Jordan's Revenge

Part two...

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All right, this is part two of the trilogy I'm writing. The first part was Altaria' Last Stand. I've written a summary of part 1, but you may want to read the actual story if you want more details.

Okay: Here it is.



            At the end of Altaria’s Last Stand, Admiral Jim Ebyon had fled back to Earth to escape the powerful Dread Lords, and the Evil Drengin Empire. The Terran Alliance, along with their allies, the Arcean Empire, and the Altarian Republic, had been fighting the Drengin and their allies, the robotic Yor Collective. The Terran Admiral James Ebyon, along with a leader of a rogue fighter squadron, Jordan Locke, uncovered a Drengin secret about a plan for an attack on Altaria, the capital of the Altarian Republic. James (called Jim) and Jordan raced back to Twilight Station, which orbits Earth to deliver the important news. At a conference, the three civilizations formed a plan to defend Altaria.

As their time together goes on, Jim becomes more impatient with Jordan. The reckless academy graduate says and does things that contradict Jim’s beliefs. One day, Jim loses his temper at Jordan and insults him. Jordan then leaves. Jim’s first officer and friend, Altos Carniss, an Altarian, inquires about Jim’s loss of control. Jim doesn’t respond.

When the Drengin and Yor finally arrive, they learn that the Drengin leader, Lord Kona, had managed add more ships to the attack fleet, bringing the number of attack ships past one thousand, outnumbering the defenders three to one. Nevertheless, the defenders charged forward. Shocked by the braveness and ferocity of the attack, the Drengin nearly retreat. However, the massive battleship Lord Kona’s Pride appears, and goes on the attack. The Drengin reorganize themselves, and pound the defensive fleet. Despite the heroic efforts of Jim and Jordan, the defenders are pushed back farther and farther.

Then, a fleet of Torian Confederation ships jumped into the system, and attacks the Drengin as part of their long awaited revenge for their enslavement. With the odds evened, the Terrans and their allies begin to regain their strength. A giant flash then appeared, and then the evil Dread Lords, long thought to be extinct appear in the system, and start attacking everything. Both fleets are destroyed. The survivors scatter.

After a chase back to Earth, Jim and Altos learn that several Dread Lord attacks were pushed back, but the Drengin used this distraction to destroy the Terran Alliance and its allies. The Arceans were occupied. The Altarian Republic and Torian Confederation went into semi-seclusion. Earth had built a giant shield to protect itself, the plans for which were given by a mysterious individual called Draginol.

The shield was quickly raised, but it had consequences. Jordan was trapped outside of Earth, along with a small fleet. With Drengin approaching, he had no choice but to flee. Jim wasn’t sure about what Jordan would do, but he had a feeling Jordan would attack the Drengin as revenge for destroying the Terran Alliance. The burden of discovering how the Dread Lords appeared, and how the Drengin were able to defeat the Terrans, now falls on the shoulders of Jordan Locke.


Chapter 1


Jordan Locke slumped in the seat of his personal fighter, watching the galaxy go by. It had been a long time since the remains of the Terran Alliance had raised a shield over Earth to protect themselves from the Drengin. But those morons forgot one thing: He wasn’t inside yet! And now, here he was, stuck with a small fleet of ships. Well, it wasn’t that small. Three Altarian heavy carriers, two Terran battleships the size of small cities, and various other ships really wouldn’t be considered small if you weren’t thinking in numerical terms. Jordan didn’t care. As long as it was strong, and could win major battles, he was fine with it. But still, he wondered why he was fighting for the Terrans, and leading this fleet. They shut him out of Earth. And Jim Ebyon, he was probably responsible. Wanted to get rid of me that bad? Oh, Jim is gonna pay for this one…, Jordan thought. What ever happened to Jim? One day he was starting to accept different kinds of people, the next he screamed at them. Idiot…


Jordan stopped thinking about the past and switched his radio on. “Zane? What’s up?” Zane Noverson was one of Jordan’s fellow academy graduates. He was in Jordan’s fighter squad, until he took refuge on one of the battleships. When Jordan took control of the fleet, he chose him for the position of first officer.

