘Sir the enemy ships are moving out-looks like at Impulse speed!’ it was the Deck Chief-his nose hard against the plexi-glass that separated us from the freezing vacuum of the void.


Three of the twenty survivors had been awake, six barely conscious and in a bad way-the rest were in an exhausted sleep, packed in the tiny space in various contorted positions around the pod.


I remember muscling my way to the window-no ADC here to clear my path-he had gone down with the London.  The Dread Lords were indeed moving away-I quickly took my bearings judging roughly our position from the systems I could see and the knowledge that I had of where we had started the engagement.


‘They aren’t moving towards Thielbahr anyway-they seem to be on a heading directly due north…what are they up to?-there’s nothing in that direction for hundreds of parsecs.’


‘Beats me Sir’ from the Chief ‘at least this means that we get to fight another day eh?’ And then that tough man had broken down, sinking onto his haunches, his shoulders shaking as his body was wracked with sobs.


I turned away to hide my own emotions my thoughts invaded by the disastrous turn of events that culminated in catastrophe.


Apprehension laced with fortitude: that had been the prevailing spirit when I had taken my seat on the vast V-shaped Bridge that was perched atop the main central spine of the ship towards the bow. Fifty staff officers worked here operating Helm, signals, weapons, shields and systems. That didn’t include the twenty crew who manned two of the five Graviton Drivers-one positioned at each end of the Bridge. The rest of the ships crew were spread between Engineering, the remaining weapons, technicians, admin, support and a Marine contingent of fifty: a doughty bunch and one that was repeated tenfold in our two fleets.


But being doughty didn’t stop the apprehension that gnawed at all of us as we followed General Nielson’s Fleet into action-being doughty was not going to assist our shields in repulsing the frightening doom rays or increase the damage that our not inconsiderable MkI Viper Graviton Disruption Cannons would wreak.


No matter I had thought-the moment of truth was at hand.


‘Steady as she goes helm, bearing zero five zero-maintain radio silence’  Per and I had agreed that since we didn’t know what Sigint technology our quarry possessed we should maintain operational silence in order to achieve maximum surprise and in order to give our following fleet the best chance in case the unthinkable happened and the first was destroyed.


‘Reducing speed to impulse four Sir!’


We had arrived-the time for action was at hand:


‘Tac-scan the area-where are our ships? I see the enemy-distance two million kilometres-target the lead Frigate-all ships to align on the London, Cardiff to bring up the rear’


‘Aye sir-Cardiff is firing up the Zalan defence mainframe-ship force fields now at 130%’


‘Where are General Nielson’s ships for frak’s sake?


‘Sir-Tactical-debris off the port bow.’


We all saw it-grim silence.


‘Focus-everyone. Communications get me the Fleet’


‘Aye sir-you have the Comm’


‘Fleet this is your Commander. General Nielson’s fleet has been defeated but you can be sure that they will have inflicted grievous harm on the enemy. We have one chance-one chance to make a difference here and I know that with your strength, your courage and your fortitude we will prevail. Mormon out!’


And after that my memory, for once, failed me: I can only remember brief snatches of the events up until the helplessness and ignominy of the flight in our Lifepod:


I do remember the hushed silence as I led the fleet into the attack-orders were to attack in a horizontal line the better to bring to bear all five of each ships weapons.


I do remember the disappointment as we loosed not one but two broadsides at the enemy with neither of the organic ships destroyed-bits of flesh had flown off them both as our slugs hit home and the tentacle-like limbs had quailed and quivered-but there was no kill.


I do remember the shock and awe as we watched the Cardiff and the Manchester utterly destroyed by the very first salvo from the Dread Lords.


I do remember feeling calm as I ordered our remaining ships in-we would surely finish them off now-we could unleash two assaults for every one of theirs.


