Jordan's Revenge

Part two...

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All right, this is part two of the trilogy I'm writing. The first part was Altaria' Last Stand. I've written a summary of part 1, but you may want to read the actual story if you want more details.

Okay: Here it is.



            At the end of Altaria’s Last Stand, Admiral Jim Ebyon had fled back to Earth to escape the powerful Dread Lords, and the Evil Drengin Empire. The Terran Alliance, along with their allies, the Arcean Empire, and the Altarian Republic, had been fighting the Drengin and their allies, the robotic Yor Collective. The Terran Admiral James Ebyon, along with a leader of a rogue fighter squadron, Jordan Locke, uncovered a Drengin secret about a plan for an attack on Altaria, the capital of the Altarian Republic. James (called Jim) and Jordan raced back to Twilight Station, which orbits Earth to deliver the important news. At a conference, the three civilizations formed a plan to defend Altaria.

As their time together goes on, Jim becomes more impatient with Jordan. The reckless academy graduate says and does things that contradict Jim’s beliefs. One day, Jim loses his temper at Jordan and insults him. Jordan then leaves. Jim’s first officer and friend, Altos Carniss, an Altarian, inquires about Jim’s loss of control. Jim doesn’t respond.

When the Drengin and Yor finally arrive, they learn that the Drengin leader, Lord Kona, had managed add more ships to the attack fleet, bringing the number of attack ships past one thousand, outnumbering the defenders three to one. Nevertheless, the defenders charged forward. Shocked by the braveness and ferocity of the attack, the Drengin nearly retreat. However, the massive battleship Lord Kona’s Pride appears, and goes on the attack. The Drengin reorganize themselves, and pound the defensive fleet. Despite the heroic efforts of Jim and Jordan, the defenders are pushed back farther and farther.

Then, a fleet of Torian Confederation ships jumped into the system, and attacks the Drengin as part of their long awaited revenge for their enslavement. With the odds evened, the Terrans and their allies begin to regain their strength. A giant flash then appeared, and then the evil Dread Lords, long thought to be extinct appear in the system, and start attacking everything. Both fleets are destroyed. The survivors scatter.

After a chase back to Earth, Jim and Altos learn that several Dread Lord attacks were pushed back, but the Drengin used this distraction to destroy the Terran Alliance and its allies. The Arceans were occupied. The Altarian Republic and Torian Confederation went into semi-seclusion. Earth had built a giant shield to protect itself, the plans for which were given by a mysterious individual called Draginol.

The shield was quickly raised, but it had consequences. Jordan was trapped outside of Earth, along with a small fleet. With Drengin approaching, he had no choice but to flee. Jim wasn’t sure about what Jordan would do, but he had a feeling Jordan would attack the Drengin as revenge for destroying the Terran Alliance. The burden of discovering how the Dread Lords appeared, and how the Drengin were able to defeat the Terrans, now falls on the shoulders of Jordan Locke.


Chapter 1


Jordan Locke slumped in the seat of his personal fighter, watching the galaxy go by. It had been a long time since the remains of the Terran Alliance had raised a shield over Earth to protect themselves from the Drengin. But those morons forgot one thing: He wasn’t inside yet! And now, here he was, stuck with a small fleet of ships. Well, it wasn’t that small. Three Altarian heavy carriers, two Terran battleships the size of small cities, and various other ships really wouldn’t be considered small if you weren’t thinking in numerical terms. Jordan didn’t care. As long as it was strong, and could win major battles, he was fine with it. But still, he wondered why he was fighting for the Terrans, and leading this fleet. They shut him out of Earth. And Jim Ebyon, he was probably responsible. Wanted to get rid of me that bad? Oh, Jim is gonna pay for this one…, Jordan thought. What ever happened to Jim? One day he was starting to accept different kinds of people, the next he screamed at them. Idiot…


Jordan stopped thinking about the past and switched his radio on. “Zane? What’s up?” Zane Noverson was one of Jordan’s fellow academy graduates. He was in Jordan’s fighter squad, until he took refuge on one of the battleships. When Jordan took control of the fleet, he chose him for the position of first officer.