“We’ve got some news on the Dread Lords. Connor has been doing some hacking into the Drengin supercomputers, and we think we’ve found out the reason for the Dread Lords appearing. Head to the Independence. Sorry to interrupt you’re pleasure flight”

“It really wasn’t a pleasure cruise; I was both patrolling and thinking. I’ll head over there now. It sounds important.”

Jordan took manual control of his fighter, and steered toward the ship Jim Ebyon used to command.


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October 4, 2009 9:30:17 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

It's not Monday yet, but I'm still giving you the new chapter. Enjoy.

Chapter 33


Jordan landed the shuttle in the hangar bay of the Star Eagle, Altos’ ship, without incident. The men aboard the Star Eagle clearly thought of him as one of their own, having such easy landing access. Jordan hated to destroy the trust he had built up, but with instances like this, he had little choice.


The skids of the shuttle touched the hangar floor. Jordan and his men disembarked and began to move into the ship. After getting directions to where Tresia was from the ships computer, Jordan and his men walked briskly to the location the computer had pinpointed, hearts pounding. The room that Tresia was in was a short distance from the hangar, allowing for a quicker escape, giving Jordan extra hope. After coming up with an escape plan if shots were fired, Jordan and his men headed toward their target.

The door to the room was inscribed with the insignia of the Uslynthinis Movement, making it likely to be one of their havens. Jordan slid open the door and entered.

Tresia and her fellow movement members were sitting at a round table, discussing something. They all stood up when Jordan and his men entered.

Tresia’s lip curled. “Why are you of all people, Jordan Locke, disturbing our peace? You are a-“

“We are disturbing your…‘peace’?” said Jordan quietly. His voice rose to a yell. “We are disturbing your peace?! Very well, we will go when you explain the ordering of the infiltration of my ship, the attempted destruction of my robotic ally, and the ruthless beating of an innocent girl!” he shouted.

Tresia sneered. “Aelytha Kommenos is nothing but a fool, dumber than you, in fact. She is inferior and-”

“Inferior because she stood up for what was right?! You go against your own so-called ‘superior morals’ to gain power? You claim that Altarians are above that, and here you are doing these things you claim to oppose!”

“Aelytha is a traitor to her kind, going against us. She is inferior. Nothing can change that. Her engaging in a relationship with someone as low as you only destroys her further. Yes, we know of what happens between you and that girl,” said Tresia with a cruel smile, “We monitor the channels aboard this ship. She thinks that only you and her friend Altos know about it. But we know about her greatest crime.”

“Tresia, you are not going to get away with this, hurting Aelytha, expanding your twisted movement, nothing,”

“Fool, I tire of arguing with you. Why do you contaminate this room with your presence anyway?”

“A chat over the phone wouldn’t accomplish much, wouldn’t it? I’m only going to tell this to you once: If you want to keep your race united and happy, end this movement. Now.”

Tresia laughed, a horrible sound that was torture to Jordan’s ears. “Uslynthinis will bring a new age of Enlightenment for the Altarian people. We will rise above you not through conquest, but simply though reason and sense, something every Altarian has. It pities some of my members to make you the image of a typical inferior Terran, but when I voiced my opinion about your meeting of the sentient machine which calls itself ‘Ordo’, you provided the perfect example.”

She’s not going to be reasoned with, thought Jordan. He looked at his men. One opened the door. “Tresia, since you cannot have any sense talked into you, we must go,” sighed Jordan. Little did Tresia that what Jordan had just said was a secret order for his men.

“Good,” said Tresia, “Be gone.”

“However, my men and I would like to give you something to remember us by when you are plotting your next move.”

“What is it then? Speak out, fool!”

Jordan looked at one of his men. The man nodded, and two reached into the pouches on their belts.

“What do you have to give?! Answer before you are removed by my underlings!”

“This.” Jordan and the other man each threw a powerful grenade into the room. All five of them ran out of the room as the two blasts sounded. Then, all five fired into the room with their plasma rifles, which until now they had kept concealed. Completely ignoring their training, they fired blindly into the smoke, emptying a small energy cell each.

After the dead was done, Jordan, Zane and the others turned around and began to hurry back to ship before security teams arrived, their hearts racing faster than before. As they continued to move, Jordan saw a movement in the corner of his eye. He turned around. As he did, he saw Tresia running out of the smoke filled room, her robes flapping behind.

“Stop her!” roared Jordan.

