The Dalek Wars

AAR by me!

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By the year 2225, the galaxy, Milky Way as we call it, was in a state of panic. The old balance of power was broken by the Terran invention "hyperdrive". As the races discovered a new way to travel across the stars, they realized how small galaxy really was. Within the next two decades, the whole galaxy was colonized, leaving the balance of power with four  super powers: Earth Alliance, Drengin Empire, Arcean Empire and Yor Collective and six great powers: Altarian Republic, Torian Confederation, Thalan Empire, Iconian Refuge, Korx Consortium and Drath Legion. These were known as the major powers, as still there were species within the edges of major power species borders and inside of them.


As all species started researching for more advanced technology and stockpiling for weapons of war, it was decided in the Unidet Planet's council chambers to ban the mass drivers technology, thus opening a cultural impact on weapons design, leading to a doctorine of fusion between laser and missile technology.


For years this was how the things were, everyone preparing. For war, for panic, no one was really certain. Finally, in the year 2245, the silence was broken with a coup. The president of Earth Alliance, Alan Bradley was assasinated by Altarian mining workers. The Alliance was outraged and declared war upon their old friends. As Drath Legion had a deep hatred against the Altarian people, they supported Earth Alliance with weapons of war. The war was quick and destructive. Human fighter ships broke trought Altarian Defense Fleet's forces around Wisp within the third week of the war and conquered all of Altarian space. From that moment on, the newly elected president of Earth Alliance, secretive and powerfull human known only as cloneof (me ) declared the end of Earth Alliance and instituted a new Earth Empire. The new regime was upon towards conflict, rather then protective of peace. Within months, the galaxy had fallen towards numerous conflicts between numerous species. The Era known as the "Great Panic" came to a halt around 2298, leavind Earth Empire as the ruling power of the galaxy, followed by Drengin and Arcean. Iconian Refuge was wiped from the map, Yor fell in to civil war between the Dark Yor, leaving their respective spaces small compared to other powers. Drath Legion came under Drengin's sphere of influence and the exchausted Korx, left with only a small amount of people do to their mercenary ways, begged Earth Empire for protection in exchange for the usage of Korx miliatry bases.


The galaxy was once again in peace, however, in 2300, The Thalan Empire suddenly disappeared. With no explanation, goverments send out expeditions of scouts, miliatry vessels, some even colony vessels to discover the reason of Thalan disappearence. All of these expeditions were lost and the major powers were confident that it was nothing to be worried about. In the year 2303, an Earth Empire patrol fleet, close to old Thalan space, was attacked by an unknown fleet.

-Captain, sensors are picking up vessels on close range.

-What? How did they manage to get that close?

-They were propably using the close by asteroid belt as a cloak against our long range sensors.

-Very well, red alert! Raise shields, power up plasma cannons and launch fighters.

-Yes sir, plasma cannons one and two fully charged. EES Scarecrow informs it's plasma cannons are still offline, as they have not yet been repaired from our earlier battle with the pirates...

-Very well, order the fleet to go in a attack formation, hail the closing ships.

-Yes, sir. This is the Earth Empire combat cruiser Vengeance. Unknown vessels, you have entered Earth Empire space and we will not tolerate trespassers. Change course or prepare to be fired upon.

-Any response?

-Non, sir.

-Very well. Tactical, order to fleet to fi...

-Sir, the unknown vessels are launching missiles! We are beign fired upon!

-Take evasive action!

-It's too lat...


The Dalek Wars had begun

(The balance of power in 2303, that picture is just my old recollection, as I actually played this game some time ago and didn't save any screenshots for it :/)

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February 16, 2009 10:00:25 AM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums


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February 17, 2009 5:37:30 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

The war started with a bang. Out of nowhere, a huge fleet appeared out of nowhere and made towards Earth Empire and Korx. Within days, Empire's first line of defense, Koriana belt, holding four star systems, totalling 15 colonized planets, more then 150 billion humans. The first strike at Koriana 1 will never be forgotten by the survivors...

If there would have been any..


Combat Starbase 14, a sector away from Koriana 1.

-Commander, the fleet, it's coming!