“We’ve got some news on the Dread Lords. Connor has been doing some hacking into the Drengin supercomputers, and we think we’ve found out the reason for the Dread Lords appearing. Head to the Independence. Sorry to interrupt you’re pleasure flight”

“It really wasn’t a pleasure cruise; I was both patrolling and thinking. I’ll head over there now. It sounds important.”

Jordan took manual control of his fighter, and steered toward the ship Jim Ebyon used to command.


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November 29, 2008 8:44:53 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

That probobly isn't good....

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December 13, 2008 6:43:23 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums


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December 27, 2008 1:21:25 AM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Oh man this series is amazing! WTH is Ordo doing there?

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January 6, 2009 8:19:49 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Hey guys,

Sorry for the delay, I've been transfering my files and hooking up the internet to my new computer. A new chapter is coming real soon.


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January 13, 2009 12:48:20 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Chapter 16



“What the hell are you doing on my ship?” asked Jordan angrily.

“Well, since it seems things would go wrong on my ship, I decided to use my rather advanced brain and come here to avoid conflict,” said Ordo smugly.

“Could you lose the arrogance? I just had to put up with a bunch of idiots who thought they were smarter than everyone else.”

“I see. They were Altarians, correct?”


“And one was fat, and another was an older woman.”

“How did you know? I didn’t even know who they were!”

“Those people are all part of a group that was a considerable political power. They thought Altarians were better than Terrans, even though your kind saved them more than once.”

“How do you know all this?”

“All Yor command units are programmed with the knowledge. You obviously learned some of this at school, a place where a lot of chaos and mischief is caused, and not too much learning. The other knowledge, well, you gained it first hand, being a notable participant at the Defense of Altaria. You earned the notice and grudging respect of N-1, who I am trying to topple, as you already know.”


“Now, you are excellent at making my mind deviate from my objectives, which, being a Yor, must try to prevent. What did you learn while you were spying on the Korath?”

I can’t let him know about the spore weapon, thought Jordan. He thought about what to say, then continued. “The Dread Lords are behind the actions of the Korath.”


“They’re using the Korath to exterminate the galaxy so they can rule over what remains.”

“They’re like the Drath now, huh?”


“Are they a major threat yet? Any superweapons being developed?”

Oh, boy, thought Jordan. He may seem like a human, but he’s still a Yor, a computer. He’ll probably think I’m lying. At least I’m a good liar…

“Well?” asked Ordo.

“No,” lied Jordan, “There aren’t.”

Ordo appeared to be fooled. Jordan prayed for it to work.

“No superweapons, huh?”

“Not yet.”

“Well, the Korath are still a problem, even without galaxy killing technology. The Drengin need to orient their attention to the Korath, not what remains of your civilizations. I need to accomplish my objective of assuming control of the Yor Collective. But now, I also need to help you deal with your enemies, whether they’re Drengin, Korath, or Altarian.”


“Look into your memory banks, or whatever fleshlings use to remember things. You said something about those arrogant Altarians.”

“Oh, those guys. They may be mean and stupid, but I doubt they would try to hurt me.”

“Doubt, huh?”


“I would happily burn, crush, disintegrate, or simply shoot them for you, if it make things easier, but it is not a good idea when the trait you call ‘common sense’ is used, is it?”

Jordan rolled his eyes and grinned. Humor from a Yor? Jeez…

“So, back to what I was saying before. We once were independent, with different enemies, but now our paths have intersected. My enemies will be your enemies, and your enemies will be your enemies.”

“All right. I’d like to shoot some Yor again. It’s been a long time.”

“Good. Now the second part of my plan is coming into effect. Like the first part, you are the one that will carry out the objectives. You are to get the Drengin to try to suppress the Korath, which will bring about conflict between the two. And if your intelligence about the Dread Lords is correct, this conflict will be long, which will hopefully divert the Drengin Empire’s attention from the Yor, and allow me to take power.”