However, the five of them had assumed everyone onboard dead, and they had not bothered to check or change the power cells on their rifles. By the time Zane had switched out his cell and begun to fire, Tresia had already turned the corner.

“F^ck!” yelled Jordan, stomping his foot. “Let’s get out of here.”

Alarms began to blare. As they ran, Zane found a wire access area that appeared to control electricity in the section of the ship. He shot it, plunging the room into darkness. Emergency lights came on. “Let’s hope that confuses them,” he muttered.

The five of them soon came to the hangar bay and founded the large doors beginning to close. The three marines quickly entered the ship and activated its systems, preparing for a getaway. Jordan and Zane entered the hangar control room.

“Open that hangar door up!” shouted Jordan to the single worker that was in there.

Jordan wasn’t sure whether the man could understand what Jordan had said, but he had clearly understood Jordan’s pointing and raised rifle.

Security teams began to enter the hangar area. Jordan and Zane quickly ran aboard the shuttle. As soon as they closed the hatch the craft took off. Within seconds, the shuttle was away from the Star Eagle.

“Two fighters are behind us, Jordan,” said Zane.

The shuttles radio crackled. “We are ordering you to stand down,” said one of the fighter pilots. “Stop all engine and weapons systems and prepare to be boarded!”

The sub-light drive system had charged completely. Jordan hit the switch and rendered the pilot’s orders useless.


“We haven’t seen the last of her,” said Zane, as the shuttle flew towards the Independence, “Tresia will be back. We’ve gotta be on guard.”

Jordan said nothing.

“Jesus, I really wish we could have killed that bitch,” grunted one of the mercenaries. I was thinking about just shooting her. But then we’d have to get the rest of them, one by one. Some of them would get away.”

“I just hope this will teach her a permanent lesson, that bitch,” said Jordan. “Still, I can’t believe that happened! How could she survive that?! Those grenades were some of the most powerful we had! I wouldn’t think anyone could live through that!”

“Well, hopefully her hearing will have dropped a bit. She won’t be able to hear much in the way of that stupid movement of hers, or anything at all!” said another mercenary, making all of them laugh.


As the shuttle approached the Independence, the radio sounded. “Jordan, we need to move!” sounded Ashley’s voice.

“What’s going on, Ashley?” asked

“Ordo detected a Korath fleet moving towards Toria. They have ships that have spore weapons on board. From the look of things, they intend to wipe out the Torians!”

“Shit…” muttered Jordan, “Can we get there in time to help the Torians?”

“If we move now, we can get there and get ready.”

“Get the engines primed. Obviously, let Ordo know. We’ll be docked in about five minutes. Meet me in the war room. Locke out.”


Jordan strode into the war room, followed by Zane. Ashley, Owen, and a bunch of other crew members were waiting. A distance away from them, the engines of the Independence activated.

“What is going on?” asked Jordan. “Just how strong is this Korath fleet?”

“It’s fairly good sized,” said Ordo, using a communication screen. “There are least two heavy battleships, and five spore ships, as well as destroyers, frigates, and fighters. We did not detect any Dread Lord ships, but those stupid red squid things may well with the Korath fleet. We all agree: the Torians won’t stand a chance without any help.”

“Did you contact them and warn them? They have seen the fleet, but do they know what’s in it?”

“We haven’t yet,” said Ashley.

Jordan rolled his eyes. “I’m gone for just a little bit and you guys can’t figure out what to do?! Tell the Torians! It’s their world and what number of billion people on it!”

“Right away!” said one of the crewmen.

“Get fighters prepared, weapons ready, and fix whatever’s broken now so we don’t have to do it when we arrive. We may not have any time when we get there. Let’s move!” said Owen.

“Right!” shouted several crewmen, and everyone quickly moved to accomplish their tasks.

Owen walked up to Jordan. “Guess that was my last order in command for a while. What happened between you and Tresia?”

“The bitch somehow got away, but her friends weren’t so lucky,” said Jordan. “I came for Tresia, so I’m a bit pissed.”

“Ah, don’t worry,” said Owen, “She can’t function without cronies, history has taught us that.”

“Guess so. It also taught us that people rarely give up, no matter how bad, stupid or evil their idea.”

“That’s true,” said Owen.

Jordan turned and began to walk out of the bridge. “It’s pretty late in ship time. I’m gonna get some rest. You’re still in charge until I wake up.”