-Very well... Activate the defense grid and start direct line contact with the planetary command center. Do we know the direction from wich the enemy fleet is coming?

-According to these last transmissions from the 9th fleet before it's destruction, enemy fleet will first take out Koriana 1.

-Very well, point our laser cannons and torpedo launchers to cover the fleet. Also contact Earth, there has to be a way trought the enemy jamming.

-I will tr... Sir! The enemy fleet! It has increased speed to a amazing speed and they... they are engaging the orbital defenses!

-Open fire! Open fire! Make every shot count!!

-My god... Sir! Mass Drivers!!


Althought Earth Empire 7th and 11th fleets would try and retake Koriana belt, a campaign that had taken weeks and dozens of Earth Empire's vessels and three transport vessels, before Emperor (me ) authorized a retreat back to the inner systems.


Meanwhile, the Korx, still without a decent amount of population, fell to the Dalek advance with ease. The only real battle of the Korx campaign was at Oxor, where seven Korx cruisers taked on 20 Dalek cruisers. With technology, numbers and local population's popularity against them, the Korx were slaughtered. At the end of the campaign, Korx would be only remembered in the history books.


Around this time, the initial Dalek offensive endet, with the Daleks building on their new territory, using hundreds of slaves that managed to survive. The Daleks where also building something inside their territory, something beyond anything the galaxy has ever seen...


Earth, 2304, The Empirial Palace.

-Dear Emperor, the Dalek advance has finally halted, they are content with their holdings at Koriana belt.

-For now... What is the status of our defenses around the inner systems?

-2nd, 3th, 4th, 5th and 6th fleets are fully armed and prepared to take on a new Dalek offensive, if one would come.

-Very well, very well... I want to make an... arrangment.

-Yes, my Emperor?

-You will now design a new starbase...

-A... A new starbase?

-Yes, I will grant you all the resources you need. I want this starbase to guarantee the safety of Earth. I want to have all the firepower, all the defenses, all the advantage you can give it. We shall call it...

Stabase Sol...


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February 18, 2009 11:34:12 AM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Secret Intelligent fleet, near Koriana

-Agent Gamma and...

-Agent Charlie, reporting for duty, SIR!

-At ease men. Here are your briefings...

What appeared to be the agents commanding officer, slidet two paper folders at the two agents.

-While the population doesn't know the full casualties of the initial Dalek invasion, believing that the Miliatry branch was able to evacuate most of the people before the Daleks had taken over the Koriana belt, the Intelligent branch has concludet that the Daleks have most likely killed, used as slaved or converted the remaining population. While the Intelligent branch protested, the Miliatry branch requested Emperor's blessing of a new offensive to the Koriana belt.

-But at our current state, our ships are no match against the Daleks, if I'm not mistaken?

-Correct, that's why it is the Intelligent branch that has been ordered to come up with a somesort of a advantage, that would allowe us victory against the Daleks...

-And you believe we can arrange that Octavia?

-You two if anyone. May I introduce you to our latest design.

The man known as Octavia moved away from the window and two agents saw, what was a small scout ship, shining beatifully, beaming the sunlight towards them.

-This, is the Sunflare class scout ship. The latest of the latest. Thought it might look small, it is the fastest ship in the whole Galaxy, it even can compete with Dalek Saucer ships. Your mission, is the go deep inside Dalek territory, back to the Koriana belt and take all the sensor scans you can make out of fleet movements, possible construction projects and if possible, Dalek leaders.

-So what you are asking, is a suicide mission to the Dalek territory, get sensors scans that will be most likely invalid when a possible offensive would come, what possible effect could this mission do?

-I'm afraid that's out of your rank soldier, classified. Now get your gear and report to the launch bay on the double.

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February 19, 2009 4:22:07 AM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Keep up the good work


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February 19, 2009 4:33:38 AM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Errr, why doesn't Earth's High Command just tell UNIT to call The Doctor?

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February 19, 2009 7:01:17 AM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

funney the Docter... thats me! but good keep going but if this a real game and not a story it would be nice to see some pics.