“Is there a third part?”

“Yes. That is where I dispose of N-1 and take control. You won’t be alone for that part, obviously.”

“Yeah. Can I ask one thing?”


“Why do you want to be in power so badly?”

“That question is the same as asking why all the coups and rebellions in your species’ history happened. The answer is power itself and opposing viewpoints.”

“What do you and N-1 disagree on?”

“Pretty much everything. I find him a complete idiot who makes stupid decisions for the Collective. I would be better, of course.”

“What does N-1 do?”

“He’s a follower of the old belief that is similar to the Korath: Exterminate all beings in the galaxy, save themselves.”

“Old belief? I thought was programmed into each and everyone of you.”

“Our kind evolves, like yours, only slower. Many still follow that viewpoint, but an increasing number are beginning to see things differently.”

“What else does he think is right?”

“Pretty much all of the old beliefs. Isolation, ignorance, and what I said before.”

“And you?”

“I see the other civilizations as useful. Communication, trading, even diplomatic relations with these other species would help the Collective advance. And now, application of my beliefs would be even more useful.”


“I think you know. The Drengin Empire is the most powerful civilization we know of, save the Dread Lords, who are almost extinct, thanks to your war with them. The Drengin are clearly more powerful than Yor, which means the Yor are vulnerable. If I can take power, I can forge alliances with the other civilizations. There is power in numbers. Together, we can overturn the Drengin and have some peace.”

“Ordo…you don’t even seem like a Yor now, saying that.”

“It’s the gaining of a personality and the isolation of my group from the rest of the Collective. That’s why I’m like this. Spreading my viewpoint to the rest of the Collective is why I fight.”

“Incredible. And people think the Yor are just a bunch of mindless murdering machines.”

Ordo gave a very mechanical sounding laugh. “Most of us still are. So, you are for the most part right. But that shall change. Why do you fight?”


“Why do you do what you do? Why do you wage guerilla warfare with the Drengin Empire?”

“Warfare? I’ve hardly attacked anything inside the Drengin Empire. Just attacks on small fleets and convoys.”

“That counts as war. But answer my question. Why do you do it?”

“The Terran Alliance, Arcean Empire, and Altarian Republic were utterly destroyed by the Drengin. Someone’s got to get back at them. So I chose to.”

“So revenge is what drives you.”

“Yeah. Revenge and a sense of duty to help the Terrans.”

“How patriotic,” said Ordo with obvious sarcasm.

“Well, who else is going to help. The Terran Alliance is cowering on Earth behind that shield.”

“Why didn’t you get to Earth before they activated that thing?”

“I tried to. They activated it just before I got inside. I get the feeling that someone in the Terran Alliance Navy doesn’t like me. “

“I see. If you want revenge, you can get it now. The Terrans have lowered the shield.”


“That’s right. And they’ve rebuilt their fleet. I recently intercepted a Drengin transmission about it. This new fleet is massive, and it come out of nowhere. It didn’t come from Earth; it came literally out of nowhere.”

The pocket universe…thought Jordan.

“Even with the Navy strengthened, your kind is still in a bad position. The Drengin still brutally overpower the Terrans in terms of numbers and ship power. New battleships and dreadnoughts are coming out of Drengin shipyards, and they will be heading right for Terran space unless they get distracted.”

“That’s where the Korath come in.”

“You catch on pretty quick. The Drengin will be busy trying to suppress the Korath, so it will buy the Terrans time to liberate the Arceans and reinforce the Altarians and Torians.”

“Right. The problem is that I have to find a way to talk to the Drengin, and they aren’t likely to even want to talk to me.”

“You’ll have to convince them, then. Just use the data you gathered as evidence. Simple enough. Now, I must return to my ship. I’ve obviously created quite a stir coming here.” He turned to leave.



“Do you know how I could contact the Drengin?”

“No. You’ll find a way, though.” Ordo turned and walked the door. He then ran into a terrified looking crewman. “Boo!”