“With pleasure,” said Owen.

The two of them left the war room, Owen to bridge, Jordan to his room.


Jordan opened the door to his room and stepped inside. He pulled the rifle that he still had with him off and leaned it against the wall. As he turned around, he saw Aelytha lying on his bed.

“Hey there,” said Jordan, walking over and sitting down next to her.

Aelytha sat up and moved next to Jordan. She placed a hand on his leg. “What happened? You came in looking a bit grim.”

“Well, I learned that Toria is facing a possible genocide by the Korath, so we’re going there to help the Torians defend their world.”

“That’s horrible! But what I was wondering about is what happened between you and Tresia?”

“Aelytha, most of the people that ordered the attack on you now lay dead. My men and I killed them.”


“Unfortunately, Tresia escaped. Now that she sees that I will fight to defend what’s right, hopefully she will leave us alone.”

“Why do things always have to end in violence and death? It never made sense to me…”

“Aelytha, I swear to you that we tried to talk it over with them. They wouldn’t budge, so we used a different option.”

“I understand, Jordan. Violence is an evil, but sometimes it’s a necessary evil, used to stop more evil, hatred, and misery. The war against the Drengin has shown us that.”

“I know. Are you all right?”

“I’m healed, if that’s what you ask. The experience still haunts me. Your crew did a good job trying to comfort me.”


Aelytha moved even closer to Jordan. She began to tug at Jordan’s shirt. “Jordan, I love you.”

“So do I. I’m really glad I met you,” he said, kissing her softly.

“There’s something I want to do with you to show it,” she said, tugging at his shirt again.

Jordan, seeing what she meant, moved back a few inches. “Aelytha, I don’t need a reward for killing those people.”

“It’s not about that, Jordan. It’s just what it would be like normally. You don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

Jordan didn’t think twice. He knew he loved Aelytha, even if a part of him still wasn’t comfortable with it. Plus, she needed something to take her mind off of what had happened to her, and to show her that someone cared about her. “Let’s do it,” he said with a smile.

Aelytha grinned and pulled his shirt off. Jordan then sent a message to Zane that he wasn’t to be bothered unless it was a total emergency.

The two leaned back on the bed and began to kiss, shyly at first, but soon improved. Once they had finished undressing each other, Jordan and Aelytha slid into the bed, pulled up the sheets partially, dimmed the lights, and made love.



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October 5, 2009 6:25:32 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Got an obnoxious private message message from a reader about the end part between Jordan and Aelytha. If you can't handle a more mature part then, well, too bad for you.

We are in the final three countdown now. This story only has three parts left...

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October 7, 2009 10:38:50 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

I KNEW Jordan would get the girl!  

All jokes aside, keep it up. 

Toria is going to be the mother-in-law of all battles, methinks.  

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October 15, 2009 6:26:27 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

For those who wanted me to update Origins, they got their wish. Ordo's story has begun. Here is the link.

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November 7, 2009 12:29:36 AM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Update: I've been meaning to write a chapter, but haven't really found the motivation. It will probably surface this weekend.

As for the sequel to this, I will probably hold off on posting it. I'll write it, but I probably won't post it until Galciv III is annouced (it will be annouced after Elemental, I'm sure of it), so more people will be talking about GalCiv again, therefore, reaching a bigger audience.

Okay, I'm off to continue writing.

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November 13, 2009 6:23:44 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Decided to split the battle scene into two parts. Enjoy the new chapter!

Chapter 34


The fleet approached Toria. The homeworld of the Torian people was mostly water, so the aquatic nature of the Torians made them right at home. With over sixteen billion inhabitants, as well as many fragile ecosystems, a spore attack would be nothing but genocide on the worst scale. Jordan wondered how the Korath could find it in their cold hearts to do something so evil.

Ahead of them a large military station was moving through its orbit. The Independence hailed the station.

A Torian officer answered. “Greetings, Terran. What brings you to our homeworld?”

“Are you aware of the Korath fleet approaching?” asked Jordan.

“Yes. Our scanners detected them quite a while ago.”

“That fleet has spore weapons, which can kill billions,” said Jordan. “We’re here to help defend your world.”

“Assistance will be needed and much appreciated,” said the Torian through the translator. “We have calculated the entry trajectory of the Korath. They will be attacking this station first.”

