Odyssey into Hell

"It's them. They... are coming."

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Chapter 1: Awakening

Varna Station, Tau Ceti system

Lieutenant jr. Jack Nicholson put his coffee cup on the steel desk near his radar screen. He chuffed, stirring the black liquid.

The same job eight hours a day, six days a week, four weeks a month. And it never happens anything exciting. I never thought I could miss the Drengin Wars. At least then I had something to do. The most interesting thing that happened in three months had been when Lieutenant Esher put a Torian lizard in Commodore Fitherly’s shower. Her cry made the security marines crazy. He chuckled at the thought. That had been a funny day. Not so funny for Esher, however…

But it seemed to have happened years ago. Now there was only a boring, unstoppable routine.

“Warning. Possible detection of an Unidentified Flying Object. Position 234-454-545.5. Elaborating data…”

Oh, great. Another comet. Hooray.

The SID – name that the crew had affectionately given to the interception control AI of the station, in honour from the old 1980’s - UFO TV show – slowly started grinding ciphers and spitting out analysis.

“Data elaborated. Detection confirmed. Position 234-457-546.1. Speed 95 m/s. Requesting IFF…”

Jack relaxed on his seat’s back.

“Friendly IFF. Object classified as Aenius-class starfighter, Terran Alliance.”

What the hell…?

The radio began crackling.

“Var… Station, do y…ecive m…”

“Aenius fighter…” He checked the screen “…989, here is Varna Station. Please switch on secure channel Alpha-Bravo-Six.”

“I can… acc…”

“Please repeat, Aenius 989.”

“I can’t accomplish… sustained… damage… requesting assis…”

Jack switched some switches, directing three microwave-comm. antennas on the unexpected visitor.

“Aenius 989, can you receive me better now?”

“Affirmative… Here is Cadet McJones of the 33rd Flying Daggers… reporting heavy damage… hull integrity is failing… requesting immediately rescue!”

“Copy that, Cadet, please stand by.”

He moved to another visor, looking for a ship near enough to the fighter to help it, but the pilot stopped him.

“I can’t! I need assistance NOW! They… they are here!”

“They? Who are they?”

“I need coverage! Oh, God, they’re here!”

“Cadet, keep quiet! WHO is there?”

“They… They’re firing! I need help! Anyone! I ne…AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!“

The communication was suddenly interrupted.



TAS Hammerhead, Tau Ceti system

TAS Hammerhead, here is Varna Station, please respond.”

Without raising his eyes from the magazine that he was reading, Dave opened the channel.

Varna, here Hammerhead, receiving.”

“We’ve lost contact with one of ours fighter, coordinates 234-458-599.4. It had… reported something strange before he cut the communication. You’re ordered to look for it.”

“Another disappearing ship? It would be the… sixth, this month?”

“Yes, but it would be the first in our system.”

“Ok. Further details?”

“No. I even don’t know what the hell was it doing out there. According to registries, Aenius 989 should had been detached to the 33rd fighter squadron in Procyon.”

“Two systems away from here?”


“Well, it’s strange. We’ll report ASAP.”

“Good luck, lieutenant. Varna over.”

“What orders?” Harper asked.

“To investigate the disappearance of one of ours fighters.”

“Well, more interesting than comet catching.” Dimitri commented.

“Set a course. Par seven speed.”

“ETA twenty minutes.”

“Shouldn’t we use maximum speed, sir? It’s a rescue mission, after all…” Ensign Arcoxia Seeve, the new entry in the Hammerhead’s crew who had replaced Renee, objected respectfully.

“Relax, rookie. We’ve got all the time. It isn’t a life-or-death matter.” Dave responded.

“But sir, the fighter is in…”

“It’s probably only a problem with the radar response. Don’t worry.”

“And the Hammerhead just made it through refit. We shouldn’t push the new engines too hard without a regular test.” Qin definitely closed the discussion.

“Listen a fresh-graduated Xeno Engineer, Arxie.”

“If you think so, Commodore…”


“Let me guess, Arxie. Nothing on the radar?”

The young Ensign shook her head.

“No, but… well… not exactly…”

“What’s up?” Dimitri leaned over her shoulders to see the radar screen.

“Well, do you see these… spots?” She pointed them. “I can’t determine what they are… not ships, this is oblivious. They seems rather composed by organic matter, but it’s too big to be the corpse of the missing pilots. And if it was a Shivan ship, it would have a different signature and I’d still see not-organic materials. Instead… These are purely organic, sorry for the repetitions.”

“Maybe a cosmic flower bed?” Dave suggested ironically.

“No… they are moving.”

“They are WHAT?” Harper exclaimed.

“Moving, sir. Probably a problem with the new radar system, I guess.”



MOOOOOOVE!” Harper personally switched to par 14 speed in Qin’s console.

A strip of pure energy passed where the Hammerhead was a few seconds before.

“What the heck… I can’t see anything on the radar! From where…”



“Modern youth!”, he sighed. “It’s big, it’s organic, it’s moving, it’s firing us! What do you think that it can be?”

“Uhm… an enemy, I guess?”

Qin suddenly turned the upgraded incursor to dodge another energy beam.

“Oh, shut up and open a channel with Varna Station!”


AC4, Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado

North American Federation, Earth, Sol system

“Admiral, it’s for you. Red code.”

“Alighieri here.” Amanda curtly responded.

“Sir, here is Varna station. We’re getting an alarming report of an ongoing action here in Tau Ceti from one of our incursors…”

As the report proceeded, Amanda turned pale.

“Received, Varna. Switchboard, give me the President.


The Capitol House, Geneva, Switzerland

European Union, Earth, Sol system

Not again. It was the only Alan’s thought as five agents of the Secret Service jumped in his office, plasma guns ready to fire, and took him to the Space Force One.

“What’s up now, Seth?” he asked to his security chief.

“I don’t know, sir. I’ve been ordered to bring you away.”

As always.

The ship slowly took off, with Alan looking through the reinforced glass of the porthole.


“Mr. President.”

A voice made him turn. He recognized the Minister of Defence.

“Oh, Steven. What’s the problem?”

“We have… oh, shit, you won’t believe it. But come here.” He pointed the conference room “There’s an extraordinary session of the Security Council.”

The two men entered in the room, and sat in their seats. Only other five Counsellor were present, the others were there through holograms. Without too much ceremonies, he turned to Grand Fleet Admiral Alighieri blue shape.

“This is the third time in ten minutes that I ask this: what-is-going-on?”

Even if it was only an hologram, Alan saw that she was ill at ease.

“Well… to be brief, the Shivans were right. They were coming. And they are now here.”

“I don’t need prophetical answers any longer! WHO is here?!?”

“From my sources…”

WHO, Admiral! I want a name!”

She looked the Council before proceeding.

“The Shivans call them the Dea…”

“And? What else?”

She took a deep breath.

“…but we refer to them as… the Dread Lords.”

Alan turned pale.

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June 1, 2008 2:08:19 AM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
YES!!!! Really awsome!!          
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June 1, 2008 1:58:39 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
Hehehehe nice nice   
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June 1, 2008 3:11:18 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
I KNEW there would be a sequel to Counterstrike!.
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June 1, 2008 4:14:27 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
of course you knew! he Eidlon1032 said he would make one!
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June 1, 2008 5:05:00 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
Very nice. Title & intro inspired by FreeSpace or is that just me?

I'm intrigued and await further installments.

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June 2, 2008 7:28:32 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
Title & intro inspired by FreeSpace or is that just me?

Yes. Basically I’ve learned English with that game, so I consider this my little tribute.

I’m glad that you appreciate the story. I'm working on chapter two…

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June 3, 2008 3:11:49 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
Bring it on Eidolon!!  
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June 4, 2008 8:21:14 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
MORE! We need MORE!!!      

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June 8, 2008 12:46:39 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
I can hardely wait for the next installment. i feel like the time I watched Star trek Best of Both Worlds part 1 and then had to go to bed before part 2. Keep up the good work!  
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June 8, 2008 3:15:56 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
Just finished this one... Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 2: Emergency measures

Pasteur Medical Institute, Paris, France
European Union, Earth, Sol system

“Mounsieur Daquine?”
“Oui, c’est moi. Vous êtes…?”