‘Steady people-steady’ I had mouthed-more an encouragement to myself than anyone else


And then I remember being dragged and pushed through the wreckage of my ship by my ADC, Captain Luke Williams-he had me by one arm, a burly marine by the other and they weren’t taking no for an answer. All I could hear above my protests was the ship breaking up, the screams of the dead and the dying and the ship’s computer announcing in strident tones:


Hull integrity compromised-shields failed-abandon ship! Abandon Ship!


And then there we were-floating, helpless, lifeless, shamed in the vastness of  space hoping that our distress signal got off in time-the battle had lasted no longer than ten minutes-it had been a disaster.


But after several days we were beginning to lose hope and I was thinking how trying to find our pod in such an enormous area would be like trying to find the proverbial needle in the haystack.  The pod was only configured to allow survival for two days max-we had been adrift for three and a half already-there was no food and water was running very low. And to compound things the emergency transponder was only able to transmit to half its distance-a mere half a parsec every half hour. The imminent expiry of our support systems would also mean the cessation of that signal and the slow loss of our lives as life support packed in.  It was not how I had planned to go out and all I could feel was a crushing grief that I would not see my husband and my darling son again-not in this life anyway-it was almost too much to bear.


And then on the fourth day as all hope was fading the intercom crackled faintly into life:


‘Lifepod this is the Scout TAS Pizzarro, identify yourself!’


Those of us who were still alive were too weak to move-certainly no one was in any state to speak.


‘TAS London pod we see your markings-we have vectored a Cargo Ship to pick you up-we are reading faint life signs so we know that you can hear us-you are safe-do you copy, you are safe!’


And all I remembered then were the hot tears that coursed down my cheeks as salvation neared………

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March 2, 2009 7:34:46 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

March 8th 2239


St Giles Convalescence Hospice, Tonbridge Wells, Kent, England


It had taken me the better part of sixteen months to recover my health, sixteen long and painful months during which time I had often despaired that I would forever be an invalid. What we hadn’t known when we were attacked (but do now) was that the Dread Lords beam weapons not only manipulated light to give them their devastating effects, but they also affected the very make up of the light within our bodies and produced a sickness not dissimilar to the radiation sickness that had afflicted those exposed to the nuclear weapons so loved by our forebears: that metallic taste that all of us had experienced as we fled our dying ship was the harbinger of more pain and suffering than I can set out here-suffice it to say that at the time the very electrons in our teeth were rearranging themselves.


Only twelve of us were still alive when the TAS Pizarro found us and those of us who did survive may have wished that we had passed away like our colleagues. The sickness had already taken a hold though we hadn’t known it then as we rejoiced in our providence-by the time we made planet-fall on Thielbahr just five days later we were all blind and in such agony that our voices had been riven to silence by our screams. I was told afterwards by my husband that the three pilots who conveyed us back had to immediately enrol on an emergency course of trauma counselling, so harrowing had been their journey back.


I must say I don’t remember very much of the following three months-just brief flashes of comfort amidst the sound and the fury of the biggest fight of my life-it was a straight contest between my physical constitution and the intruder electrons the doom rays had introduced so insidiously to my body. Those intermittent breaks usually took the form of my son-now approaching his 18th year-he was often by my side or as often as he could be for he had enrolled in the Star Navy and was soon to be a fully fledged Cadet training at the Academy at Kampala. My husband was a constant companion though I was often in too much pain to know it. Only now do I hear from the nurses and doctors that his Altarian healing techniques are most probably what saved me-everyone else on the pod that I escaped in had died by the end of 2238. Somehow I was still clinging to life at year end, my tears of pain and frustration joined by those of my son and partner as we all hugged and brought in the new year with a yearning hope that fate would, once more, smile upon me.


Maybe I am lucky-people have always told me so-even now the President jokes that I am the luckiest man he knows and yet I hardly felt so as the medical people advised my husband that I would be better served at a Hospice in England that specialised in the care of people with similar ailments to myself, somewhere in Kent, not far from where I was born.  He had reluctantly agreed; the change of environment may help, he had conceded-besides he was at his wits end to glean any more assistance from the Mysticism of Altarian healing therapies.