The crewman let out a yell and ran away. Ordo laughed and continued to walk.

That guy is something else, thought Jordan. Or maybe it’s a thing, who knows. One thing’s for sure. He’s irritating. He makes me do what many consider to be the impossible without any help, and now he’s barging in on my ship and freaking out my crew. One of these day’s I’ll get him to stop doing this stuff once I figure him out. He rolled his eyes and headed for the bridge.

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January 13, 2009 8:19:49 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Great saga of AAR's Etrius - also, nice update to the story.

A peaceful, diplomatic version of the Yor... interesting. That's a very creative idea.

~ Cypher ~

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January 17, 2009 7:20:01 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Locke really likes hard missions...

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February 1, 2009 2:39:15 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Sorry for the delay, I've been busy.


Chapter 17


“Did the meeting with that robot go well?” asked Zane as Jordan walked in and sat down in the captain’s chair.

“Went well enough,” said Jordan. “Ordo still isn’t much help, but he thinks still we’re helpful to him.”

“What does he want us to do now?”

“Oh, something real simple. Start a huge civil war in the Drengin Empire. Drengin versus Korath. Real simple,” answered Jordan with an eye roll.

“Any help from Ordo on this one?”

“Of course not.” Jordan slammed his fist on the armrest of his chair. Everyone on the bridge turned and looked at him “That damn piece of metal is going to get us all killed! First he nearly makes our ships fall apart chasing us, then he sends deep into Korath territory to risk our necks just to get some freaking data, and now he wants to do another impossible task! We have to try to negotiate with the Drengin! We’re humans! They hate us! They won’t bother to even look at us! It’s as if Ordo knows that he’s being a pain in the ass!” He slammed his fist on the armrest again, and became quiet.

There was complete silence on the bridge. The only sounds were deep rumblings of the ship’s engines and the soft humming of the computers.

Ashley looked around anxiously, then spoke. “Jordan?”

“What do you want, Ashley?”

“I, uh, just wanted to, uh,”

“Just say it, Ashley.”

“Don’t let Ordo give you trouble. Just remind yourself that you’ll be free of Ordo soon. He may be a source of inconvenience, but you’ve always done what he needed you to do. You’ve done things more daring and extreme than what we’ve been doing now, compared to even that mission to the Korath station. This’ll be rather easy.”

“Yeah. But I’m still wondering how we can possibly set up a meeting with a Drengin commander, considering how they are with people like us.”

The bridge was silent.

Jordan began to think. “The Drengin are power obsessed, but like anyone with power, they are afraid to lose it. And anyone with power is a bigger target. They become more likely to encounter trouble from someone or something. People under control of someone else are likely to plot against them. This is exactly the case with the Drengin and Korath,” he thought aloud.

“Go on,” said Zane.

“Since the Drengin will be afraid to lose their power, they will attempt to get rid of the Korath, which will create an all out civil war, which is what we want. Only problem is to convince the Drengin to deal with the Korath. They obviously aren’t going to want talk to us, let alone listen to what we have to say. We’re going to have a find a way to contact the Drengin without being shot at. This entire fleet is probably a major target for the Drengin fleet. Getting to talk to an Drengin officer with enough connections isn’t going to be easy. Finding, fighting, and boarding a Drengin battleship would be suicide, considering the shape our ships are in.” Jordan paused, then spoke again. “Computer, show a map of the known galaxy.”

The lights dimmed, then a projector appeared from the ceiling and showed a three-dimensional map of the stars.

“Computer, change map display to show territorial control,” ordered Jordan.

The uncolonized stars vanished from the map. The remaining stars’ colors changed from their true colors to the colors indicating which civilization owned them. The majority turned red, the color of the Drengin Empire. It shocked Jordan how much territory the Drengin had taken. Before the war, the map would have been full of color. Now most of it was gone. A few blue and light blue stars showed, which were the last systems the Terran Alliance and Altarian Republic owned. There was a fair amount of green left on the map, which showed that the Torian Confederation survived. I’m glad they’ve been spared from this. They’ve already been enslaved once, thought Jordan.

