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Experienced Players Will Like This (I Hope)!!!!!!

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Extant Faora

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In my previous post, I started pondering a "No-Factories" strategy (except on bonus tiles). I've already heard people talk about all factories and all labs strategies, but no one in all these strategy posts has ever brought up the subject of an all economy social building strategy (at least to the best of my memory, I've read through all of the strategy posts this summer). I've heard people mentioning a rotation strategy for labs and factories, but once again, never for economy. So my strategy goes as follows...................

This (I think) would generally work better with a custom civ.  

For abilities, you would need to put your spending into: Luck, Diplomacy, Economics, Morale, Population Growth, Social Production, Trade/Trade Routes. Your points can either be spent on a one point per category basis (sortof), so you can have a mix of each bonus if you prefer. However, I would put all my points into Luck, Economics, Morale, Diplomacy, Trade (and in that order to). I may however want to spread out the points I put into Economics, Morale, Diplomacy, and Trade (leaving Trade out altogether even).   But no matter what, always put that one point into Luck, those 1000 BC anomalies sure come in handy for this strategy.  

For a Super Ability, choose either Super Diplomat, Breeder, or Trader (or whatever its called that gives you all the Trade technologies). Super Manipulater is another option you can pursue to keep all the other races off of your Arse in the early game.  

If you want to choose a Custom Civ over a Built-In Civ, you get 15 points to spend in the abilities category and you get to choose your own techs.   If you do this, make sure you branch out towards either the Xeno Economics or the Xeno Entertainment or even the Trade direction. I would choose Xeno Entertainment over the other two, and just buy Xeno Economics and Trade from another Civ (like the Arceans and the Korx). But if you are old-fashioned/stubborn and decide to choose a Built-In Civ, make sure that it is either the Korx or a civ that starts out with Xeno Economics.

For those of you who do not believe in being a Technology Whore, you don't have to, but this strategy will require you to use the Trading Screen more than you probably feel comfortable with.   

First turn, set your Production Spending slider to 100%, and set your Research slider to 100% as well. Buy Stellar Cartography and Ion Drive off of any civ (other than Terrans  ) and research the first Sensors tech as quick as you are able. Once this is done, make a custom Cargo hull surveyor with 2 Ion engines, Survey Module (DUH  ), and as many Sensors and Life Support that you can fit (make sure to have at least one of each of these components  ). Do not forget to put your Flagship to Auto Survey on the first turn. Send your Miner to wherever it must go. Get as many Treaties as you can with all of the Major and Minor Civs (within the first few turns preferably). As soon as you finish with the Sensors tech, put 100% spending into social production and forget about researching and making ships for a long time. Load your build queue up with: PQ 1=Morale; PQ 2=Morale, Economic; PQ 3=Morale, Farm, Economic; PQ 4=Morale, Farm, Economic, Economic; PQ 5=Morale, Farm, Economic, Economic, Economic; PQ 6= Morale, Farm, Economic, Morale, Farm, Economic; For the PQ 7 and higher planets, use the formula for a PQ 6 planet, in this same order, using the rest of the tiles apart from those 6 as you wish.   

If you come across a planet with a bonus tile or tiles, build the proper building/s on said tile/s. If you get farm tiles; do not build farms of any sort on them (too much of a morale issue, esspecially if you get any of the Xeno Farm techs), if you get 100% Manufacturing/Research tiles; do not build factories/research centers of any sort on them. However if you get Approval or 300% and up Manufacturing/Research tiles; you may Rush-Buy the structure that is meant to be placed on those tiles. Specialize only the planets with such 300% and up bonus tiles to be your Manufacturing/Research worlds (if you want to that is). You can place your capitals wherever you believe it suits you. If you colonize/capture a PQ 26 world (or higher if possible), do what you wish with it, wether it has something to do with planetary bonuses or not.

If you managed to read this far, I congratulate you  !!!

If you have read this far, you are probably wondering how you will keep up in research and in millitary. Simple, Rush-Buying, Leasing (you'll eventually have the money for it), and Trading. By Trading, I mean Tech Trading, Etc. For those of you who do not like to be Tech Whores, you might not like this strategy (heavy emphasis on the "might").  