And then not long after we had arrived in the grassy pastures of the hospice my sight had finally returned. It was the damnedest thing: one night all was gloom and darkness-the next morning bright light. And the never-ending pain that I now wore like some ill-fitting suit was finally beginning to subside: the days of struggle receding into plain old discomfort.


It had felt so good to be able to hug and hold my darling husband once more and to see him properly again-to look upon that slender, beautiful face where now the tears that blurred him were tears of pure joy and no longer tears of the pain that had blighted so many months of my life. Our reunion was added to by the breathless arrival of Starla, who had returned hot-foot from an exercise off Mars to see if it was true-that his father had recovered against all hope and so the tears all over again.


By February I was well enough to demand news of the world that I had been so long absent from-what had been happening out there I demanded from Mirathro and when his news was not forthcoming quick enough I had ordered the Hospice authorities to furnish me with every E-newspaper and publication available. On top of this a 42 inch Neutron TV was installed allowing me to watch the 24 hour rolling GNN news channel at all hours.


The world had changed it would seem: the first thing I was able to ascertain was that my replacement in command of the Star Navy was none other than my erstwhile rival Mooto-I was not sure quite what to make of that: my head said it was the right choice-he was the most Senior General in the TADF-my heart…well that was another matter really. Then I learnt of the perilous state of the Navy itself-after the devastation wreaked by the Dread Lords fifteen months previously and with the President ordering that the absolute priority was to remain building the endless constructors that would spread our culture as forcefully as any battle fleet. Our Cruiser fleet amounted to no more than twelve ships scattered across all our systems-madness as the news was full of the growing hostility of the Torians, the same Torians who were the most powerful race in the Galaxy and whose attack ships outnumbered ours by more than five to one!  It would seem the recent defection of Marsack III (the fourth such planet to decide that staying within the Torian hegemony was not for them) and the growing rebellion upon its sister planet Marsack II, was beginning to really exercise the minds of the Torian Foreign Relations gurus, not to mention their Supremo Tlas Kzientha.  I couldn’t fault my old friend’s policies: our economy was a powerhouse-the best in the Galaxy and we had turned four Torian worlds and an Iconian and an Arcean one-we were a myriad star race of myriad star nations.


As my condition improved so the drum beat of war with the Torians increased culminating on March the 8th, exactly sixteen months after the ill-fated encounter with the Dread Lords, with an ominous warning from the Torian Leader himself and one that was beamed onto every TV and receiving media in all of our systems. It was a staggering piece of radio warfare and one designed to send a message loud and clear to all of our military and political top brass.  Soon after I had learnt of our humiliating surrender of the Planet Marie II-deep within the Torian main systems-something designed to appease the growing wrath of our amphibian-like foe, no doubt.  How do you evacuate a whole world I had wondered?  Eight billion humans, who had always considered themselves frontier folk surrounded, as they were, on all sides by the Green-skins. But evacuated they had been- a Fleet of Condor Transports escorted by myriad Frigates headed for the homeland.


I could barely contain myself, my anger and frustration compounded by the silence emanating from the Azure House-why had the President, recently re-elected for a 4th Term as the Head of our Federation, not been in touch?  Why had he not enquired about my health and sent messages of support and good wishes for my full recovery?  I had asked this of Mirathro one fine afternoon that hinted of the arrival of spring.  He had wheeled me outside onto the porch so that I could watch the birds and smell the cherry blossom and revel in a mood and pleasantness that was completely at odds with my own sense of bitterness.


‘The President visited you three times when you were at your lowest Mike-he stayed for over twenty four hours by your side on one occasion in spite of commitments and engagements elsewhere-he just sat there and held your hand-no one was allowed in the room-not even his Chief of Staff-just me, you and he. He loves you dearly Salah-ti


I was staggered-he had not forsaken me and then a few days later, as if to confirm it I was told by the Chief Physician that the President was coming to see me-he was arriving the next morning.