“Jacques Leonard, Central Defence Agency. May I talk to you?”
“About what?” he asked suspiciously.
“It’s reserved. Yes or not?”
“Obliviously yes… in my office?”
The scientist and the agent passed the long, white corridors of the French institute. The two sat in the chairs of the small office. It was only a cubicle, filled with official documents and computer terminals. For Jean Daquine alone was enough, but now it looked a little crowded. I need a bigger office, there isn’t room enough for a visitor.
“Coffee or tea?”
“Tea, thanks.”
Jean took two cups and put them under the replicator, that started filling them bleeping. He continued to study his unexpected visitor. He had already cooperated with the local arm of the CDA, but its agents had never presented without previous notice.
“Thanks.” Leonard said, taking his glass.
“What does the CDA need from me?”
“First, this conversation has never happened, clear?”
“What conversation?”
The agent smiled.
“You’ve already worked with us, it seems. Now… we knows that here, in this institute, there are still samples of bacteriological and biochemical weapons, used for research purposes.”
“That’s classified data.”
“I know…”
“Exactly. How do you know this?”
“Oh, c’mon, it’s my job.”
“Mh-mh. Can I know for what purposes do you need them?”
“That is classified.”
“I’m sorry, but I need an explanation. Antrax and smallpox aren’t exactly common substances, and even to be allowed to used the for medical research you have to fill a mountain of modules. You should…”
“I have a Presidential Authorization.” He showed him an official-looking paper.
“Signed by the entire Security Council… but I still need to know for what purposes you want to use them.”
“Leave time to time, docteur Daquine.”
He dubiously nodded.
Space Force One, somewhere above Alps, Switzerland
European Union, Earth, Sol system

“What the hell is that?”
“Don’t know. A radar interference?”
The two pilots looked puzzled each other.
“It’s right under us.”
“Should I give the alarm?”
His finger was already on the ‘emergency’ button, but he hesitated before pushing it.
And then it was too late.
Two Dread fighter materialized behind the escorting fighters, vaporizing immediately three with a deadly barrage of black matter beams. The only survivor performed an excellent loop and returned fire with the 55mm-railgun and its air-to-air Falcade missiles.

While outside the fighter was valiantly defending the Presidential Plane, inside the Secret Service panicked for a second. The mobility of the President in time of war was its best defence, but now he had been individuated… how wasn’t relevant. What was relevant was that their superior was under attack.

Despite being used as a transport, the Space Force One wasn’t, obliviously, a normal transport. Apart from being the Allied Mobile Command Post, it was in all and for all a military spacecraft. The original armoured transport had been heavily modified. One of the modifications included the adding of five MHC-54 pop-up heavy Pulse Cannons. That had been kept secret even in the Terran Government… So when a Dread fighter found itself in front of a charging weapon, was legitimately surprised. Even more when the beam pierced the transparent skin of the cockpit and killed the Dread Lord who was piloting it. The burning ship crashed few minutes later on an high peak with a piercing cry.

Ah, the efficiency of the Secret Service. Alan would have swore that he was alone in the library. But a second later he was surrounded by five nervous agents, equipped with heavy railguns and even a grenade launcher. They guided him towards the hangar.
“What the hell is going…”
“Please, sir. Follow us.”
Suddenly the intruder alert started bleeping.
“And now?”
The five men covered with bullets the door to their left, that spread in crumbs. A Dread Lord and three Dread Knights emerged from the ruins.
One of the Knights was caught by a burst of one of the agents’ Uzi. Another one received a grenade right in his chest, and exploded in a cloud of blood and metal pieces. But the Lord easily dodged the bullets and, with a curt movement of his stick, fired an energy globe towards the small group.
Two agents died immediately. The other three were thrown away. The Dread Lord slowly walked towards the President of the Terran Alliance.
Alan desired to be braver. But in that moment he was only scared. He withdrew until he met the cold steel of the wall against his back, looking his aggressor. The Lord coldly smiled, and pointed his stick.
Alan Bradley, President of the Terran Alliance, closed his eyes, ready to die.
TAS Hammerhead, Tau Ceti system

“I hate the Dread Lords!” Qin shouted, while piloting the Hammerhead away from a squid that had all the intentions to swat the small ship.
Varna, what the hell are you doing? We need reinforcements, NOW!
“Shivan battlegroup Hellion is on the way, pilots. Hold on!”
“If they won’t hurry up, they’ll only have to identify our corpses!”
“Don’t panic, pilots! ETA is three minutes.”
“Oh, no. After all, why should we be worried? We are only under attack by a race that we thought extinguished!” Dave said sarcastically.
“Watch out, Qin!”
The Hammerhead dodged a beam strip, and returned fire with the new quantum driver. A tentacle was cut off from the Dread fighter, but another one wrapped the small ship.
“Oh, shit!”
The hull began creaking.
“Quin, full power! Bring us…”
“I can’t move! We’re blocked!”
“Hey, I haven’t signed to be killed by a giant polyp!” Arcoxia complained.
“Neither I, but have you got a solution?”
“Maybe one…” Dimitri emerged from an opened control grid in the floor. “If this works properly…”
“What are you going to do?”
“Oh, only a small electric shock.” He smiled evilly.
“Ensign, I’d like to remember you that this ship has just exited the starport, and I’d like to see it still together…” Harper severely said.
“Don’t worry… Diverting auxiliary power…”
“I don’t know why, but I’m not calm when you have your ‘genial ideas’…”
“I’m sure I’ll regret this, but… proceed, ensign.”
“Fried Lord ready!”
He connected two innocent-looking cables. The next moment an unbelievably strong electric charge passed through the auxiliary sensor grid, friezing it, and hit the bioorganic ship. The Hammerhead was free a second later. Quin used all the remaining power to get away from the enemy.
“The Shivans have arrived, sir!”
A series of transpace conducts opened in front of the incursor, and dozens of red warships emerged, firing at the chasing fighter.
“Yeeeeeeee! The 7th cavalry is here!” Dave exulted.
“Turn this banger, Qin, and ready to fire.”
“Aye, sir!”
The Hammerhead added its contribute to the fire tempest threw against the Dread fighter. The enemy ship returned fire, destroying some smaller vessel, but at last it was overwhelmed by the simple number of the Shivan ships. It exploded, hit by five torpedoes in the same moment.
Dave relaxed in his seat.
“We did it! Another kill for the Hammerhead!”, he said, leaving out the Shivan intervention.
“Yes, but now can someone tell us what’s going on?”
“What do you think, human?” The Shivan commander hologram appeared in the bridge of the incursor.
He-hxash’d Quorn…” Harper greeted, almost suffocating trying to pronounce the Shivan grade.
“We warned you. But you didn’t listened to us. And now you face the consequences.”
“We warned you. They… are here. And now, it’s too late.”
Space Force One, somewhere above Alps, Switzerland
European Union, Earth, Sol system

Alan was ready to receive the hit… but it didn’t come.
Instead, the door at the end of the corridor exploded, as an entire army of agents of the Secret Service burst into the corridor, firing like hell. One even has…
A bazooka in a plane?

The Dread Lord was threw away, and the Dread Knight was killed with a katana sword in his chest. Alan crawled under a table to find shelter from the fight.
“Here, sir!” Seth literally carried him away from the battlefield.
“It’s all ok?”
“Calm down, sir. The situation is now under control.”
He turned just in time to see the Dread Lord hit by a hundred or so different weapons.
“Sir, you’re evidently under shock. Now, follow me.”
He said this kindly, but the hand that he put on the President shoulder wasn’t kind. He guided him to the meeting room where he had been less than an hour before.
“Mr. President!” Amanda’s hologram saluted as soon as he entered in the room.
“He’s under shock.” Seth explained at the surprised Admiral.
”Ok, stop it. You need to sleep.”
Seth shouted. “I can understand that you are shocked, but this isn’t the right way to conduct an emergency!”
AC4, Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado
North American Federation, Earth, Sol system