If you do not like the idea of Rush-Buying/Leasing (or maybe even producing) your own ships, you can always buy them off of the other civs. This works best if none of the civs are below Neutral relations with your race (so that they won't complain about your warships being in their territory, telling you to get them the Fuck Out of their space). If you do want to produce ships on your own, and not have to build factories, just buy lots of miners (by any means necessary) and buy the Space Mining techs off of other civs (if they are not researching these techs, research them yourself by doing 100% research spending). Once you control all of the Miners on the map, send them out to the asteroids and begin mining. Make sure to priorotize which planets will receive the bonus. In order to control every miner on the map, try Tech Whoring as many techs as possible on your first turn to all the other civs for money that way you can buy out their miners the very same turn and make a huge profit as well (not to mention an extra Military/Social Production bonus in the early stages of the game).  

About Colony a word, Don't!!! It will ruin your economy. Instead do not build anything, be it a social, military, or research project, just set all of your sliders to 0%. Set your taxes so that approval is at 100% and gradually lower them each turn if need be as long as you possibly can keep your approval at 100%. As soon as it becomes impossible to keep your citizens 100% happy (even with 0% spending) you can set your taxes so that your approval stays just above the red, in order for your population to keep on growing without suffering any losses. If you do want to Colony Rush wihout going into deficit too much, you can use your colony ships as scouts, parking them beside planets that are high classed or strategically well placed on the fringes of your empire or your colony ships range. Your ships would need to have lots of sensors of high or low quality to detect incoming colony ships, in order for you to estimate how long it would take those AI colonizers to reach the planet which your ship is parked beside, taking it the very turn that the AI is about to get there. This means that you can colonize planets within the center of your empire at any pace you would like without fucking yourself economicaly. Depending on your estimations and colonization rate, you may never even have to go into deficit.  

So my strategy rant has finally come to a close.  For those of you who managed not to have a mental meltdown, I congratulate you.  Now if you would be so kind as to add-on to this idea, or even critisize it (any form of critisizm is accepted and will be pondered by myself), I would really appreciate it. You've gotta admit, it's really straining on the back, neck, and fingers to type for over two hours (even if it is about a really great idea)!!!  

I do hope that some more experienced players than myself will post a few replies, if so, it would none the less be much appreciated.  

I should probably mention that I am still playing DA (Dark Avatar).

So as a final farewell to all my fellow Nerdigans, I would like to proclaim in the words of the                                 Gods of Rock & Roll...................................................

LET'S RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!


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August 9, 2008 6:13:50 AM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
its so crazy it my work
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August 9, 2008 5:26:02 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
Thanks, I haven't tried it out yet, but I cannot wait to see how it will turn out!!!  

God I Fucking LOVE this game. 

However it still can be improved upon in a few areas.  

This does not change the fact that this game is FUCKING AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!  
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August 9, 2008 5:27:10 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
Also I must congratulate you on reading through the whole thing!  
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August 9, 2008 8:43:11 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
So I decided to try this strategy out myself to see how well it works. In this section I will be highlighting turns: 1, 6, and 11. I am presently on turn 12.

I am playing as a Custom Civ called the Ethereal Voidwalkers, with the Super Diplomat super ability. I have: +20% Pop Growth(2 pts.), +25% Luck(1 pts.), +20% Morale(3 pts.), +30% Economics(4 pts.), and +30% Diplomacy(5 pts.). My government type is Federalist. My Techs are: Xeno Engineering, Planetary Improvements, and Hyper Drive. My opponents are: Altarians(Team), Korx(Neutral), Korath(Team), Arceans(Team), Drengin(Team), Terrans(friendly), Drath(Neutral), Yor(Unknown), and Thalan(Neutral). Difficulty level is: Normal. Galaxy Size: Gigantic. And the only Victory Condition is: Conquest.

I started in the far Left/West Corner. The Yor are my closest Neighbours (slightly to the East), the Drath are the next closest (slightly to the North-East), just after them are the Altarians (still to the North-East, slightly farther out than the Drath), the Thalan are in the North corner, the Korx are approximately in the Center, the Korath are in the West corner, the Terran and the Drengin are found close together in the approximate South of the map, the Arceans are slightly North of the Terrans and Drengin.