The hour of his arrival I had felt like a cadet at an Inspection and had thoroughly annoyed my attendant nurses as I got them to check for the fifth time that my Navy Dress uniform was hanging right with no careless specks or bits of dust-Mirathro, I noted, was smiling to himself-ever watchful in the corner.


When the President had entered (alone) I had snapped to attention but he had rushed forward to hold me in a warm embrace.


‘My General-it is so good to see you well again.’ Hot tears sprang to his eyes as he looked upon me ‘you are so thin Mike-sit sit.’


I did as I was told-I was not able to stand for more than a few minutes at a time-the muscles in my legs had severely atrophied and would take a few more months yet to get back to their former strength


‘Tell me all Mr President-what of the coming war? Do we have the capacity to build up our fleet? Are our Cruisers configured correctly to take on the Torians? How is Mooto doing?’


The President smiled wanly ‘You were ever the hungry one for information Mike. Mooto is doing as well as can be expected given some of the conditions placed upon him by the Federation Council-it seems the President’s writ no longer has the power it once has my old friend’


I wondered at this-the Planetary Federation Senators now had immense powers within the Council, with the President as a guiding hand-it made for much more creativity and productivity but also slowed everything down massively.


‘In their wisdom they have decided that half of our twenty one planetary shipyards should continue to build  constructors-I can see the logic-it was my idea after all-there is a great temptation in turning ones enemies worlds’ the President mused with a  half smile


‘Yes Sir-I hear that we have now caused the defection of no fewer than four Torian worlds with Marsack III soon to follow-it brings in great revenue and strengthens our Federation-it is a good plan’


I remember the President had gaped open-mouthed at this


‘You the warrior agreeing with my political foes-and I thought it was I that was supposed to be the pacifist! By goodness Mike it’s good to have you back!’  And with that I was clasped in another crushing bear-hug.


He beamed at me once more and continued ‘but let me give you the facts. On the money front the economy is strong and we now have a UP sponsored Trade Federation protecting our freighters even in times of war.  On the political front our Technologist party continue to have a majority on the Federal Senate with 60 of the 100 seats. And on the alien relations front the Torians are making war against the Vegans and the Paulos-we are doing what we can to assist them with technologies’


‘Hmmm that figures: the Green skins-ah I mean the Torians have no one else to fight as the Iconians, Altarians and Arceans are all allies.’


‘No one except us General eh? Anyway we now have an inventory of five Eagle Class Battlecruisers specially configured with the new Harpoon missiles and Kanvium Armour to take on the Torians-we continue to build Condor Class ships as the Dread Lords are back causing havoc in our Embor systems-two frigate fleets destroying all of our starbases again-‘


‘For frak’s sake! Where are our nearest Condors sir?’


‘Off at Kryseth where they had taken on and destroyed the last lot. They are making best speed Mike-however even retrofitted with the latest warp engines it will take them several weeks to get back here…..’


I had pondered this last-warp engines eh? It had still been something of a pipe dream when I had set off on the London-now it was seemingly a reality: impressive.


‘And your friend Professor Sharp is now developing a new ship-a Battleship-quite a beast-beautiful to look at I must say-it uses something called a Q field to keep the ship together in space.’


A ‘Q field’ eh? Heady and exciting stuff I had thought but I was no longer a part of it and that made me feel very sad indeed. I gazed out over the grassy fields lost in the contemplation of what might have been.


As if reading my thoughts my friend had put his hand on my shoulder


‘General Mormon I didn’t just come to see how you were but also to ask a favour of you…’


He had my attention.


‘Marc Beaton has retired-it has been 13 years now-the longest single period of any democratically-elected President in Earth’s history….’


The President glanced over at Mirathro-they had obviously been talking.