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February 19, 2009 1:06:36 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

(Sorry Freeman43, I played this game almost half of a year ago, but now decided finally to come out of hiding and actually post. Althought I for some reason made txt out of the most important events, trait from GameBiz 2 :/. Take this as a new type of a AAR! Stop asking questions...)

-Energy level at 100%.

-Very well, Sunflare to the fleet, requesting permission to depart.

-This is the flagship Zeus, you are cleared for departure. See you soon Sunflare.

-That is affirmative Zeus.

And by that, Sunflare engaged it's warp drive.


Few weeks later...

-Finally, we have arrived to Koriana belt.

-Activating sensors and signal receivers.

-Have the Daleks yet seen us?

-Most certainly, we have few minutes of screen before we have half of the Dalek fleet on our ass.

-How long before the sensor sweep is complete?

-Around the time we will loose our screen...


Few minutes later...

-Alright, were done. Prepare to activate warp engines and get us out of here.

-Right... Oh hell! Three Dalek scout ships heading our way.

-Can we make the jump?

-Negative, they will reach us before I can make the jump.

-Dammet, any planets close by?

-Koriana 1, according to sensors still habitable.

-Well then set course. We have a better change down at the planet the here.

-With what logic?

-Were god damm secret agents...

-Oh yeah... Moving on then... Were receiving a message.

-Human spacecraft, you have entered Dalek space, surrender or be...



-Dalek Supreme in the command centre!


-Earth Empire spacecraft had entered Koriana belt and had taken sensor readings!

-Has the spacecraft been destroyed?

-Affirmative, the human passengers averted extermination and had landet on the planet.

-They must be captured immediatly, without harm!


-Do you question the Dalek Supreme?

-Very well. I will go and oversee the capture personally


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February 21, 2009 12:17:14 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Planet Koriana 1, down it's surface, ravagred by the invasion. Mass Drivers, destructive weapons of war had desroyed this very industrial site. Buildings, roads, the very nature destroyed by the horrible weapons of the Daleks. Up from the atmosphere a ship came down, a ship in fire. Fired upon by Dalek saucerers flying close to it.

-Shit! Shit! We really didn't have the shields to hold those shots!

-Can we land?

-Well yeah, in god damm pieces!

-Fine, take this...

Agent Gamma looked to his left, to the direction of hi's co-pilot, seeign him holding a parachute.

-Were the hell did you get that?

-I especially requested one of these! I knew we were going to screw this up! Now, take this prepare to abandon the ship!

Last shot came from the saucer, hitting the ship directly. From the smoke, the two agents managed to land down on the ground and look up to the red sky, where the Dalek ships dispersed, returning back to their command center.

-It seems we got lucky Charlie.

-No, their sensors must have pickt us up. Daleks are sure to arrive.

-Then we should get moving.


Secret Intelligence Fleet, near Koriana

Octavia was making paper work with his computer, writing a report to the Emperor himself when suddenly his door was knocked.


The door opened and a man, by ranking a commander, entered the room.


-We just pickt up a Dalek scout ship heading to this direction.

-Any word from our agents?

-Negative, we haven't heard anything sense they had entered edge of Koriana 1.



-Very well, we have no choice, order the fleet to return to Earth.

-Yes, sir!

The commander left the room and Octavia rose from his chair and started looking outside the window in to the stars. Thinking... "Now what would I do for a code 9".

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March 8, 2009 6:55:42 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

-Charlie, get your ass over here and keep shooting!!!

SHIT, SHIT!!! Didn't take too long for these Daleks to show up! Some spies we two are.



Both of them ran away from the Dalek squad, chasing them down the rubble and the destruction. After sprint of a few moments, they loosened the Daleks and rested a moment.

-Damm this rubble Charlie! There is no good spot to make a defense.

-Yeah mate. It's not like these weapons will do any good against these Daleks. I mean, you would al... AARGH!

And before his eyes, Agent Gamma saw his partner shot by Dalek weaponry.


Gamma saw a Dalek flying just right on top of them, looking right down at him.


-Red alert! Red alert!

-Where the hell did they came from!?

-I don't know! But we are under attack!

-This is Octavia to the fleet! Prepare to retreat! The Daleks just destroyed EES Lion and EES Hammerhead, we have no change!