Turn 1:
Flagship placed on Auto-Survey.
Discovered Economic Resource close by.
Sent Colonizer towards it, where upon arrival it will be Upgraded to a Constructor.
HomeWorld does not contain any Bonuses.
I began researching Xeno Communications.
I have 100% Overall Spending, and 100% Research Spending.
I have not begun any Social or Military Projects.
My approval is at 45%

Turn 6:
Finished researching Universal Translator.
Obtained Economic Resource 2 turns ago.
Discovered a class 11 Heavy Gravity Planet 2 turns ago as well.
I have Economic+Research Treaties with the: Drengin, Arceans, Korath, and Altarians.
Have 22 401 BC and 17 047 IP.
Begun researching Sensors (to obtain Survey Module).
Have control over all Miners, except for those of the: Korx, Drath, Thalan, and Yor.

Turn 11:
Met first Minor Civ.
Finally began Tech Trading with the: Korx, Drath, and Thalan.
I control all Miners (except for those of the Yor).
I have 41 808 BC and 32 968 IP.
Control 60-65% of the UP.
Until now I have been buying the Scout ships of each Civ, in which case I promptly destroyed it (but not without discovering a few resources and planets.
All of the Miners that I have purchased are on their way to my HomeWorld.
I am leading in: Economy, Treasury, Popularity, and Influence.
Until now I have been a major "Technology Whore"

This is all I have done for now, more updates are on their way, stay tuned!!!

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August 9, 2008 10:29:13 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
Keep researching this strat. I've been wondering for quite awhile if an "all-econ" strategy would work, like the all-factories or all-labs. The game hinges entirely ON econ, so it seems like it would make sense. Although, aside from purist considerations for fun and curiosity, it seems like this would work great WITH an all-factories or all-labs approach: that is, go all banks on several worlds and all-factories on others. You will still have the advantages of all-factories, since your banks won't take away from your social/mil sliders, like labs would (or vice versa if you go labs). In fact, I've been trying to do an every-other-world all-bank/all-lab strategy, to try to get the best of both worlds. It requires more worlds than I like to use, though. All-banks sounds fun -- keep us updated!
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August 9, 2008 11:40:23 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
Thanks for the insight. I appreciate it. But what I am actually trying to do by the all banks approach, is to have all of the other Civs make the ships for me and I just go to the Trading screen and buy them out/tech trade. If you actually want production points without having to build factories, all you would have to do is "capture" as many asteroids as possible with Miners, and have them all focus on one world. This would also help you speed up bank construction. Also I do believe I mentioned that you can specialize certain planets (namely the ones with bonuses) to have lots of Military/Research production. Thanks any ways.
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August 10, 2008 12:48:18 AM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
wait you are using astrode mineing from other races in there realm of inulence, wouldn't that just make the mines flip back to the race that there in?
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August 10, 2008 12:07:09 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
Not necessarily, what I meant by mining is that I'm buying them from other races early game, usually at that point they are out of range to effectively do anything. So I am sending them in the direction of my sphere of influence to the area where their Maximum Range Parameters are located, and from there I start "Mass Harvesting the asteroids in my imediate area. So I will probably not have to worry about enemy influence flipping my asteroids to their side. By doing this, I would never have to build a single factory!!!  All my production will come from the asteroids, so whenever I would want to build anything on a planet, all I would have to do is switch the area where the asteroids are putting their focus. So if I have enough asteroids, I can build up my planets banks/markets Hell of a lot quicker without having to waste a single tile to make a factory. But that does not mean that I cannot build factories any more, I can still use planets with lots of PQ/bonuses as Research/Military production worlds.

Another great strategy to use with All-Economy that I just thought up of (in other words remembered from another post............

Capture a Low PQ planet and don't build anything on it. Make sure that there is a High PQ planet close by. Capture that close by High PQ planet and load it up with a Political Capital, Cultural Buildings, and any Super Projects that enhance your influence ability. Once those are all built (without anything built on the Low PQ planet), sell it to another Civ. Thanks to your High PQ planet that is "Luckily" close by and "Accidentaly" loaded up with Cultural Buildings, that Low PQ planet should flip back to you really quickly (maybe even in 1 turn). If you have a bunch of Low PQ planets close to that High PQ Cultural planet capture them to and sell them the way you did with that other Low PQ planet. You can really do this without end!!!  Another thing you can do to ramp up the value of the planet, is to build CRAPPY social projects on it (like nothing but Farms to help flip the planets back to you faster due to unhappy population!!!  