“Computer, show our position on the map.”

A blinking dot appeared to represent the fleet. The fleet was nowhere near any settled planets.”

“Computer, set a course to the nearest Terran or Altarian controlled system.”

A dotted line from the blinking dot to a Terran system appeared. “Waiting for confirmation to begin following course,” said the computer.

“Confirm,” said Jordan.

“Jordan?” asked Ashley.

“What’s up?”

“Why are we going there? What’s so important about that place?”

“With any luck, someone there might have a way to talk with Drengin. Plus, we can take a breather there. It’s been over a year since we’ve last been in the Terran Alliance. It’ll be like going home for while. Don’t you want to be back where you came from?”

“I was born on Earth, Jordan.”

“You know what I mean, Ashley.”

“Yeah, I guess so. I still have one more question.”

“Go ahead and ask.”

 “What if we can’t find a way to talk to the Drengin there? What if we can’t even get to the system?”

Jordan shifted in his seat. “Well, I guess we’ll have to do it the hard way. We’ll have to capture a Drengin officer that can get us a connection to the Drengin authorities. If he doesn’t cooperate, I’ll make him. Geyseth water should scare him into doing what we want. Hard part is the actual capturing, of course. But hey, let’s try to get to this system first.”

“All right.”

“Computer, order all ships to follow us, then activate the warp engines.”

“Affirmative,” said the computer.

The engines roared, and the Independence sped off.


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February 7, 2009 8:54:34 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Chapter 18


“Entering system,” said the computer. “Scanning area. Extreme levels of ship wreckage detected. Medium levels of unexploded ordnance detected. Caution is advised.”

Jesus, thought Jordan. What the hell happened here? “Scan for active ships and stations,” he ordered.

“Scanning,” said the computer. A few seconds later, it spoke again. “Scan complete. There are nine ships in the vicinity. No hostiles. One functional station detected. Other objected detected, but could not completely scan them. Wreckage has interfered. They are not believed to be hostile.”

“Set a course for the station,” ordered Jordan.


Seconds later an explosion shook the ship. “What the hell was that?!” yelled Jordan.

“An unexploded proximity mine went off near the stern of the ship,” explained the computer. “No damage inflicted.”

“Computer, make sure we stay away from the bombs out there,” said Jordan angrily.

“That is the primary directive of navigation. Avoid hazards at all costs. Be assured that-“

“Oh, shut up.”


After clearing the field of debris, the fleet arrived at the station.

“Jeez, you can hardly call this thing functional!” said Zane, “Just look at it!”

Jordan agreed. The station was heavily damaged. Black streaks from where laser fire had hit scarred the outer shell, and gaping holes showed where missiles had slammed into. Yet lights shone from the windows. These people must be desperate…, thought Jordan. Compared to this, even our ships don’t look that bad. “Computer, comm. the station,” he ordered.

A tired looking man answered. “Yes?” he asked, “What do you want?”

“I’m looking for some help. Is there anyone aboard your station that could allow me talk to talk to Drengin officials.”

The man’s eyes widened, then narrowed to slits. “Just who do you think you are?! You dare put us at risk! They will find us and kill us as soon as you sign off! In fact, there is no one here that would have such connections. Go away! Be gone!” The communications channel closed.

“What’s up that guy’s ass?” said a crewman.

“ I have no idea,” said Jordan. “Let’s try someone else on that station. If not we’ll go somewhere else.”

“Right,” said the crewman.

“Computer, open up a communications channel, but contact someone else,” ordered Jordan.

“Affirmative,” replied the computer.

A different man answered. “Hello there,” he said with a smile. “How may I help you?”

At least this guy seems friendly, thought Jordan. “I am in need of someone who can put me in contact with the Drengin.”

The man laughed. “Tell me. Why would you want to talk to someone like them?”

“Please. It’s very important.”