‘I know your body is weak Mike but it will recover-it’s your energy and mind that I need. General Mormon I have come to ask you to serve at the heart of Government-I would like you to be my Chief of Staff-I can think of no better man to be my eyes and ears and my most trusted advisor.’


For once I was speechless and struggled to my feet once more snapping out an immaculate salute for a second time.


‘My President-it will be a singular honour’ I gasped and was taken into that warm man’s heartfelt embrace as my legs gave way and I wept in gratitude at the chance to start over on a new path in my life’s adventure………

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March 3, 2009 3:43:42 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Excellent add, as usual... And this one was also extra-long... Yay!

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March 3, 2009 4:34:45 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Hehehe-thanks Eidolon-glad that you're sticking with this one-am enjoying writing it

stay tuned

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March 4, 2009 1:19:15 AM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Excellent story!

However, you ship designing needs work. It was a waste of space to place four barriers and later 4 advanced force fields on your ships designed to take on frigates armed with 12 Doom Rays! Those shields couldn't protect against that massive firepower and so that space would have been better utilized by additional weapons. Until the Dread Lords ships start utilizing defenses they have massive firepower but are fragile. The key to defeating them WITHOUT LOSES is to build a larger ship with enough firepower to destroy them with a single round of fire. In Galactic Civilization II, space battles never end with mutual destruction; instead if the last ship in each fleet destroys the other then the stronger ship survives with 1HP. If one ship has more HP than the other ship it is deemed the stronger ship regardless if the other has much more firepower. I would have skipped researching shields and instead researched weapons and miniaturization until you could outfit your large hull ships with enough firepower to destroy a Dread Lords frigate with one round of fire. Then if one of your cruisers fought a Dread Lords frigate it would survive the battle with 1HP. If a fleet of two of your cruisers took on a fleet of two Dread Lords frigates then one of your cruisers would be destroyed and the other would survive with 1HP.

Later in the game after you have researched huge hulls and the end of the miniaturization and shields branches, would you have space to for massive shield defenses against massive beam firepower.

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March 4, 2009 5:27:33 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Hmmm this is good advice Mascrinthus and thanks-hadnt thought of that....the way I've done it makes for a more interesting story though don't you think haha

But all points taken on board mr-will try it out....

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March 6, 2009 9:57:27 AM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

It is a proven strategy which I have used over and over. In the original release of GalCivII DL, everyone had the first strike advantage. However, this favored the human player who would take advantage of the fact back then engines were small and cheap to create fast ships and combine that with Eyes of the Universe which the AI never built. I long argued to remove this exploit and eventually it was but its replacement the 1HP rule is also exploitable. Battles should be able to end with mutual destruction of fleets, only then would I lose significant combat ships.

Attacker Advantages are Exploitable!


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March 7, 2009 6:57:19 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Lol point taken mr-if you're lucky I will even write this into my next post (just dont sound so smug about it )

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March 10, 2009 6:42:45 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

ok so just so Im clear. You have condor battlecruisers AND condor transport ships!?!? didn't anyone in the Star Navy inform our hero that a simple transport ship is hardly a a deserving precedent for naming a mighty ship such as a battlecruiser!

KUTGW fine sir this is a good read

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March 15, 2009 11:07:23 AM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Yeah you know what that happened kinda by accident and was in the manifests before I realised that I had already used the Condor designation oops

Thanks though for pointing out this (slight) anomaly hehe-again I might have to throw in an explanation for thisin future posts-watch this space!

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March 17, 2009 7:57:17 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

March 15th 2240


Zen-Piju Asahi, Altaria


I write through a vale of tears, completely lost in my grief for today I buried my darling Mirathro.  No words can express the grinding pain that tears at me and threatens to drag me down into the dark abyss of despair.  At times my heart hurts so much I could tear it out. I will not accept the ministrations of his Altarian family, who are dignified and controlled in their grieving-it is the Altarian way, I am told. Nor will I receive the attempted comforts of my son, so acute a reminder of him to me both in looks and in his actions.