“I’ll deploy my fleet here,” said Jordan, “Oh, and there is what you may think might be a Yor Collective fleet coming, but it’s friendly.”

“That is strange, but I will let the commanders know.”

“Good.” Jordan closed the channel.


The fleets stood ready for the invaders. Jordan’s force, Ordo’s intimidating armada, and the assortment of Torian ships that had been called up formed battle lines, waiting for the Korath to fly right into the formation.

Several men on the bridge yawned. Zane looked around nervously. Jordan simply stretched his legs and watched the display that showed how far away the Korath were.

Suddenly, the blip on the display suddenly split into two. The new one quickly showed its distance to be rapidly closing. A second later, Jordan saw ships in the distance. However, they weren’t Korath. Instead they belonged to the Drengin Empire.

“What the…” said Zane.

“How did scanner not pick them up? Prepare for conflict.”

The crew quickly activated the weapons on the Independence, but then a ship in the Drengin fleet broadcasted a message to the entire fleet of ships defending Toria. Jordan accepted the message and opened it on the main screen.

The Dark Avatar appeared on the screen. “I am broadcasting this message to the fleet in defensive positions of Toria. We are here to fight the Korath, as you may be. I have been pursuing this Korath fleet since my victory at the Siege of Drengi. Because we are no longer engaged in a war with the Torian Confederation, I am allowing myself to fight alongside with you. Respond.” The message closed.

“Should we do it?” asked Zane.

“I hate the guts of the Drengin, but we need every ship we can get,” said Jordan. “Open up a channel.”

Zane routed the channel through to Ordo’s ships as well as those of the Torians. After that he confirmed the connection request, and the Dark Avatar’s face occurred.

“You’re the last person I wanted to see here, Locke,” growled the Dark Avatar.

“I’m not up for arguing between us. Are you going to make good on your offer or not?”

“I will, but I will not answer to you, nor anyone else!”

“I didn’t say that you had to. Just work with us. But let me warn you. If you betray us, your ship will become space junk faster than you can blink, and your body an ice cube, if it survived your ship’s explosion.”

“Careful, Jordan…” said Ordo.

“Your metal friend is right” said the Dark Avatar. “Mind your tongue!”

Zane broke in to the conversation. “Will you guys just shut up and get ready for battle?!”

The channels closed immediately after Zane’s outburst. The ship was entirely silent as men moved around, preparing the ship for the ordeal ahead.

Ordo had kept the communication channel open between his ship and the Independence. “I think I may figured out a reason why the Drengin got here. It’s actually pretty simple.”

“Go on.”

“The Korath must have made a short stop, while the Dark Avatar continued on his way. He probably didn’t realize it until he was long past them.”

“Well, that might be something to celebrate, because at least he have him on our side for now. I don’t trust him at all. Watch your back, Ordo.”

“That threat has long been acknowledged. Anyway, my readouts displaying how far away the Korath are just beeped. Things are going to explode. Ordo out.”


Flashes appeared, and in came the Korath fleet. Several battleships led the group, followed by many support cruisers. Jordan saw what appeared to be ships carrying the spore weapons.

Jordan’s heart began to race. A pounding sound ran through his head, sounding like a war drum. Around him, the crew raced to get ready to engage the Korath. Shield power levels soared, weapons were checked, and fighters sped out of hangar bays.

Jordan switched on his comm. “Our goal is to either destroy or capture those spore ships! The rest of that fleet will just provide cover. Again, stop those spore ships!”

The two forces sped toward each other, racing to be the first to be in range for beam weapons. Missiles streaked between the two sides. Most missed but not all. Those that hit did minor damage.

The Torians had reformed their battle line now, as well as the Korath. More Torian ships entered the area to bolster the line, but Jordan had doubts that the ships would stand up the Korath, which designed their ships for war alone. The various squads of fighter had begun to dogfight. The craft, dwarfed by the massive ships around them, sped and twisted around; trying desperately to line up a target before they themselves were destroyed.

An alert sounded. The Korath fleet was in range.

“Fire,” said Jordan. At that moment, the entire defense fleet unleashed its fury onto the invaders.


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November 19, 2009 8:23:34 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Is it me, or is the AAR community completely dead these days?