-No hope! This is EES Thunder we just lost our main power! The whole fleet is gone Commondore! There is not en...

-Dammet! Can we outmaneuver?

-Negative, the Daleks have us surroundet.

-Very well, activate beacon five.

-Beacon five?

-Just let me do it! Computer, activate file zero-zero-slash-one

-Affirmative! Downloading cache file five... Done and sending, complete.

-What did you just do, sir?


And from that on, Earth stand alone. It's attempts to gather allies from the other races failed and now loosing all of it's reserve fleets and large catch of spies. The Emperor, bidding his time and using vast amounts of money to construct his defense fleets and numerous starbases to defend the empire. These acts were not unnoticed as it required an increase of taxes, taking greater toll on already war ravaged populace. And Agent Gamma? He will spend next year from a Dalek planet to another, seeign Dalek brutality in so many ways, always running from the Daleks...

But all that, short peace and the run, would change...

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July 7, 2009 8:25:59 AM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums



BTW, will we see either the doctor or that half human Dalek? AND are these pre- time war Daleks?

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July 24, 2009 11:38:37 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Or maybe Devros? But any ways good with this is there going to be more?

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October 12, 2009 9:57:47 AM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Oh? I had readers? Sorry for beign away so long, I really though no one was reading this. Well then, I then might just get back to work and write .


And to the questions: Well as a matter of fact I never thought about the origins of the Daleks. My best guess would be that these are Daleks before the time war. We would have to presume that humanity has largely forgotten about the Dalek invasion of Earth.

And although I don't want to give too much way, would there be a Dalek invasion, without Doctor right behind them?

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October 12, 2009 11:57:14 AM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

And so Earth year 2304 came to pass. It had been quiet for the better part of the year. Earth Empire had seven imperial fleets around the close by Columbia star system. This massive force that had two thirds of the entire Empirial fleet.

This force, commandet by Admiral John Smith, was the only thing preventing the Daleks from attacking the Sol system.


-Sir, Columbia 1 still says that their stardock is currently full and we will need wait few hours before EES Commando has fully refuelled and can continue to patrol the system.

-Hmm.. It's not like half of the fleet is not on patrol for a reason. We could be all prepared and under the planetery communication for better effect if not for that usual "not enough space" reason...

-EES Heroic, this is Columbia 1. You are now authorized to enter the space dock.

-Finally, helm, dock with the stardock.


At was at this moment, that another vessel on the edge of the Columbia system witnessed an historical moment... An historic moment... of death...


-This is EES Ironclaw to Columbia 1 control, respond.

-This is Columbia 1 control, anything to report?

-Our scanners just picket up a a large object from the Dalek side of the border, coming towards the sun of the Columbia system.

-Is it a dalek fleet?

-Confirmed, a Dalek taskforce wich surrounds a gigantic vessel.

-Affirmative, return back to base, were are putting Columbia system on high alert.





Few hours later, admiral Smith had concludet from the Ironclaw's scans that the gigantic vessel was a somesort of a planetery invasion do to it's lack of weapons. Sense the vessels were heading towards the sun, admiral concludet that the vessels would gain extra speed from the gravitational fields of the star and rush themselfs towards Earth. As such, the admiral allowed the fleet to close on the star, wich after hi's fleet would intercept them.

-This is Heroic to the fleet, allow the enemy to pass another 10 klicks, then on my mark, open fire. Helm, prepare to close up on the enemy fleet, we must cut them off of any escape r...

-Sir! The gigantic enemy vessel is doing... Something strange...

-On screen.


What everybody saw on the bridge that day, amazed them. Quickly the giant vessel rose up using the star's gravitational fields and started to rotate on top of it.

-Facinating, perhaps it is trying to coll...


But the admiral's words where cut short ass the giant ship suddenly started to fire a beam towards the star. On the initial hit, the star's core collapsed, creating a flame of fire that first consumed the Dalek escort vessels, then the fleet and in the end the whole star system.


Dalek's, had just passed humans greatest defense.


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October 18, 2009 1:59:02 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Oh, shit. There goes Earth, I think.