I cannot stop crying-it must look so undignified-I have cried so much that I am weak from it-but still the tears and sobs wrack me-I cannot stop. At one particularly low point I reach for my sidearm determined to make the hurting stop the only way I know-my Protection Officer is on his toes and stops me in my tracks. Now I am no longer allowed to carry my personal weapon in the manner of serving and retired Senior Officers of the TADF.


And finally the news, that night, of the discovery by our race of the cure to end the plague that was called ‘The Doomsday virus’, only served to increase my distress for it had come too late to save my own beloved.  In the end I had to be sedated-it was for my own good-I could not make the long journey home in the emotional state that I was in. my son had acquiesced sadly-he had borne the loss with as much self-possession as I imagine Mirathro would have done-he is already a far better man than I.


But how did we get to this dark place I am sure you will be wondering? No more than a year had passed, after all, since my appointment as the President’s new Chief of Staff, our move to New Tokyo and the efforts to get to grips with the heavy demands of my new role, which was part politician, part nanny for the many Azure House Staffers and part confidante and advisor to the President.


We had arrived back in Japan’s capital in April of 2239, a time when the cherry blossom was adorning the trees that lined the many avenues and boulevards of this picturesque and ornate city.  It had been hard work balancing the needs of the most demanding job in politics with nurturing the love that I bore my husband but somehow I had managed it.  Throughout the next ten months my bulging in tray was always full: first I had cajoled the politicians on the council to authorise the release of more shipyards to build our new Hawk Battleships-even on earth this would take almost half a year; then I had accompanied the President to the UP meet on the neutral planet of Ilux II where an intergalactic law had been passed forbidding sneak attacks; after this I had been tasked with making sure that the IRM was up to speed on the conquest of the Vegans by the ever-rapacious Torians-my old friend M’Bossa N’Gong was no longer the Chief there having retired to tend his farms in far-away Ghana-he had been replaced by a rather colourless fellow called Ian Smith.  The President had next tasked me with coordinating a planet-wide response to the discovery of numerous spies on various continents engaged in missions of sabotage of some of our finest installations:


‘Make them talk!’ The President had urged me ‘by whatever means necessary!’


And all this whilst making sure that the Joint Chiefs kept the President fully briefed on the build up of our Star Navy and the fallout from the abortive attempt by the Dread Lords to invade Earth itself.


Yes General Mooto had copped an earful from an enraged Dr Amponsah for the lapse that left Earth undefended some few months previously and no Fleet close enough to stop the twin Dread Lord Transports from actually making planet-fall.  It had been a time of panic and despair across the whole world-no one knew what the invasion would presage. The only person that had kept calm and focussed was the President and his sangfroid had, in its turn, calmed the Council. At all times I was his embodiment and his extension projecting a steely authority and purpose-I was in my element.


In the event the invasion had been a nothing event-they had landed near Brasilia-deep in the Amazon rainforest and though it had taken ten Legions of our finest crack troops-the few Dread Lords that had made their assault were eventually despatched. More valuably we were finally able to dissect and start to research the vastly superior weaponry that they were equipped with so that our military scientists could start to work on more effective shielding to protect us. 


Afterwards I had almost enjoyed ushering Mooto into the President’s office, relishing the dressing down that I knew was coming his way-it was to have been one of the last moments of levity that I was to enjoy for quite some time.


For then the plague had come….

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March 19, 2009 7:29:08 AM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Truley a great read..keep it coming in bigger installments..

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March 24, 2009 2:31:27 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Bigger installments? I'm always favourable to that

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March 24, 2009 6:46:39 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Hey guys-sorry for taking so long with the next post-I haven't actually played the game in a while so need to do that to build up some back story

That will hopefully happen this weekend and so will post again soon-keep the faith!


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March 25, 2009 2:15:44 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

The faith along with the force and everything else in between is with you..

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