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November 22, 2009 1:20:23 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums


its a shame because some of us are really giving it our all for our stories.

When you look at the other categories you see that the rest of this forum teems with life. I wonder why there aren't more people interested in Galciv II AARs.

anywho keep it going. I may not respond all the tiem but I read. Im kind of a half lurker

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November 24, 2009 5:38:36 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

I agree guys-theres deffo less activity than there has been for ages-not quite sure of the reason for it either but it is sad given the efforts some are putting into their stories

In fact I will say that it's probably the reason that i am taking so long between posts in my own story

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November 26, 2009 1:00:24 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Yeah, this is why I'm saving the third story for when GalCiv III is announced. Then there will be more activity in the AAR section.

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November 27, 2009 3:54:56 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Do you know when that announcement is coming mon general?

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December 21, 2009 12:32:52 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

New chapter, yay! I'll post another later in the day.

Do you know when that announcement is coming mon general?

No but it will probably come some time after Elemental is released.

Chapter 35


The Independence made a hard left turn into the chaos above Toria, attacking various Korath ships as it passed them. A Korath frigate foolishly tried to attack, but was obliterated by a barrage of plasma fire.

Jordan checked the locations and status of the defense fleet. Despite losses, the battle seemed to be in favor of the defenders. The initial volley from the defense fleet had caught the Korath by surprise, and the defenders had charged into the enemy line, attempting to scatter them. Despite the general situation, Jordan ordered his fleet to keep a short distance between them, lessons learned from the battle in the Protos system.

“Incoming destroyer,” said Zane.

“Launch torpedoes. Follow up with mass driver fire,” said Jordan.

The Korath destroyer moved toward the Independence, smashing through a crippled Torian ship. It then fired lasers at the Independence, only for it to be blocked by the Independence’s. Before it could fire again, the torpedoes slammed into the destroyer, blasting gaping holes in the sides. Countless rounds of mass driver shredded the rest of the destroyer’s hull. The engines blew apart from damage they had sustained, and the doomed ship began to break apart and fall out of orbit.

The battle had only been going on for half an hour, but both fleets were suffering heavily. Wrecks were scattered throughout the battle space, some lightly damaged that crews had abandoned, others completely obliterated, with only twisted debris remaining. Surviving ship flew around the wreckage, attacking and destroying with cold precision. Missiles streaked between sides, and lasers flared, making the area looking like a twisted spider web.

“Bank left,” ordered Jordan, “Target that Korath battleship.” The battle would have mostly likely been over by now if it weren’t for the Korath battleships. Each of the mighty ships was larger than the Independence, and with standard equipment, had a considerable weapons advantage. The Korath had four of these vessels, and they had destroyed close to a quarter of the Torian fleet, though they found the Terran and Yor ships tougher targets.

The Korath battleship Jordan planned to attack saw the Independence approaching and launched a volley of missiles. Defense systems aboard the Independence countered the missiles, several turrets blasting the rockets apart. However, several electronic countermeasures were deployed, scrambling the remaining missiles and forcing them to go wildly off course, usually into Drengin ships. Jordan saw what the countermeasure technicians were up to and rolled his eyes.

The Korath battleship was speeding toward the Independence now, smashing through several Torian ships. Laserfire erupted between the two ships.

“Ship status!” shouted Jordan.

“Bow shields are beginning to fail! We have a reported hull breach on Deck 17. Emergency shields are in place. The metal blast door has failed,” shouted someone.

“Launch torpedoes. Knock out those laser batteries.”

The torpedoes sped from their tubes and crashed into the Korath battleship, destroying several of the guns. What remained of the guns floated away as twisted wreckage, adding to the growing cloud.

With its forward guns lost, the enemy ship now tried its side guns. Three beams connected with the Independence.

“Shields are beginning to fail, Captain!”

“Divert power to shields. Fire port phasor banks,” said Jordan calmly.

The phased energy refraction guns, or “phasors” blasted apart the sides of the Korath battleship. Explosions rocked the enemy vessel as the hit sides began to break apart. The Independence soon gained the advantage in the battle between the two. A final torpedo struck the warp core of the Korath ship, resulting in a massive explosion, sending debris hurtling everywhere. The crew began to cheer, but soon stopped as several new Korath ship aligned their weapons at the Independence.