I am going to try this in my current game, I'll be sure to keep everyone posted!!!  
LET'S RAGE!!!!!!!!
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August 10, 2008 2:30:20 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
I've been using all economy for years now although my approach is somewhat different.

I haven't had time to fully read everything nor to compose a response detailing my approach. I'll get back and reply once I finish my current game.

One thing is that I can understand your exuberance but please try and lay off the f bombs. They really don't add much content to your posts and they could eventually get you into trouble. This is a PG13 site after all.

Just a friendly warning.

Like I said I'll be back to comment about the strategy later.
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August 10, 2008 3:07:26 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
Thanks for the warning, it's just that I get a bit carried away when I get onto a good topic, I'll try keeping it in check.

Anticipating your comments!!!  
Until then........
LET'S RAGE!!!!!!!
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August 10, 2008 8:57:15 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
ok i tryed the all econ stragaty but i don't think it works for me. it may work for you if the coprolite market type kind of guy and very nosy about the other races.for one reson and the reson is that i got killed i could not builed a effective millity by that time. i was making like 5000 bc a turn by year three but i could not biuld up a millity stong anufe nor fast anufe and got killed by the Dirgen. so i am on my seconed game i whent with a hybred or the core planets strgaty as i call it. on my home syestem i made three factors and the rest econmice bildings, as i did on my seconed planet. then i started the colony ruch by making a small collony ship and just sending them out there. it took time but when i started the colony ruch i was losing a 100 bc a week thats when i started buying biludings and set my slides to a 100% recherce and got up to glactic stcok echange and then when i was making about a 1000 bc then next set of planet i started to colonize i changed tactechs and whent to all factory. that way thouse those planets can make millitay. so far i am seconed i millity blow the kyrren and first in economics. i hope this could work out for me i will tell you more about my next game.
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August 10, 2008 9:59:55 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
Addressed to Freeman43:
About your not building up a sufficient military force, you don't need to (but you can). This strategy only requires you to build Economy, Morale, and to a lesser extent Farms. With the money you will be making all you will have to do to build up a sufficient Military force is by either: Rush-Buying, Leasing, or Trading for it with other races. If you really want to build up a Military force the traditional way (by doing it yourself), just capture a bunch of asteroids, and have them all focus on a single world. You won't ever have to build a single factory as long as you have a bunch of asteroids. But truly this strategy does not call for Mass-Manufacturing. It does however call for: Mass-Trading (uaually on the Trading screen), Mass-Buying (this can either mean Leasing/Rush-Buying), and also Mass-Extortion (if possible).  

Another thing you can do to obtain money, is to capture a Low PQ planet (class 3-5 is best) and load it up with Farms. Do this only if there is a High PQ planet (class 7-9 should be sufficient) within the same solar system as the Low PQ planet. After you have captured the High PQ planet, you should proceed to build nothing but Cultural buildings, along with any Super Projects that help this along (like the Political Capital, Restaurant of Eternity, Etc.). Don't forget to build nothing but Farms on that Low PQ planet. Once both planets have finished building their Social Projects, go to the Trading Screen and sell that Low-PQ-Nothing-But-Farms planet to any race that has a low Diplomacy bonus (like most Minor races). Once you have sold it just wait the 1-2 turns that it will take for that planet to flip back to your side. You can do this forever without the AI realizing what is going on   (as long as there are still AI's to sell it to). To help this process along, you can put as many Influence Starbases as possible beside those two planets. Just as long as you make sure that those two planets are within the Starbases area of Influence (you can have up to 32 Starbases surrounding a planet, as long as that planet is properly positioned). It also helps if the Starbases are fully upgraded. All you have to do from that point on is wait before you can re-sell it!!!!!  

Hope this clears something up.
(P.S.- I got the selling planet thing from another post. Forgot who came up with it, but whoever did, the credit goes to them.)
Until next time............
ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!  
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August 10, 2008 10:03:25 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
Oh and one more thing......
You are supposed to buy your technologies off of other races, researching when you are really desperate.  

I'll be posting updates on my current game that uses this strategy soon. Till then...
Let's Rage!!!!!!!!  
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August 11, 2008 9:53:29 AM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
true but unfortunately i am not playing as the Ferengi Alliance
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August 11, 2008 10:42:56 AM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
There's a lot to respond to here so before I get into it let me state a couple of caveat emptors.