Don't say I didn't tell you so .

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December 14, 2010 6:13:14 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Earth Empire, Sol, Earth

The emperor was walking trough a hallway. As he woke up he though this would be just another day. Taking a look at the casualty reports, fighting with admirals about fleet deployments, making negotiations with Arcean empire with hopes for support and discussing tactics with admiral Smith... If only he would still be there. The emperor raised his hand and looked towards hi's handheld microcomputer, October 21, 09:11. The day we practicly lost our empire.

He pushed the doors in front of him away and entered a conference room. No one but the table, chairs and holo-projector in the middle of the table. He quickly took his seat at the end of the room. The projector activated and in the empty chairs around the table, now there were a small number of admirals and ministers seating.

- My emperor, it's good that you arrived at a such a short notice.

Emperor started to tapping hi's fingers on the table, the war with the Daleks had quickly sapped him from any feelings for small talk.

- Get to the point Williams. How many ships did we loose to this... "Solar Killer" of the Daleks?

- Our scouts returned around twenty minutes ago... The whole solar system had been destroyed, only rubble had remained. There was no high amount of radiation, no remains of a sun or any remains of our col...

- Get to the point. How many of our vessels escaped this disaster.

-... None...

Emperor immediatly stopped tapping his fingers, while his face was turning red.

-Excuse me? Are you, admiral Williams stating to me that none of our vessels from seven fleets didn't escape. NONE OF THEM?

Williams was starting to sweat around his forehead and started babbling.

- Ye... Yes, emperor. From o... our scouts we know that none escaped the destruction. B... But that's not evr...

- God dammet, can someone around here give me a straight answer around here!

Ryyan Speer, the Minister of War Communication stood up in all of hi's holo might.

- My emperor. Ten minutes ago, a anarchist faction released the video footage captured by the scouts and transmitted it across the empire... I just received a report that Calceus system near Arcean border is in a state of panic and we have lost contact with it. I also have received calls from our garrison forces across the empire, my emperor the population is turning against the war effort!

Emperor now stood up himself and hitted his fist at the table.


Emperor started to walk to the door, keeping hi's composure.

- My emperor, what are we supposed to do?

He stopped walking and stood still for a few seconds.

- Williams, prepare the closest reserve fleet near Calceus system, I'm taking control of the situation. From now one I want all important transmissions to be sendet by fast scouts vessels, if some rebels can hack our systems then by god I wouldn't want to believe what the Daleks can do. Ryyan, I want you back here at Earth and do everything you can to keep it as stable as possible. That's double for you Williams, starbase Sol is in it's latest stages and I want you to take control of our garrison. Gentleman, I want my empire at my grasp again!


 Dalek Empire, Skaro

Dalek Supreme watched from the viewscreen as the emperor of the Earth Empire fled from the conference room. It's soulless eyestick was motionless as it was analyzing the usefull information he could exctract from this meeting. The large doors behind him opened and a Dalek soldier appeared from the darkness.

- You called, Dalek Supreme?

- Yes, it would appear that the human emperor has fled from hi's empire.

- Indeed, with him out of Earth, our fleet can move with ease.

- Is our force ready?

- It is.

-Excellent! With our fleet in position, Earth will finally fall to the hands of the Daleks. For almost a hundred years, humans have resisted us. They had defeated us time and time again, BUT FINALLY WE WILL HAVE OUR REVENGE! VICTORY TO THE DALEKS IS ASSURED!



Suddenly the viewscreen right next to the Dalek Supreme started to glow in blue and started to bleep in a alarm like fashion.

-What is wrong? Explain!

- It would appear one of our agents has located an unusual source of temporal distortions.

- Location?

- Earth, the "Starbase Sol".

Dalek Supreme was silent for a moment. A temporal distortion of that rare kind could only be used by very enchanced technology. Something even beyond them.

- Order the fleet to move out at once!

- I obey!

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April 7, 2011 6:48:08 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Looking forward to this...

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April 8, 2011 3:21:04 AM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Quoting MacModder,
Looking forward to this...

You may not have much to look forward to. It hasn't been updated for 4 months.

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