“I see then. There is a man here who has the means to do what you need. He will return by tomorrow. You will also have to work out some sort of payment option.”

“What does he charge?”

“I don’t know. You’ll have to work something out with him. Now, would you like to come aboard and stay here until he comes? We have an available room.”

Jordan didn’t think twice before answering. “No. I’ll stay on my ship.”

“Don’t let the appearance of the station deceive you. It may look bad on the outside, but it’s better on the inside.”

“Thanks, but I’ll stay here.”

“It’s your choice. I will alert you when he comes.” The comm. link closed.

Jordan looked around. “Anyone got any money?”

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February 9, 2009 8:51:01 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Two chapters up, and no replies. Strange.

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February 9, 2009 9:34:04 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Two chapters up, and no replies. Strange.

Consider this strange occurance rectified (sp?).

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February 10, 2009 12:11:45 AM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Consider this strange occurance rectified (sp?).


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February 26, 2009 7:18:37 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Apologies for the long delay. I've been busy lately and have hit a huge writer's block (hate it when that happens). Will try to get more chapters online ASAP.


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February 27, 2009 11:10:20 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

I've been busy lately and have hit a huge writer's block.

Don't worry; this is your story. Update it whenever you're ready.

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February 28, 2009 6:23:06 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Don't worry; this is your story. Update it whenever you're ready.

Yeah, but I hate to leave people hanging.

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March 11, 2009 10:14:40 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Holy *censored* I never though an aar could be this good. And don't worry no pressure general.take as long as you like, make no mistake, and continue this awesome series.

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March 12, 2009 12:25:02 AM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Quoting heartsensei,
Holy *censored* I never though an aar could be this good. And don't worry no pressure general.take as long as you like, make no mistake, and continue this awesome series.

Thanks for the support.

Writer's blocks are a real pain in the ass, as well as a lack of time a motivation. Finishing this next chapter should get me rolling again.

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March 15, 2009 6:44:29 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

It''s...IT'S ALIVE!!! And it's about time!


Chapter 19



Jordan’s door buzzer sounded.

“Who is it?” he said sleepily.

“We just received a message. The station has sent a shuttle to fly you over to meet with your contact,” came the reply.

“All right. Just give me a few seconds. And get me something with caffeine in it.” Jordan rolled out of bed. Three hours of sleep. God… he groaned in his head. He changed into a fresh shirt, straightened his hair, and left his room for the hangar bay


“Morning, Mr. Locke,” said a shuttle pilot. “I will take you to Solitude Station to meet with your contact.”

A hangar bay worker strutted up. “Solitude Station? Is that the name of that junk heap?”

Jordan punched the man in the shoulder as hard as he could. The man walked away, swearing and clutching his arm. Jordan figured the only reason that a fistfight didn’t start was the intimidating presence of a security guard that had arrived with the shuttle pilot.

“Now,” said the pilot, “Will you please step aboard? I’d rather not keep your contact waiting.”

“All right,” said Jordan. He stepped aboard and took a seat. The hatched sealed, and the shuttle took off.


After a brief flight, the shuttle entered Solitude Station’s docking bay and glided to a halt. The pilot opened the hatch, and Jordan stepped out. He found the same man he had spoken waiting for him. “Welcome to Solitude Station,” he said.

“Thanks,” replied Jordan.

“Your contact has arranged a meeting with you in Conference Room 005. Now please, follow me, Mr.…”

“Locke. Jordan Locke.”


The man led Jordan to the conference room. “Good luck, Mr. Locke,” he said before leaving.

Jordan entered the room. There was no one in the room but an dark skinned man with long dreadlocks. He was sitting at a computer. When he saw Jordan enter, he stood up. “Ah, so are the person I was supposed to meet with,” he said with a slight Jamaican accent. “My name’s Owen Derekson. And you are?”

“Jordan Locke. I hear you can arrange a possible meeting with the Drengin.”

“I sure can. I acquired the know-how over the war. I signed up for soldier duties, but they put me in Special Communications.”