Jordan radioed Ordo. “Ordo, send some of your ships over here. We just defeated a Korath ship, and they just sent more at me. Get me some back up!”

“All my ships are tied up at the moment. I will send reinforcements as soon as all my objectives have been completed,” replied Ordo.

“Damn it, Ordo! I need help!” shouted Jordan. Several missiles crashed into the Independence. The damage report came in. Two decks had been breached.

“I would it I could!” said Ordo. “We have our hands full. Wait, it’s charged.”

“What’s charged?” asked Jordan. Several more shots hit the Independence, though the plasma batteries had dealt a death blow to one of the Korath ships.

“Something that will hopefully end the battle. What’s the status of the Korath flagship?”

Jordan ran a quick scan. “The ship’s hull is relatively unharmed. The forward shield arrays have been destroyed. The shields on the ship’s bow are beginning to fail. The thing’s been ripping apart the Torian ships that are fighting it. I’m also seeing a buildup of red energy next to the ship. The Korath probably have something to do with it.”

 “It’s time,” said Ordo.

The main engines of Ordo’s flagship flared up, moving the ship forward. The front of the ship began to open. The large barrel began to extend from the gap.

“What the hell is that thing?” asked Zane, as another Korath ship was destroyed.

“I have no idea,” said Jordan, “Clearly, Ordo’s been up to something.”

The large gun protruding from Ordo’s ship fired a massive blast of energy at the Korath flagship.

“Direct hit!” screamed Ordo. “What are you stupid Korath shit-heads going to do now?!”

“More personality upgrades,” muttered Jordan.

The Korath flagship, wracked with energy after being hit with Ordo’s secret weapon, exploded seconds after with shot had been fired, sending a powerful shockwave that shook apart ships that were next to it. As the wave dissipated, ships were merely pushed by it. Meanwhile, the red energy cloud that was next to the flagship continued to grow.

“Jordan?” asked Ashley


“That energy cloud…it’s a portal. Something’s coming.”

“What’s coming?”

“I’m trying to figure it out. Wait, I’m getting something…”


The glowing red portal grew even bigger. From it three blood-red ships emerged. Looking like no other ship in the area, the organic vessels moved toward the battle. With a flick of one of the ship’s tentacles, a blast of energy rushed from it, hitting and annihilating a Drengin destroyer.

Jordan heart went into his throat. A mix of horror, shock, and disbelief engulfed him. A single word escaped from his throat. “F^ck.”

The Dread Lords had entered the Battle of Toria.

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Okay, here's the other chapter.

Chapter 36


“Hard to port!” shouted Jordan as the Independence desperately dodged the relentless attacks by the Dread Lords. Agility was key in this situation. The weapons of the Dread Lords had such an obscene amount of power that a direct hit would spell a certain end for any ship, even the Independence.

“Damn it! There goes another one!” someone yelled over the radio as a Dread Lord ship destroyed yet another Torian destroyer.

Jesus, how are we gonna get out this? thought Jordan. He knew the ridiculous power of the Dread Lords. He, like so many others, had seen chilling footage of Dread Lord ships destroying things ten times their size, and one soldier killing a battalion. Now, the weapons of the Dread Lords, called “Doom Rays” by soldiers during the war, were wreaking havoc across the battlespace. What had once seemed like victory for the defenders of Toria now had a much more grim outlook.

“These things have got to have some sort of bridge,” said Zane desperately. “Let’s find it and break it!”

“All the hull will do is fix itself!” said Ashley, seemingly close to tears. “We can’t stop it!” She looked down at Toria through a window. “God help them…”

While the three Dread Lord ships began to annihilate the defense force, the Korath began to regroup and attack, though the Dark Avatar’s fleet continued to hold them off. “My blood will be on your kind’s hands if I die,” he growled in a radio transmission.

Jordan hailed Ordo. “Ordo, that weapon of yours: use it!”

“Jordan, it has to-“

“Wait, don’t tell me. It’s still recharging.”

“It is.”

Jordan slammed his fist on the table. His crew, usually a disciplined and effective crew, was showing signs of panic. Soon it would be madness. And, if this was what things were like on the bridge, he couldn’t imagine what was going on in the rest of the ships. Still, weapons fired on, shields were maintained, and efforts to keep the ship in one piece continued.