Amanda answered the bleeping secure phone on his table as the two men were discussing dozens of kilometres away. Alan was evidently shocked, as the security chief has noticed, and he couldn’t handle a situation in that conditions.
“Alighieri here.”
“General Lhas speaking, AID. Sir, we just received voice that Guildmaster Tlas Kzientha had been killed during an attack in the Torian capital city of Selta. Further notices will be transmitted as we’ll obtain them. Lhas, over.”
Amanda froze. She stood silent for a moment, reflecting.
So this was only a part of a bigger plan…
The phone started bleeping again a few seconds later.
“Lhas, again. Another report. From Iphaia. General Vartan has been killed.”
“Wait… receiving other data. Oh, shit! Chancellor Ynrhed Eidden is dead, also. How…”
“Figli di puttana!”
“Nothing… it isn’t something nice to say. Now, alert all our allies! We need to…”
“Another report.”
Oh, god!
“Form where?”
“Wow what?”
“Did you know that Eleys Mue had been trained in Tir-Quan?”
“Yes, but what…”
“Oh, it seems that she has killed a Dread Lord with the ceremonial spear of one of her guards.”
“Is she alive?”
“Alive and angry, sir.”
“Keep me informed on further developments.”
“Roger. Lhasa over.”
When she put down the receiver, Alan was sleeping in an armchair.
“What have you done to him?” she asked Seth.
“Oh, a pill of sleeping tablet in a water glass. He needed it.”
“Do you know that this can be considered aggression against a Chief of State?”
“This? Why? Did something happen?”
“Ha-ha. We’re all very amused.” She said sarcastically.
TAS Behemoth, Melpomenes Station, Mars, Sol System

Sira woke up with a painful headache. They had been always more common since five months till then. As usual, she tried to ignore it, looking for her pills.
As soon as she found the medic equipment, the interphone started bleeping.
“Aaryn here.”
“Sir, here is bridge. There’s a direct call for you from the AC4.”
“I’ll take it from here.”
She waited as the common background interferences informed her that the call was being switched.
“Attorney-in-fact-captain Aaryn here.”
“Behemoth, here is AC4. You are ordered to leave immediately Melpomenes Station and move to coordinates 111-243-222. Await for further orders.”
“What? AC4, I’ve got only half of the effective crew aboard, and Admiral Alvarez hasn’t shown yet…”
Behemoth, we are now in DEFCON-1.”
“What’s going on?”
“I don’t know. Those are your orders. AC4 over.”
She dressed and went to the bridge.
“Hello, Sira!”
“Hi, Don. Is this old banger ready to leave?”
“Yes. We’ll only need to take aboard the specialized personnel, and then…”
“There’s no time. Ready to leave the station in half an hour time.”
“Orders from the AC4.” She grabbed the interphone. “Attention please, here is Attorney-in-fact-captain Aaryn speaking. AC4 just informed us that the Alliance is now in DEFCON-1, for unknown reasons. The Behemoth is ordered to leave immediately Melpomenes Station and await for further orders. That’s all. Battle stations.”
The alarm started bleeping laconically its sound, as normal illumination was substituted by the red emergency lights. Sira looked the crew of the juggernaut quickly moving to its assigned stations, not caring for the compete lack of data about the threat. She’d have liked to have their calm and confidence. But how can I fight something that I don’t know what is? And, most important, I’ve never been trained to command a battleship! My job is to study quantum singularities, not to lead eight thousand men in battle! Oh, where the hell is Admiral Alvarez? Oh, shit shit shit…
And there was still that headache. She shook her head silently. Maybe I should get visited by a doctor. If only the medical crew had arrived… Damned Terran bureaucracy!
Pasteur Medical Institute, Paris, France
European Union, Earth, Sol system

Jean opened the last steel railings with a grunt. Someone has to lubricate that door.
The two men entered in a small, circular room. Except for the Institute logo on the floor, it was completely devoid of decorations. A simple glass overlooked a much larger room, where thousands of test-tubes were lined up on dozens and dozens of shelves. Under the glass, undoubtedly reinforced with Kevlar, there was a simple keyboard.
“It’s simple to use.” Jean explained to his visitor “You digit the correct authorization code here, and then the right number for the test-tube. The mechanical arm takes the tube and puts it in a security box, that you can retire there.” He pointed an hidden door.
“And how can I know the tube number?”
“It’s written here.” He took an heavy ring binder from an hidden drawer.
“On paper? I thought that everything was nowadays stored in a computer memory.”
“A memory can be cracked and hijacked. Paper conserves all the changes.”
Leonard noticed that. Many numbers were modified with corrections, accompanied by an official stamp. Some were even deleted.
“Why are some missing?” He asked.
“The Third Post-War Period.” Jean simply answered.
During those years, Earth governments had suddenly become obsessed with ecology and Planet Preservation. It happens, after a nuclear bombardment. It wasn’t hard to imagine why many samples of viruses had been eliminated.
“Well… I need…” He took a list.
Jean looked it.
“So many samples? You have to re-digit the authorization code after each taking. Security procedures are really severe here. You know, we don’t want religious fanatics armed with the Ebola virus.”
“Right… Ebola-E.”
He begun his long job.
TAS Oracle, geostationary orbit around Earth, Sol system

“Happy, guys!”
The commander entered in the radar control station.
“What’s up, sir?”
“Some genius has decided that we are now in DEFCON-1. Obliviously an AWACS isn’t so important to deserve an explanation. So, now you are ordered to keep your eyes open, wider than ever, but the hell if I know what you are supposed to look for!”
“Something like strange anomalies?”
“Yes. I rebooted the short-range scanner, but they are still there. And they can’t be a ship. The signature is too vague, even for a stealth vessel.”
“Some new test from Westinghouse technicians?”
“Negative, sir.” Another ensign replied. “There are no programmed tests for today.”
“I see. So, what the hell are they?”
“The fact is that they act like fighters. I have isolated five… “spots” of them, but there could be more undetected.”
“Two above Mount Blanc, in the Alps. Other two just outside Paris. And another one near Cheyenne Mountain.”
“Mount Blanc?” A lieutenant asked.
“Yes, why?”
“The Space Force One should be something near there. If we are in DEFCON-1, the President should be transferred to the AC4…”
“I have a bad feeling.”
“Either I.”
“Well, gentlemen, as long as we don’t receive further data from our omnipotent Command…” he said sarcastically “…we’ll treat those ‘interferences’ as an enemy. Begin tracking procedures.”
“Roger. TAS Oracle to Collective Earth Defences. We have five possible UFO in the low atmosphere…”
Camp Vincent, near Paris, France
European Union, Earth, Sol system

“Sir, a direct call from the CED. We have a possible threat. Remember those strange interferences?”
“Someone has decided that they’re hostile vessels.”
“Oh, God save us! Let me know, who is attacking us now? A reborn Nazi Germany?”
“Oh, for God’s sake! We should alert a defence squadron only bec…”

A loud thunder informed the men in the command centre that something big just exploded.
Merde! Activate perimeter defences! Request assistance to the Air Force, the Army, the Navy, the Starfleet! Red alert, ready to launch fighters! Charge the Patriots! In short, do something!”
“Sir, they hit the runway! We can launch only VTOLS!”
“Oh, I hate Mondays!”
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June 8, 2008 9:52:43 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
Damn this is awesome!
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June 9, 2008 1:19:59 AM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
totally cool beans!!!  
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June 17, 2008 1:41:09 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
Chapter 3: Aux armes, citoyens!

Pasteur Medical Institute, Paris, France
European Union, Earth, Sol system

Leonard mobile started bleeping.
“Leonard here.”
Jean looked him as he went pale.
“Roger, sir. Yes. Ok. Leonard, over.”
“Something wrong?”
“They’ve found us.”
“They? Who, they?”
“We’ve got no time.”
He closed the suitcase where he had placed all the biohazard tubes.
“Yes. You come with me.”
“No questions. Now, shut up and move!”
He silenced as Leonard took an Uzi from under his jacket.
“Hey, what are you goin…”
With a metallic noise, he put a loader in the weapon.
“But I…”
“Shut up!”
He took Jean by hand, and guided him outside the building. The security officers looked him puzzled.
“Be quiet, gentlemen, there’s nothing to fear…CDA.”
Showing his badge, he managed to exit from the Institute, with Jean reluctantly following him.
“Now can you…”
Leonard didn’t listened. He had a bad feeling…
He looked the sky. And he understood.
“What the…”
The missile passed over their head and hit the building behind them.
Leonard grabbed his communicator.
Phoenix to Temple, I’m under attack!”
“Received, Phoenix, but actually…”
Other three missiles demolished the buildings around the lab.
“From where the hell are these shots coming?!?”
“…there.” Jean pointed.
Leonard turned, the weapon in his hand ready to fire, and stopped.
In front of them, behind a row of houses, there was… well… undoubtedly that was a battle machine. It looked like a tripod from the old War of the Worlds novel. Standing over 40 feet tall, and scanning the area with five black… eyes? Are they eyes? Jean wondered.
The two men remained silent, looking that awesome machine of death, frozen in fear.
Until it moved.
When the Dread Tripod extracted a weapon from its shell-like body, Leonard took Jean away from the road. A second later there was a crater where they were standing only a second ago.
Temple, I requested assistance! Sometimes today would be nice!”
Phoenix, if you haven’t still noticed that, we have a believed-extinct civilization that is invading our homeworld…”
“Oh, don’t tell me! Really? I wonder how…”
“Less sarcasm, Phoenix! Three F-404x Blazers are on the way! Hold on!”
“I’ll try to stay alive, Temple.”
“Oh, you can die, as well, as long as doctor Daquine and your suitcase remain intact.”
“Thanks, Temple.”, he grunted.
“It’s always a pleasure.” The controller said laughing.
Space Force One, somewhere above the Mediterranean Sea
Earth, Sol system