First off I'm still playing DL and there are definite differences between DL and DA even though over-all the basic ideas can be the same.

Secondly I've found that the size of the galaxy can make a big difference. At least the way I play it, All Economy requires a certain scale to be effective. Although some of the points can apply to galaxies medium and below, I pretty much exclusively play gigantic galaxies.

Finally in the interest of keeping what is definitely a long winded discussion as short as possible, I'll limit this first reply to a description of how I go about it and leave the discussion of more detailed points for further replies.

With that said I don't really start the game with an All Economy approach but only get into it once I start taking over multitudes of AI planets.

I usually start out with a mixed industry/research early and then convert over to All Industry by the end of the colony rush followed by a conversion to All Income once I finally start rolling.

I usually make getting multiple survey ships out there a priority but I also make colonization a priority as well. I don't necessarily need to out colonize the AI but I can if I want to. Generally even though I colonize at a faster rate than the AI I cut off my colonization phase noticeably earlier so the net effect is about the same.

My early priority for research are the yellow techs; diplomacy, morale, ethics. In general I try to gain a diplomatic advantage and use that advantage to gain all my other techs via trade.

My early priorities for planet development are to grow pop as quick as possible. I try to keep my taxes low enough so that the bulk of my colonies are at 100% approval. I build nothing on any planet pretty much until I stop my colonization phase. This keeps colony maintenance as low as possible and allows my colonies to become profitable as soon as possible. I conceptually wouldn't be averse to building some economic buildings during this phase but I usually don't because that runs counter to the next phase of my development which is All Industry.

On my home planet I will build research on any research bonus tiles and I'll also build my tech capital. Also I'll make my home planet my manufacturing capital and build enough industry to be able to produce a colony ship every other turn. I usually have enough excess production that this allows setting the sliders somewhere around 2/3rds military production and 1/3rd research. I do no social production during this phase. I buy everything for my home planet and as I mentioned I build/buy *nothing* on any colony.

I'll use the cash from anomalies to fund this deficit spending for as long as I can. In a gigantic galaxy this can often be as long as a year and a half. Usually the AI will colonize for about 2 years before the galaxy is totally colonized. I usually break off my colony rush after a year and a half.

In my rush I only go for high quality planets and ignore the PQ4's and 5's. Generally by a year into the game I'm making decent money off my early colonies and I start increasing my taxes and building industry on all of my planets. Generally I build 8-10 factories and I avoid all higher manufacturing techs until I get a good base of industry on most of my planets.

At that point I can pretty much out produce any AI in decent quality ships. However once I do this I quickly become the most powerful race and the AI will no longer trade weapon techs so from that point I need to research weapons on my own but by that time I'm pretty much done with all the yellow techs anyway. I can still trade for defenses, miniaturization, hull, logistics, research, manufacturing and econ techs.

Anyway at this point I can begin to roll over any AI that I want. As I conquer an AI I immediately convert their planets to all stockmarkets. I'll basically put two farms and two VRC's on most planets PQ13 and above and control their final pop at 20B. All planets PQ12 and below get a single farm and no VRC's. I initially keep a starport on every planet that already has one but *everything* else (other than the farm/VRC) gets converted to stockmarkets.

Once I've conquered a single AI (about 50+ planets) and converted to all stockmarkets my income is around 100K bc per turn. Once my income reaches that point I have enough cash to start buying everything and so I convert all of my colonized planets to all stockmarkets as well.

Once this process starts it steamrolls very quickly and my income shoots up to 500K and eventually usually tops out around 1.3M bc per turn. This allows me to very quickly convert all my planets but then I have to start buying ships to spend all my money each turn.

Anyway the point of how I play is to maximize my score and since income is one of the four components of score a maximized income goes directly into score. But the side effect of a high income can also be used to buy a lot of ships and since your military ranking is another component of score income used to buy ships contributes to this as well. Typically I can rush buy 300 1/1 huge hull fighters per turn which I place under an array of 24 military SB's for the 1500 point per ship bonus it provides.

