Possible ways to address some problems

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building: archology

reduces affects of population on morale
costs a building space as well as upkeep.


have each new spy be worth a standard amount
each placed spy costs an amount of espionage per week based on loyalty and happiness of local population (incentive to keep high happiness)
have displacement of spies be based on spy cost
have spy cap that you can raise with tech
displacement of a spy will (or have a chance to) cost you a percentage of your espionage with a race

have total espionage of a race degrade at a set level (ie. 2% a week) forcing continued use of espionage to keep levels gained, but allow you to discontinue espionage and still have some knowledge of the race


eliminate % spent

instead have research and production have percent of full capacity sliders

also add mil/social slider

introduce diminishing returns (per BC spent) for % of full and mil/soc sliders

intra-race trade:

allow trade routes between planets you control to shift food, population or production. routes would function similarly to asteroid resources in assignment (maybe automatable?) and lose effect over the distance in a similar manner


no longer instant. you can buy 5x your current planetary infrastructure per week to finish the project.

Starbase overlap:

only starbase with greatest effect is included
add all effects together and multiply by X/(X+1) where X is number of overlapping starbases (2/3 for 2 bases, or 3/4 for 3 etc making for a total of 4/3 for 2 fully upgraded bases or 9/4 for 3 fully upgraded bases)


starbases should have a population and influence. population can be modified with living modules (via life support) (though probably less than 3 billion tops)


allow manipulation of trade routes through trade star bases
this will allow routes to pass through protected territory (doesn't effect $ from route)

Pirates and blockade runners:

ships created can be designated for self motivation
runners visit planets and undefended bases
pirates attack low level defenses

a percent of all proceeds go to "controler" of runners or pirates
control can be shifted by capturing the ships
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