Amanda’s blue image looked exhausted. Among with the other members of the Security Council, she was studying the holographic map of Paris in the middle of the oval table.
“The President is now awake.” Seth informed.
As if I haven’t enough problems.
“Thanks, Seth. What news have we got from Paris, Grand Fleet Admiral?” the Minister of Defence asked.
“Bad.” Amanda simply replied. “A group of Dread Fighters has attacked and almost destroyed Camp Vincent. And we have these… Dread Tripods coming out like mushrooms. A squadron of F-404x Blazers is now reaching Paris from Arcadia Station, ETA five minutes. The French President has managed to leave the capital with the government ten minutes ago, and now the French Army is sending every single tank, plane, and mech at their disposal there. But I don’t know if they will be enough.”
Alan entered in the room, and stopped with a hand the men that were standing up to hail him.
“We don’t have time for this. Amanda, give me a solution for this hell, and maybe I’ll forget that you drugged me.”
“Well, apart from the French Army, we have a submersible aircraft carrier, the Atlantis, near Calais. It’s launching fighters right now. From our base of Camp Winston we’re sending the 21st Angry Wolves battlemech division, while from Camp Eerie the 12th…”
“I don’t need military ciphers! I need proposals!”
“As you wish.”
Her fingers danced on the keyboard, and the map zoomed in Paris, showing a series of arrows and lines.
“If we move the…”
“Amanda.” the President interrupted her. “Can we defeat them?”
She silenced.
“Yes, we can.” The ministry of Defence intervened, looking a young attendant with a titanium suitcase.
“Don’t even try to propose that, Steven! I won’t kill eight millions people only because a hundred overgrown locusts are hopping in Paris! Find a conventional way to defeat them, or I assure you that you’ll spend the rest of your life cleaning the toilets of the subway!”
“It will need time. And losses will be heavy.”
“It is still better than eight millions.” Amanda pointed.
“Thanks, Amanda. Now, what do you propose?”
She pointed with her pen an highlighted arrow.
“My usual unconventional, crazy, newly-invented tactic.”
Camp Vincent, near Paris, France
European Union, Earth, Sol system

Chewing a cigar, in a modern interpretation of General Patton, General Asimov looked his staff, gathered in the relative safeness of the anti-atomic bunker.
“Ok, ladies and gentlemen, you all know what’s going on. An unknown enemy force has attacked our base, and now is happily occupying the Ville Lumiere. What we are now going to do is to conscript the enemy advance between Boulevard Peripherique and the Seine river. This is the battle plan, kindly given us by Admiral Alighieri and… don’t look me in that way, sergeant! I know it’s completely fool, but she has won more than a war with her crazy ideas!”
“Yes, sir, but…”
“Oh, don’t say anything, please, or I could change idea about this.”
TAS Oracle, geostationary orbit around Earth, Sol system

“No, she’s Amanda.”
“Please, commander…”
“Sorry. I know, it’s an horrible joke.”
“But I should coordinate this…”
“Oh, God!”
“Exactly, Ensign. Someone is risking her career on this.”
TAS Iwo Jima, geostationary orbit around Earth, Sol system

“Is this a joke?”
“No. It’s our new assignment.”
“With love, signed by Grand Fleet Admiral Alighieri.”
“Oh, crap.”
The pilot slowly rubbed his temples.
“Has she got half an idea of what this requires?”
“She says that she needs our soldiers in Paris in fifteen minutes.”
“And where should we land?”
“The coordinates are there” he pointed the right line.
The pilot sighed.
“The Minister of Culture will kill us for this.”
“Don’t worry.” The captain put his hand on the subordinate’s shoulder. “Only, try to not hit the Tour Eiffel in the manoeuvre, ok?”
“I’ll do my best.” He sceptically answered.
AC4, Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado
North American Federation, Earth, Sol system

“The Iwo Jima has responded, Admiral. Ready for action.”
“Excellent.” Amanda looked the tactical map. “Start the fireworks.”
TAS Iwo Jima, geostationary orbit around Earth, Sol system

“Authorization confirmed.”
“I’m ready, captain.”
“Let’s go, lieutenant.”
“Initializing descent procedures. ETA to waypoint Alpha Bravo: three minutes and twenty seconds.”
Rue de Vaugirard, Paris, France
European Union, Earth, Sol system

“Damnit, Temple, where the hell is the Army?”
The two men were kneeled behind the wreckage of an hovercar.
“It’s on the way. Currently, we’ve got engagements near Pont Neuf, Jardin du Luxemburg and Champs de Mars…”
“This means that the brilliant strategy to stop the Dread Lords before they could pass the Seine has failed, right?”
“Yes, but…”
“But it’s better for you that you find a way to take us out from there! We’re travelling in a battlefield with something that the President himself has ordered to pick up! You’ve to take…”
“Calm down, sir. The Iwo Jima is coming.”
“It’s coming?”
TAS Iwo Jima, Earth ionosphere, Sol system

“We’re almost there… Two thousands meters to go…”
“All hands, ready to jump!”
“A thousand and eight hundreds!”
“All hands reports ready, sir!”
“A thousand and five hundreds!”
“Shut down directional thrusters.”
“Shut down, sir.”
“Sir! The Oracle says that we have Dread Fighters incoming!”
“Shit! Shut down main engines!”
“Shut them down!”
The Iwo Jima began a free fall in the upper atmosphere.
“Warning! Hull heat near toleration limits!”
“Five hundreds meters!”
Suddenly the alarm started bleeping.
“Missles incoming!”
“A hundred meters!”
“Impact in six seconds!”
Rue de Vaugirard, Paris, France
European Union, Earth, Sol system

“What the hell…”
TAS Iwo Jima, over Paris, Earth, Sol system

“Jump successful, sir!”
“Engaging now!”
Warning. Thrusters from 2 to 7 damaged and inactive.”, the computer informed.
“Auxiliary thrus…”
“It’s too late! Brace for impact!”

The Iwo Jima hit the ground at outstanding speed, but thanks to its reinforced hull it didn’t exploded. Instead, it begun a course for the Champs Elysees.

“Can someone figure a way to stop this thing?”
“Watch out…”
The ship ran over a Dread Tripod.
“We’re sorry! It wasn’t our intention!” The pilot shouted to the crushed battle machine.
“I beg your pardon, sir.”
“Haven’t we got a brake aboard?”
“Maybe the impulse reverser?”
Jahowl, meine Kommandant!
“What the hell is up, now?”
“We’re going to hit the Tour Eiffel, if we don’t stop!”
“Engineering, do something!”
“We’re trying, sir!”
“It’s better for us all that you find something, or the Minister of Culture will have our heads cut off…”
“Ready to reverse impulse!”
“Engineering ready.”
DO it!”

The Iwo Jima slowed its course, but still pointed toward the 300-meters high tower…

“Engineering, that’s not enough!”
“We’re near to overload the auxiliary thrusters!”
“And the Dread Lords are targeting us!”
“Like if we haven’t enough problems…”
“We’re trying to charge more engines, please wait…”
“Missile incoming!”
“Thrusters 1 and 2 charged!”
“Missile intercepted!”
“Activating thrusters!”

The troop transport managed to regain control just before crashing on the monument, and stopped a few meter from its pylons.