Finally as my pop growth is reaching its final values and my income begins to slow down I get into the range of 17K ships under my military SB array and I then upgrade the 1/1 huge hull fighters to 25 attack/450 defense dreadnoughts to send my military rating through the roof. This bankrupts me for the rest of the game but I then click through another 2~3 years and collect my final score somewhere in the vicinity of 900K.

Anyway that's the basic gist of how I play All Economy. Obviously the point of my game is score and this is well optimized for that purpose. Like I've said many times before there are many different ways to play with many different goals and score is not everyone's cup of tea.
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August 11, 2008 11:01:13 AM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
A couple of minor points. There's no point in putting farms on low PQ planets since the pop can't grow above a certain point. While it is true with farms you could bus pop to low PQ planets and the pop won't die, this is generally not a very worthwhile thing to do. See the Wiki Population article for details.

Also 16 starbases around a planet is generally the most you can depend on getting although you can get up to 24 SB's if the planet is placed in exactly the right position. 32 starbases affecting a single planet is impossible.

One other point is about rush buying ships. The cost to upgrade a ship is usually less than the cost of rush buying a ship. You can take advantage of this by rush buying the bare hull only and then upgrading the hull to the desired ship. If you're playing Neutral then this is not the case and it's generally the same cost to rush buy as it is to upgrade but if you're not neutral this can save serious cash.

Basically selling stuff like tech and planets is not a real effective way to make money. In fact trade is not a good way to make money either and I almost always ignore trade.

The way to make a lot of money is to have a lot of planets with as high a pop as you can resonably control with nothing on the planet besides stockmarkets. Planet after planet filled with stockmarkets. That's how you get incomes in the hundreds of thousands of bc's per week and this kind of income allow you to "produce" more ships per turn than any amount of "real" production ever could.
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August 12, 2008 9:45:13 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
I understand how your strategy works for High-Scoring and all that, it's quite interesting as well. If I ever start playing on the Metaverse, I'll be sure to keep your strategy in mind.

However the chief difference between us is point scoring. You mentioned it yourself. My strategy is based more arround having fun, and challenging myself at the same time.

And I believe that someone (forget his user name) has made a post about being able to put 32 Starbases around a planet, with that planet being in each Starbases sphere of influence. I could be wrong, and it was really 24 that cast their influence upon that planet. But who knows.

Thanks for the comments Mumble.
I really appreciate it!!!

Keep On Rocking!!!  
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August 12, 2008 10:12:21 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
I am on the verge of posting a game update, I haven't had enough time to play since our last update!!!  


Steve says you'll want to!!!  
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September 14, 2008 9:44:37 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Great stuff.  Good thread

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September 15, 2008 6:41:56 AM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

And the award for the most smilies used in one thread goes to.....

Drum roll please.....


Extant Faora!!!!!


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September 25, 2008 11:39:04 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

I like your style man. I like your style. Oh and by the way. Thanks for responding, it's been awhile since anyone did!!!

Oh and have some smilies, I'll try to use all of them, just for you mate.

  [e digicons](\(\[/e]

If that's not enough, here are the classics.


Thank's for replying.

If you have a slow computer, I will laugh if you try to read this.

Cheers anyways.

Let's RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been wanting to say that for a while now (LOL)!!!!!

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September 26, 2008 1:19:39 AM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums


Awesome reply! And no, your laughter will have to come from somewhere else mate. Vista64 on a Quad Core with 4GB ram should allow me to read the thread backwards, upside down and inside out if i need to.....

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September 26, 2008 12:25:30 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

That's almost too bad.

Eitherway man, your cool.

Rock On!!!

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September 26, 2008 7:25:06 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

For those who were paying attention to the turn-by-turn experiment that I tried........

IGNORE IT!!!!!!!!!

My roomate was downloading "adult" videos   on my computer and got himself twelve Trojan Horses and Thousands of Cookies.   So in short my computer had to be repaired (at his expense ), and all my video game files got erased.

So when I get around to it, I'll start another game to try and prove my point.

This however may take awhile due to the fact that I can barely find time to play these days . School and Work are my #1 priorities right now . So until I can find some time to spare ..........

ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!

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September 26, 2008 7:56:01 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Sorry to hear about your roomate's broken nose mate....i assume you did hit him one for being dumb enough to frak up your PC like that!!!


I often find mate that a re-install can be a god send. Get rid of all the one time use bloatware you may have accumulated and start again fresh.

Best of luck!

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