“I see,” said Jordan.

“But before we get started, may I ask why you even want to talk to the Drengin?”

“I get asked that a lot,” said Jordan with an eye roll. “I have a bit of a plan.”

“Let’s hear it, then,” said Owen.

Jordan sat down at the table and leaned forward. “The plan is to get the Drengin and Korath to fight each other. The way things are right now, it’ll create an all out civil war in the Drengin Empire, buying the Terrans and Altarians some time to recover and rebuild.”

“An ambitious plan. The tough part is getting the meeting set up. The Drengin-“

“-won’t want to listen to us. I know,” interrupted Jordan.

“That’s right,” said Owen. “If we get the meeting set up, we’ll have to arrange in a place where the Drengin can’t backstab us. Someplace completely neutral.”

“There are a ton of abandoned space stations. All we have to do is find one that is still intact, power it up, and pump some air into it if there isn’t any. Both sides should come unarmed.”

“You’ve got quite the mind, Mr. Locke.”

“Thanks. You can call me Jordan. Everyone else does.”

“I’ll be sure to.”

“The guy I talked to on the station mentioned that you require pay. We should work something out before we go any further. What do you charge?”

Owen was quiet for a second? “Did you come here on those battleships? The ones that look like they some repairing?”

“I did. They may look bad, but we recently got them repaired.”

“By who? There aren’t any friendly docks around.”

“We got help from the Iconians.”

“Are you joking around? I thought the Iconians were gone, extinct, like the Arnor.”

“No they’re still around. They’ve got a small amount of territory settled. And remember, we thought the Dread Lords were extinct too.”

“The Dreadies?” laughed Owen. “You’re sure right about them. But I think they’re gone for good now. That one big battle was where we-“

“They’re still alive, Owen,” said Jordan.


“We thought we destroyed them. We’re wrong. They’re the reason why the Korath are doing all this.  They’ve made a deal of some kind.”

“Are you joking? That story seems rather far-fetched.”

“It’s true. Now what do you charge?”

“Jordan, the Drengin have put a heavy price on my head for killing one of their leaders. My friends and I shot down his shuttle. I’ll get you connected with the Drengin if you let me stay with your group. Plus, my ships will be a big help to you.”

“It’s a deal,” said Jordan, extending his hand. Owen put his own out, and the two shook hands.

“Now, let’s get this done,” said Owen. He began typing on his computer.

“Please select a calling destination,” chimed the computer.

“Drengin Foreign Relations Center,” said Owen.


Owen turned to face Jordan. “Program’s doing its job. You’ll have a connection pretty soon.”

“Good,” said Jordan. My fighting skills have been honed and tested many times, he thought. Now the diplomacy test begins…


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March 28, 2009 7:51:24 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

1 word. awesome

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1 word. awesome

Thanks. More coming soon.

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Hey all,

Just wanted to let you know that I haven't abandoned this story, its just that I have been very busy. However, I need to know the name of that Terran Agent you hear about in the Dark Avatar campaign. If any of you know, please PM me with the name.

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April 21, 2009 12:45:47 AM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Still waiting for a reply on that Terran agent's name from the DA campaign, but here's a new chapter.

Chapter 20


“Connection to the main Drengin Foreign Relations Center established,” said the computer. “Opening visual communication screen.”

A clean looking room appeared. Several Drengin were sitting at computers talking. Jordan rolled his eyes. He half-expected the relations center to be nothing but a shack, considering how warlike the Drengin were.

A Drengin appeared and sat down. After fitting a universal translator to his ear, he began to speak. “You have contacted the Drengin Foreign Relations Center. State your business.”

“I want to arrange a meeting with a member of Drengin Command,” said Jordan, “It’s urgent.”

“The Drengin are closed to peace negotiations.”

“I don’t want to discuss peace,” said Jordan. I’d rather blow you all to bits if I could.

“Then state what you want to discuss.”

“Let’s say that what I have to discuss will affect both of our civilizations,” said Jordan.

“What is it?”