“Well. We did it!”
The captain sank in his command chair.
“This has been one of my worst days. Report.”
“Well, without a tug, I doubt that this old banger will manage to fly again. But the loading bays are clear.”
The captain nodded and grabbed the interphone.
“General? Bridge here. We’ve just, well… landed in the Champs Elysees. You can begin deployment procedures when you want.”
“Acknowledged, captain. And thank you.”
“It’s been a pleasure.”
AC4, Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado
North American Federation, Earth, Sol system

“The Iwo Jima has completed the… ‘landing’ procedures, avoiding enemy interception.”
“Good.” Amanda answered. “And our other reinforcements?”
“They didn’t made it. They’ve been destroyed, or they’re currently engaged. But it seems that your manoeuvre has surprised them.”
“It will be enough. Ready to kick some Dread asses?”
“When you want, sir.”
Champs Elysees, Paris, France
European Union, Earth, Sol system

The five Goliath heavy tanks exited from the protected landing bay of the Iwo Jima, and immediately started shooting at the enemy tripods, covering the regiment of Marines that quickly began to disembark.

“Target at 3-4-565!”
“Charge a piercing projectile!”
The shoot missed the enemy unit, that answered with a barrage of laser fire.
“Damn!” the commander grunted as the ground around the small group was vaporized in a concert of explosions.
“We lost Goliath 4!”
Commander Leath mumbled an imprecation, and ordered to recharge the cannon with another piercing projectile.
“Target correction: 3-4-568.”
“Hit! The Tripod is going down!”
“Excellent! Other targets on screen?”
“No… at least for now, sir.”
Iwo Jima, here is Lieutenant Anderson speaking. The area is cleared.”
“Roger. Disembarking the battlemechs…”

“Hostiles incoming. ETA, four minutes. Hurry up!”
Goldrake is ready, and Mazinger is coming on-line…”
“Three tripods on-screen, Iwo Jima! HURRY!
“We’re doing the best we can, Leath!”
“It’s not enough!”
The Tripods opened fire.
Mazinger here, ready to go.”
“Give them hell, colonel!”
“You can bet on it…”
“Goliath 3 is gone!”
“Hit! But that damned thing is still alive!”
“They’re fir…”
A second later the tank exploded.
“Goliath battlegroup has been decimated!”
“We’ll avenge them, Iwo Jima. Mazinger, go!”
The 40-meters colossus began moving.
“Parker, do you receive me?”
“Clearly and steadily, sir.” The young lieutenant answered from the Goldrake.
“Follow me, son! Let’s kick some Dread asses!”
Rue de Vaugirard, Paris, France
European Union, Earth, Sol system

“I bet that this was one of Alighieri’s ideas.” Leonard said, looking the smoke column that was raising near Tour Eiffel.
“Well, a troop transport less for the Alliance. I hope that this is part of a battle plan…”
“Obliviously… Let’s move.”
“It doesn’t matter. Away from here, just to start.”
“Just to start…” Jean grunted.
The two men passed the ruined streets of the city, until they met a police blockade.
“Stop!” a nervous officer intimated.
Leonard showed his badge. “CDA. What’s the situation… Agent Daladier?” he asked, reading the man’s name tag.
“Bad, sir. That… things have the control of the main roads. Most agents have been killed, while trying to evacuating the civilians, and losses are heavy.”
“What’s the status of Camp Vincent?”
“I don’t know. Communications with the nearest military bases have been cut off.”
“What are we going to do?” Jean asked.
“Can you say us something about Camp Vincent?”
“How can we leave Paris?”
“An Atlas-class dropship is on your way.”
“It seems that lately everyone has been on our way…”
“Take a police car and go to Place d’Italie. It’ll take you from there.”
“How are you going to make it pass through a battlefield?”
“Err… We’re working on it.”
“Fantastic. I love the Terran creativity.”
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June 17, 2008 11:09:39 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
This should be intresting...
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June 22, 2008 8:44:28 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
Totally awsome!
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July 1, 2008 5:34:54 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
Chapter 4: …but we’ll always have Paris

Place d’Italie, Paris, France
European Union, Earth, Sol system

“We’re arrived. Thanks for having travelled with the Sùreté Nationale, we hope to have you aboard again…”
“Leonard, please!” Jean said, getting out of the police car.
“Sorry… Ok, Temple, we’re here. Where’s the Atlas?”
“Above you.”
The dropship appeared from nowhere, and manoeuvred to let the trio jump aboard, helped by a marine.
“I don’t want to know what they’ve done to get here. Now, Temple, where are we going?”
“To the Atlantis first. Then, a short trip to Russia awaits you. I hope you’ve taken the wool socks.”
Champs Elysees, Paris, France
European Union, Earth, Sol system

“Charging the fusion mortar! Cover me, Parker!”
“Roger, sir! Watch out that Tripod!”
“I saw it, son, don’t worry.”
“More bandits coming on-screen!”
“Mortar ready… fire!”
Three Tripods exploded, passed by the energy stream.
“Three down!”
“Keep moving, Parker!”
“I’m behind you, sir.”
“What the hell is that?”
A much bigger battle walker had emerged from the ground in front of the two battlemechs.
“It seems that they’re throwing the heavy units… Attack module 26-B”
Crystal Palace, Alire, Ilya
Altarian Republic, Altaria, Altair system

“Sorry, ma’am.”
“Be careful with that laser!”
Azamar blushed for the scolding.
“I’m an Archiater, not a medic!”, he complained.
“I’ve noticed this…”
He finished to cauterize her wound.
“It should be enough for now… But you should be visited a Priest… I’m not sure to have done it correctly.”
She looked her left arm, almost unrecognizable under a dark red scab, then the ruined room of the Crystal Palace. From the broke ceiling she could see the Altarian destroyers moving to blockade the capital city of Alire… like if that could be useful against the Dread Lords.
Arthos Lyann, commander of the Altarian Forces, entered in the destroyed room.
“Arthos.” She replied icily.
“What happened?”
“A Dread Lord has tried to kill me. Where the hell were the security forces?”
“And I’d like to know how a Dread Lord can arrive here, in the heart of the Republic, without being identified!”
“Sir, honestly… I don’t know.”
She looked at the carbonized corpse of the alien. When she had hit him with the ceremonial spear, that… thing had took fire. She shivered.
“You should be visited by a Priest.”, he said.
“Later. First, I have an emergence to face.”
“I doubt that you…”
I doubt that you are in the position to order something to me! Give me President Bradley.”
AC4, Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado
North American Federation, Earth, Sol system

“Paris is still combat zone. It seems that the Dread Lords are landing the heavy weaponry.”
“Landing? Where?”
“I have detected at least three subspace distortions, Admiral.”
“This is interesting… so they have used these rifts to open a way to our planet… The question is: from where?”
“I find quantum fluctuations near the rifts, sir. This means that they are not fully stabilized.”
“We can close them before it’s too late.”
“It would be dangerous.”
“Undoubtedly. Now, let’s find a way to push the Dreadies out of Paris.”
###Unknown location###

“They’ve escaped, Master.”
The hooded figure kneeled.
“There’s no reason to carry on this attack. Withdraw and proceed with phase two.”
“Yes, Master.”
TAS Rampart, Dread Lords Poket Universe

Jenna Casey was looking the strange artefact that her crew was analyzing in the hangar of the battle cruiser Rampart.
Another one.
“What the hell you think it is, this time?”, she asked her chief engineer, Luke Winston.
“Who knows? However, it seems to be partially active.”
“Take it to Biohazard Bay 02.”, she ordered an old sergeant, who nodded and moved to a tug.
“I’ll analyze it better at 06:00… Now I have to finish the test with that Precursor armour.”
“Ok. Keep me informed of eventual progresses.”
“Aye, sir.”
He stopped a moment.
“You should rest, sir.”
She rubbed her eyes. “Maybe later, Luke.”
“No, sir. Now. It’s five days that you don’t sleep enough only to follow all these recovery operations… As soon as I obtain some results, I’ll inform you.”
“I have to stay awake… the Dread Lords can appear at any time. I have…”
“It’s two years that this fleet is trapped in this pocket universe, and despite we have found tons of Precursor artefacts, no Dread Lords have shown. And it’s two years that you sleep once a week. Why are you doing this?”
“I don’t know, exactly… I have a bad feeling… lately we’ve found an increasing number of artefacts, as if we were nearing a colonized region of space.”
“That’s not a justification. You have to sleep, sir.”
“Maybe, but…” she yawned.
“Now. Go to your quarters and take ten hours of sleep. You’ll feel better, believe me.”
“Yes, but…”
“Oh, stop to make objections, sir!”
She tiredly smiled. “Aye. But only six hours.”
“Seven?” she proposed.
“No. Eight.”
“Ok.” She accepted.
“You see? You’re too tired even to negotiate with your chief engineer. Goodnight, sir.”
“’Night, Luke.”
Champs Elysees, Paris, France
European Union, Earth, Sol system