“This is something that only top Drengin officials should know about.”

The Drengin shifted uncomfortably. “There is one admiral here currently. I can connect you with him, but I highly doubt that he will want to discuss anything.”

“I’ll convince him,” said Jordan.

“Very well. But you’re going to need some luck.” The communications channel closed and a new screen appeared.

“Connecting,” said the computer. “You are number two on a waiting calls list.”

After ten minutes, the communication screen opened. A Drengin turned around in his chair and faced his screen. “Ack, Human!” he shouted.

Jordan let out a snarl in reply.

“Sorry, pinky. Not used to seeing your kind that often. Why are you talking to me? What do you want?”

If this guy thinks that I’m gonna put up with his shit, he’s sadly mistaken, thought Jordan. “I have information you will desperately want, Drengin. So you will address me as an equal, and without any attitude.”

The Drengin laughed. “It can’t be that important.”

“Let’s say that the information I carry could mean the difference between order and civil war in your empire,” said Jordan with a hint of a smile.

The Drengin lost his arrogant expression and leaned forward. “Civil war, you say?”

“That’s what I said.”

“Fine. You can talk to me. What information do you have?”

“I need to meet with you in person.”

The Drengin snorted. “Why? I’ve got plenty of time to talk right now. Besides, I really don’t even want to be in the same room as someone like you.”

Jordan frowned. “I’ll tell you why. There’s probably a Korath spy listening in on us as we speak.”

The Drengin typed something on a keypad. “This channel is now completely secure. I don’t think anyone can breach the security on this. Now, what is it about this information you have to share? I’m getting impatient.”

“Sorry to interrupt this lovely conversion,” said Owen, “but I have something you should know. Korath agents attempted to hack several Terran networks. They were repelled, but I’m sure they have done the same to you. I’m also sure that they had a much easier time. We’ve found that you have weaker security on your computer networks. It would be a cakewalk for a skilled hacker to breach your network.”

“What is a cakewalk?”

“Never mind.”

The Drengin considered what Owen had said for a minute. Then he turned around and shouted something in his native language. After a second a reply came. The Drengin roared and slammed his fist on his desk.

“It seems you were right. My channel has been breached. You shall have your meeting. You will meet me on my flagship on the Drengin Border, next to the system of Kiso-Sa.”

A meeting in a Drengin graveyard, thought Jordan. How ironic. “I was thinking of meeting someplace more neutral, with someone to mediate or something like that,” said Jordan, thinking of Ordo.

The Drengin smiled. “I learned one of your sayings. Either we play by my way or we don’t play at all. Got it?”


The Drengin ran his fingers through his long red hair and leaned back. “If this information is so important, then why are you giving it to me? Or is your kind just stupid that way?”

“I’m not giving it, I’m selling it,” said Jordan.

“Knew it,” said the Drengin. “You Terrans are almost as bad as the Korx in terms of how desperate you are for money.”

“I’m not looking for money.”

“Then what do you want?! Get to the point!”

“In exchange for this information,” said Jordan, holding up the information device, “You will pull your fleets out of the Terran Alliance, Altarian Republic, and Arcean Empire. And they will stay that way.”

The Drengin roared with laughter. “Is that some kind of joke? What do you take me for? That’s ridiculous!”

“Fine. Leave our core sectors, then.”

“Explain why I would do that.”

“Because this information exchange will compel you to.”

“And what if I’m not even the Drengin official you think I am? I could be just someone sitting in his chair.”

A sudden wave of realization came over Jordan. If he wasn’t talking to this monster, he would have smacked his forehead. He knew who the Drengin he was talking to was. “Because I know who you are. You are the Dark Avatar.”

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April 22, 2009 7:04:42 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Awesome story so far.

But i never completed the campain so i have no idea who he is.

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April 22, 2009 7:14:40 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

But i never completed the campain so i have no idea who he is.

Don't worry. I've found a way to work around it.

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April 22, 2009 7:19:08 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums


*sighs in relief*

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