“Damned hell! COVER ME!
“Hull integrity at 56%, sir! I’m doing the best I can!”
“That’s not enough, son!”
The Mazinger avoided another Doom hit, and replied with an anti-matter bolt.
“Take that, you overgrown locust!”
“Ready to fire the quantum torpedoes! Stand clear, Parker!”
The Mazinger unleashed a deadly barrage of warheads, that exploded on the Dread Walker… without apparent affect.
“Is that thing still alive?”
“I’m recharging the anti-matter cannons… those hurt him.”
“Good idea, son… Let’s try a coordinated attack...”
“Yes sir!”
“But move with that recharge! Sometime today would be nice!”

The anti-matter bolts cut one of the walker’s leg, which gave a piercing cry.
“Has it… cried? That thing is conscious?”
“Later, son! First, kill it, then we’ll be free to discuss…”
“Aye… Anti-matter again?”
“It seems to be the only effective weapon… so, use it! I’ll cover you!”
“Roger… Fried Lord ready for the customer!”
AC4, Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado
North American Federation, Earth, Sol system

Goldrake and Mazinger report area cleared. They’re awaiting further orders, sir.”
“Keep them on standby. They’re authorized to vaporize any moving object in a range of three kilometres.”
“Now, give me the CED.”
CED Headquarters – The Pentagon, Washington, D.C.
North American Federation, Earth, Sol system

“Grand Admiral Ross here. How are you, Amanda?”
“Later. Now, I want a complete report.”
“Uff. Well, the situation in Paris is now near control… It seems that the Dreadies are retiring.”
“They’re moving back to the rifts… So I’ve ordered the SOC teams to prepare those damned tachyon warheads or how-the-hell-they-are-called, and be ready for an hit and run mission.”
“Have you already prepared a battle plan?”
“I’m sending you the files right now.”
“Ok. Now, what’s the situation outside Paris?”
“The Navy has received the DEFCON-1 order. All ships in Sol system are now in red alert, and I’ve just been assured that the 1st, the 2nd and the 3rd fleets will be ready in twenty-five minutes.”
“The Behemoth?”
“Attorney-in-fact-captain Aaryn is screaming like a baby. She wants competent military personnel aboard, and is wondering how can she pilot a Juggernaut with… what were the exact words… oh, yes: ‘a crazy rabblement of scientists, eggheads, nerds and dinosaurs.”
“You know, there are some Drath aboard.”
“That’s racist.”
“Whatever, she request someone to help her to move that pile of cannons.”
“I’ll try. Wasn’t Admiral Alvarez supposed to…”
“He can’t be found anywhere.”
“Well, find a substitute, and quickly!”
“I’ll try. Oh, operation Kick Ass will start in forty-five minutes. If you have any suggestion…”
“Yes. Change the name with something more martial, please.”
“Do you think that on a history book they will write ‘and so operation Kick Ass started’?”
“Bah. As you wish…”
“Have to go… I’ve another call from the AID. KMI.”
“Keep Me Informed.”
“Roger. Bye, Amanda.”
TAS Rampart, Dread Lords Poket Universe

Jenna heard the door closing behind her with a soft whoosh. She undressed her uniform and put it on a chair, then she lied down on her bed… but she couldn’t sleep. She felt uncomfortable… like if someone was staring her. She looked around, but as she expected she couldn’t find anyone. Shaking her head and punching the pillow to soften it, she looked the dark ceiling of her room.
“I hope I don’t bother you, Colonel Jenna Casey.”
She jumped.
In front of her, on her chair, there was someone. He… she… it had a shining blue skin, that softly enlightened the small room, but despite this it could have been mistaken for a Human or an Altarian. Jenna slowly looked for the alarm button.
“I’d prefer if you don’t push that button… I haven’t hostile intentions.”
“How can I be sure?”
“If I had wanted to hurt you, I could have done that rather than draw your attention.”
“What do you want?”
“Talk with you. There are a few things that I’d like you to know. But if you don’t want so, I can leave your ship. As you prefer…” he stood up.
She hesitated.
“No. Please remain.”
He sat again.
“What…” No. This isn’t too diplomatic. She corrected: “Who are you?”
Her visitor smiled.
“I don’t have a name, Colonel Jenna Casey. Names are made to distinguish things. I don’t need a name. I am unique. But you can call me Nemamiah, the last of the Arnor.”
AC4, Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado
North American Federation, Earth, Sol system

“What’s up now, Lhas?”
“Another murder. Lord Vega.”
“Where are the Security men? At this rate, we’ll be a galaxy without a stable leadership in less than an hour!”
“And N-1 has been destroyed.”
“The Yor?”
“Yes, but that’s not a problem. It’s the Yor Collective, after all. This means that N-1’s consciousness has been transferred to another machine… the Yor have still a leader.”
“The problem is for the Arceans.”
“And for the Torians, and for the Krynn, and for the Iphaians… and for us.”
“Long-range sensors have detected a Dread Fleet emerging from a rift near Phobos.”
“But…but… weren’t they retreating?”
“From Paris. It seems that they have decided to bomb Earth from orbit… after all, it’s cheaper.”
“A bomb is less expensive than a battlemech… and your men don’t -shouldn’t- risk to be killed… A bombardment is more profitable than a land battle, and the result is the same: a ruined city/planet.”
“Have you decided to become an economist?”
“Well, who knows? After all, an economist is paid more than an admiral.”
“Let’s talk about your career another time. Switchboard, give me the CED, the SOC, the SAC, the CDA… everyone!”
TAS Behemoth, Melpomenes Station, Mars, Sol System

“I requested an admiral, a commodore, a captain… anyone who has an idea of how this damned thing moves!”
“Last time you’ve granted victory to the Alliance, miss Aaryn… why shouldn’t you do the same now?”, Amanda asked.
“Because now we have to fight against the Dread Lords… and that’s a bit worse than fight a Drengin!”
“The Behemoth was designed appositely to take out the Dreadies… why are you worried?”
“Well, you can always learn…”
“Please, Admiral, I need someone here!”
“Commodore Sha’jant of the Krynn Jihadist Forces should dock with your ship in seven minutes.”
“A Krynn?”
“Can he command this mobile fortress?”
“He should.”
“He’s worked at SPEC.T.R.E-15 for eight months before your arrival. He’s the right person at the right time. The only officer who is able to effectively command the juggernaut.”
“The only?”
“The only in system… Considering that Admiral Alvarez seems to have disappeared.”
“Ah. Well, at least he knows his job…”
“Exactly. Now, move the Behemoth to the coordinates that are being transmitted.”
“Aye, sir.”
“And order the crew to melt the butter and take out the bibs, I want those giant squids served upon a silver platter with Ultra Spices!”
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July 1, 2008 6:10:10 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
Pretty cool! The battle in Paris was a bit confusing, but all battles are. I look foreward to more installments.
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July 1, 2008 10:46:43 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
Nice story. Keep it coming.  
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July 3, 2008 6:16:43 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
Nice one Eidolon-nice evocative battle scenes   
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July 28, 2008 7:15:28 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
Have we lost Eidolon1032 too?      
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July 29, 2008 1:48:42 AM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
I sure hope not. There are way too many unfinished AARs here.
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Sorry for the delay, but that’s what happen when in your condo there’s a cold war for the possession of wireless band Plus I went to Scotland for a two-week study holiday. But now, I’m back… And here it comes the fifth chapter.

Chapter 5: A problem never comes alone…

TAS Rampart, Dread Lords Poket Universe

“What can I do for you, Nemamiah?”
“Listen my story, Colonel Jenna Casey. And then, decide if you’ll help me. Our goals may coincide.”
“Well… I don’t see anything wrong in this.”
“Good. It’s a long story…”
“We have all the time.”
“It starts a long time ago… with the creation of the universe.”
“Ah. Maybe you can make a quick summary?” She kindly smiled, worried.
“Oh. Sorry, sometimes I forgot that you humans don’t live thousands of years. Originally, there were a One, and…”
“I know, I know… Draginol, the creation of the Dread Lords and the…”
“Draginol didn’t created the Dread Lords.”
“He created the Arnor.”
She raised her elbow “Isn’t the same thing?”
“No. The Dread Lords were part of the Arnor, until they decided to…”
“…exterminate all the new races.”
“Exactly. The Arnor were created from an ancient artefact, the Telenath. Draginol misused it, so he created a race that would…”
“How this is related to the Dread Lords?”
“What is forged on the anvil, by the anvil can be broken.”
“In a modern translation?”
He chuffed.
“Humans. Your hurry will lead to your downfall. What is created by the Telenath, by the Telenath can be destroyed.”
“So, we have to…”
“Rebuild the Telenath…”
“It had been broken. It is now divided in a number of crystals, spread through the galaxy. You have to find these crystals, and destroy them.”
“It will be the greatest treasure hunt of all times…”
“Yes. Once you’ll have destroyed the crystals, the Dread Lords will disappear.”
“Hey, wait a moment… your race has been created with the Telenath. What will happen to you?”
“To me? I’ll disappear, too.”
“To quote one of your proverbs, The needs of the many outweighs the needs of the few.”
“That was only an old TV show…”
“One of the truest affirmations that I’ve ever heard. And, believe me, in eight billion of years I’ve heard many of them.”
“Don’t worry. Should I live, and allow the Dread lords to take over the galaxy?”
Jenna silenced.
“Instead, you should begin your crystal hunt.”
“How? We’re trapped in this pocket universe!”
“No longer.”
The interphone started bleeping.
“Here is the bridge… sir, I can’t say how, but…”
“We are free?”
“Yes. How do you know?”
“Sixth sense. Ready to leave in twenty minutes.”
“Casey out.”
She stared at her visitor. “Thanks.”
“A last thing. To destroy the crystals, you’ll need a powerful device… a Precursor one. Something capable to generate an explosion of great magnitude… something like a supernova.”
“And where can I find a supernova?”
“Ask to your Drengin friends.”
“What? The Drengin? How -”
But Nemamiah had already disappeared.
AC4, Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado
North American Federation, Earth, Sol system

“What, what?”
“Sir, a fleet has just popped out from nowhere near Deimos.”
“The Dreadies?”
“No. Terran IFF.”
“All our forces in-sector are gathered near Phobos, and reinforcements from the other sectors won’t show in six hours! Where the hell…?”
“I… I don’t know!”
“Oh, damn! First I had to deal with a disappeared ship, then with an alien invasion, and now with this! What an hell of a day!”
TAS Behemoth, Melpomenes Station, Mars, Sol System

“A fleet?”
“Yes, we’re still determining…”
“Oh, damn! We have just received a fleet and you try to determine where it comes from?”
“Miss Aaryn…”
Space Force One, somewhere above the Rocky Mountains
Earth, Sol system

“Yes, Eleys. I understand. That’s what has just happened to me.”
“What should we do?”
“Alert the Navy, and let the do what they’re paid for.”
“Yes, but with the Dread Lords back…”
“I hope my staff has its usual genial ideas… ‘cause I’ve got none.”
“Thanks, Alan.”
“For now, we’ll behave as planned. Operation E120 is nearly completed. It should be our weapon of choice.”
“And if it fails?”
“Well, we can always pray.”
“Have the secret procedures been respected?”
“Yes. Even Grand Admiral Alighieri is unaware of it.”
“Maybe the Dread Lords don’t know nothing…”
“I hope, but I doubt. Why attack Paris? Yes, it’s one of the largest and most important cities, but why not Geneva, New York or Washington? They have smelt a rat.”
“And that’s not good.”
AC4, Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado
North American Federation, Earth, Sol system

“More energy? I’ve already blackouted Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Eastern China! Isn’t that enough?”
“Sorry, Admiral, but that precursor device is an energy-eating monster. We’ve reached only the 45% of the requested power.”
“Oh, God… Shut down connections in Indonesia, Australia , New Zealand and Eastern India.”
“With that we should reach 78%.”
“Only the 78%?”
“Sir, if we could divert energy from the North American Federation or the European Union…”
“That’s out of question. There’s a battle going on here and there, and I won’t force our combat stations to use auxiliary power!”
“Well, you could authorize a connection with the quantum power plant in Sahara…”
“And how should I power up the defensive installations? With batteries?”
“Admiral, if you want that Arnorian shield, you have to give us more energy.”
“Eastern Russia.”
“Negative. Russian defences have to remain active.”
“What? I’ve ordered…”
“That is a Presidential Order.”
“A… Oh, I’ll talk to President Bradley later. Divert power from Western India, Pacific Union and Central Asia.”
“You’re driving me mad! I can’t give you anything more!”
“South America?”
“Will it be enough?”
“It should give us 98%.”
“Do it. And for the remaining 2%...”
“You could shut down momentarily the M.A.G.I. network.”
“The Main Analysis Grid for Intelligence research? Forget it.”
“I need a last 2%.”
“Use the emergency storage.”
“I hope it’s enough. Initializing activation procedures…”
Space Force One, somewhere near Cheyenne Mountain
Earth, Sol system

“Alighieri speaking. Sir, I’ve received a Presidential Order which exclude energy rationing in Russia. Why?”
“It’s reserved material. You aren’t authorized to know anything about it.”
“What? Sir, I…”
“Admiral, kill those Dread Lords, and then we’ll discuss about this. Bradley out.”
SPEC.T.R.E-2, Novaya Zemlya, Arctic Ocean
Russian Federation, Earth, Sol system

Dobredien, doktop Daquine. We’ve been waiting for you.”
A tall Russian woman approached the two Frenchmen, who were shuddering without a parka.
“Well, this is SPEC.T.R.E-2? I expected something more!” Jean complained. Apart the runway, the island was only ice and snow.
“The whole installation is hidden underground. For protection against attacks and radiations.”
“Novaya Zemlya had been used by my government as a nuclear test range. I’m doktop Irina Dushenko.”, she presented with a strong Russian accent.
“Radiations? Where’s the entrance? Where is it?” Jean asked, worried.
She took a remote control from her parka, and pointed it towards an ice rock. A second later, the rock rotated, and revealed an hidden kanvium hatch.
“Follow me.”
The trio went down in the base, passing an infinite series of controls and security checks. Finally, they emerged in a spacious hall. A logo was printed on the floor: a red test-tube, circled by a ring and with the motto morbus omnia vincit written over it.
“Disease wins them all?”
Da. Welcome to our world, doktop Daquine.”, she said with a cruel smile.
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August 2, 2008 5:10:40 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
"You know, there are some Drath aboard.”
“That’s racist.”

You got a laugh out of me with this, Eidolon1032.  
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August 2, 2008 10:38:46 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums
I just want to clarafy that there won't be any spoilers on the ToA campaigne because I'm still on level 2.
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August 27, 2008 2:31:09 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Chapter 6, after a long time, is finally completed...

Chapter 6: Failure


AC4, Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado

North American Federation, Earth, Sol system


“Mr President, welcome…”

“Yes yes yes, Amanda… report.”, he said, getting out the Space Force One and setting out for his office.

“The Dread Fleet is still near Deimos. Currently 85% of our fleet is ready for battle. I have to admit that the appearance of the Lost Fleet had been quit a lucky stroll for us…”

“Percentage of a possible success?”

Amanda coughed.

“The M.A.G.I. are still working on it…”

“In other words, from scarce to null. What did I do to get such a troubled presidency?”

“Sir, can I ask now more info about operation E120?”

“That’s nothing special, Amanda… What about our defensive plan?”

“Sir.”, she stopped in front of him, blocking the way for his office “How can you think I can plan a defence line without knowing all our operations and their priority?”

He pointed the door of his office, and said “Enter.”

“This is another top-secret operation… you know how it works.”

“I don’t hear, don’t see, don’t speak.”

“Exactly. Well… the main objective of E120 is the production of biological weapons.”

WHAT?” Amanda jumped up. “I thought that weapons had been banned since the 21st century! They are… are…”

“Unclean. I know. But with the Dread Lords…”

“That shouldn’t…”

“You know better than me that your objections are senseless. Amanda, we had encouraged the Altarian Resistance to raze a Paulos city only to destroy a Drengin command center. We had nuked the Drengin Armada. We had destroyed dozens of unarmed freighters and transports. It’s a bit too late to have remorses.”

Amanda looked Alan. He had changed.

She sighed and bent her head. Less than five years ago he had been one of the most brilliant, humorous and correct men I had ever known. Now, he’s only a ghost of that man. He had had to deal with some of the worst situations in human history. He had won… but at what price? Himself.

“I can’t…”

“Don’t worry. Further operations with bacteriological weapons are on hold. You’ll be informed if they’ll be used.”


“This discussion ends here.”

“Alan. Are you sure?”

“Do you see other solutions? Do you think that I would order an unconventional attack and I’d just be fine? Do you think that I like all this crap!?!”, he cried.


“Dismissed, Admiral.”

She stared at him.


The laconic sound of the alarm interrupted them.

Warning. Detected intrusion attempt in the M.A.G.I. network. All personnel immediately reports to assigned battle stations. Admiral Alighieri immediately reports to War Room.


CED Headquarters – The Pentagon, Washington, D.C.

North American Federation, Earth, Sol system


Admiral Ross angrily smashed his fist on his desk.

“No, idiot, no! How can they penetrate our supercomputers network!?! And don’t try to give me the usual technobabble that no one can understand!”

The technician at the other end of the line quietly tried to calm him.

“Sir, it’s something that we still have to understand…”

“I don’t bother! B.A.L.T.H.A.S.A.R. primary data bank is infected! M.E.L.C.H.I.O.R. defences are failing! And C.A.S.P.E.R. can’t hold on his own for long!”

“They’re too quick, sir! And they’re bypassing our firewalls like if…”

“I don’t bother! STOP THEM!



He slammed the receiver on the support. “Technicians”, he grunted, rubbing his temples.

Suddenly is holoterminal begun bleeping. He activated it, and General Lhas’ blue shape emerged from the projector.

“What’s up now?”

“We have just been informed that the Dread Lords have invaded a Yor planet near our southern border, in the Aquarii system, named ZX-909”

“Consistency of the invading forces?”

“Our reports say fifteen Dread Lords and twenty million Dread Knights, supported by three frigates and nine fighters. They have wiped out the resistance in less than seven hours.”

“Shit.” Why can’t something good happen for once?

“But the Yor have counterattacked. According from my sources, they have lost no less than 56 ships, but they have eradicated the invasion force.”

“Really? How?”

Lhas sighed.

“They’ve thrown to the planet everything you can imagine. Nuclear warheads, mass bombs, entropy mines, geodetic shifters, magnetic re-equalizers… you name it. For a total of ninety different weapons. Dreadies or not, I bet that even the plankton has been killed.”

“This should be a way to defeat them?”


“So, you’re suggesting to coventrate our worlds?”

“No. I’m simply reporting facts.”

Ross stood still for a moment, thinking.

Will this be the price for a victory? Half a battlefleet and the eradication of all life on a world?

“What can you tell me about the attack on the M.A.G.I.?”

“The technicians say that they can’t do anything, except, maybe… praying. Infection will be completed in three hours.”

“Can we transfer all the valuable data?”

“No. We can’t interface B.A.L.T.H.A.S.A.R. or M.E.L.C.H.I.O.R.. Only C.A.S.P.E.R. is still fully functional. The attackers are passing through firewalls and antivirus like a knife in a slice of butter…”

“This isn’t going too well…”


AC4, Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado

North American Federation, Earth, Sol system


“Defences of the First Ring deactivated! M.E.L.C.H.I.O.R. is being infected!”

“Can’t you do anything?” Amanda desperately asked.

“Negative! Primary databanks corrupted!”

“They’re trying to crack the nuclear warheads activation codes!”

“Isolate that section!”

“We can’t, Admiral!”

“Well, shut down the computers!”



“It could be an idea…” the technician rubbed his chin.



TAS Rampart, near Phobos, Sol System


“Sir, that’s all.”

Alan’s hologram nodded, thoughtful.

“This Nemamiah can be a powerful ally. Can you convince him to help us?”

“I don’t know if he’ll show again…”

“That would be a pity. However, welcome back to our space, Colonel.”

“Thank you, sir. But you should thank the Arnor. He has freed my fleet.”

“How did he do it?”

“I don’t know. Arnorian magic, I think. But he has told me something about a crystal that might help us…”


AC4, Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado

North American Federation, Earth, Sol system


“The computers don’t respond! Deactivation sequences are ineffective!”

“Oh, damn!” Amanda took the assault rifle from one of the security guards, and under the technicians’ shocked eyes she shot at the alimentation cables.

Warning. Primary alimentation cables damaged. Switching to auxiliary…

“Sir! You can’t…”

“Obliviously I can! It’s what I’m doing!”


Don’t be a sitting duck! HELP ME!


YOU’RE FIRED! Anyone else wants to change life?”

Everyone silenced.

“Good! Now move!


CED Headquarters – The Pentagon, Washington, D.C.

North American Federation, Earth, Sol system


“The infection has been stopped?”, Admiral Ross asked to the phone.

“Yes. We all love Alighieri’s genial ideas. She has destroyed scientific equipment for a total of 1.2 million credits, but that doesn’t matter – it will be detracted from her salary.”

“And for the infected computers?”

“An ultra-high voltage discharge should practically clean the M.A.G.I. databanks.”

“Should? Practically? Since when we started speaking like politicians on elections’ eve?”

“Well, the discharge will erase the memory banks… we hope without too much damage. Then, we’ll just upload the backup copies of the software. Simple.”

“Haven’t you cut down the alimentation?”

“We’re now connecting a sub-auxiliary generator.”

Ross relaxed on his chair.

“Do what you want. I don’t bother, as long as the M.A.G.I. will be fully functional soon.”

“What do you mean with ‘soon’?”

“Well… five minutes ago is a good answer. MOVE! We’ve an invasion to thwart!”

“We’re doing the impossible… The only problem is that technical personnel had been decreased by 10%.”


“Oh, you know Admiral Alighieri. She fired who didn’t cooperate.”

“That’s your business. Well, I could fire off someone, just to see if…”

“…if we can fight the Dread lords with reduced personnel? I accept bets.”


Crystal Palace, Alire, Ilya

Altarian Republic, Altaria, Altair system


“Project Terror Star is all here. But is incomplete. Acording to my scientists, we still need a power source and other minor tweaks. Especially, the cruise speed is wary, Alan. Only a parsec per week.”

“That’s the last of our problems. How can we build a station of that size in such a short time?”

“Maybe the members of the Drengin team who worked on it know something.”

Alan nodded. “It could be an idea. I’ll order an immediate action on this front.”

“And I’ll try to gather more data on the Terror Stars. My Archiater will immediately reopen that research branch.”

“Thank you, Eleys.”

“What about the Dread Lords?”

“I’ve just ordered a nuclear strike. They… must be eradicated.”, he said with an almost crazy face.


AC4, Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado

North American Federation, Earth, Sol system


“So, our dear President evolved from a terrorized objective of an assassination to an icy all-nuke tactician?”

“Sir, that’s insubordination.”

“Oh, forget it.”

“I need your co-authorization to launch an attack.”

“I bet it will only be a waste of missiles.”

“You bet?”

“Fifty credits?”

“Fifty credits.”


CED Headquarters – The Pentagon, Washington, D.C.

North American Federation, Earth, Sol system


Twenty seconds to impact.

“Quite a good idea, Adam, don’t you think?” Ross told his field assistant. “Don’t mess with humans: our nukes are still operative…”

“Sir, that’s not too…”

Ten seconds.

“Forget it. Well, we’ve closed those rifts in Paris, so after having killed that fleet…” -he pointed it on the visor- “…we’ll have to find where the Dredies come from.”

Three… two… one… detonation successful.

A blinding light covered the radar.

“Good. A Dread fleet less.”

He turned to his desk, but the attendant stopped him. “Sir…”

“What, son?”

He looked the screen, and his jaw dropped.

The Dread Lords were still there.

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