Ordo radioed the Independence again. “Jordan, the Korath spore ships are moving to attack the planet.

“Ordo, we have to stop those ships, no matter the cost. I prefer to board them so we can uncover the secrets of the spores, but destroy them if we have to.”

“Right away,” said Ordo.

Jordan contacted Owen, whom he had kept aboard the Independence until he and his men were needed for this task. “Owen, you know what to do.”

“On it,” came the reply. A few seconds later, Owen’s ship left the Independence, and were accompanied by several Yor boarding ships. Several Korath fighters tried to attack them, but were shot down by the Independence.

The boarding ships quickly caught up with the slow spore ships. Boarding tubes extended, and the fight for the ships began.

Owen hailed the Independence as it dodged another shot by the Dread Lords. “We have the spore ships, Jordan!”

“Nice job! Now, try to find any files about the-“

The largest Dread Lord vessel extended its tentacles, grabbing the Independence, Royal Vengeance, and the spore ship Owen was hailing from. It then began to pull the three ships towards itself, where it could destroy all three in one big blast.

The bridge was silent, gripped by horror. Some of the men made the sign of cross. Jordan simply glared at the Dread Lord ship. So this is how it ends…

The ships continued to get pulled closer. Jordan radioed Aelytha. “Get to one of the shuttles Aelytha! Now!”

“Jordan, I-” came the response.

“Don’t argue with me!” shouted Jordan, cutting her off. “We are about to die! Get off the ship.”

All Jordan could hear was the faint sound of Aelytha crying before she closed the link. I was a fool to let her come along. I should have made her stay with Altos. Then again, after what I did…

“It’s time,” said Jordan. He linking his radio to speak to his entire crew, and that of the Royal Vengeance. “This is Captain Jordan Locke. ABANDON SHIP!”

Some men had apparently anticipated the order and waited by the escape pods, for they immediately began to launch.

With the bridge crew already gone, Jordan, Zane and Ashley stood on the bridge looking at the Dread Lord ship. Its main weapons was already preparing to fire. The three turned and prepared to sprint to join their comrades in the escape pods.

Suddenly, a flash of metal caught Jordan’s eye. A metal canister hit where the weapon was charging, and it shut off completely. The blood red color of the ship began to turn a mottled gray, then tinges of brown began to appear. The blight on the ship began to spread.

“What the hell…” said Jordan. He contacted the captured spore ship. “Owen, what did you do?”

“Owen has left”, said the person on the other end. “Name’s Lee Taylor. I’m one of the men you hired. I fired the spore weapons.”

“Wait a minute. Dread Lord ships are organic, and spores-” Jordan quickly ran back to his console and ordered the ship to launch a torpedo at the grayish-brown area of the Dread Lord, half expecting the ship to repair itself as normal.

The torpedo struck, and the Dread Lord ship blasted apart, freeing the Independence.

Jordan’s jaw dropped, as well as that of Zane’s, who had stayed on the bridge with him.

Zane quickly grabbed the comm. “If anyone is still aboard the Independence or Royal Vengeance, stay aboard! We found a way to defeat the Dread Lords!”

“Computer, how many men are aboard the Independence?”

“There are 147 men left aboard, Captain,” said the computer, “Aelytha Kommenos is among them.”

“Aelytha!” growled Jordan.

“Shall I connect her to you?” asked the computer.

“No.” said Jordan.

Several of the escape pods had turned back to rejoin the Independence. Ashley ran back on the bridge, just as a second Dread Lord ship moved toward the Independence. A large blast of energy then slammed into it, blasting it apart.

“Let’s see your hull fix that!” shouted Ordo over the radio.

“About damn time, Ordo!” roared Jordan.

“I am very, very, very happy to see you alive,” said Ordo, “In fact…” He then played a recording of someone crying. “Is my happiness expressed well?”

Jordan laughed. “Yes, yes it is. In fact-“

The last Dread Lord ship blasted Ordo’s flagship with two Doom Ray shots. The massive flagship began to break apart.

“Ordo, no!” shouted Jordan.

“Captain, an escape pod that seems to be carrying Ordo has been launched from his ship,” said the computer.

“Let him in,” said Jordan. “We can’t lose him. Zane, I want that last ship gone.”

“Right,” said Zane. “All spore ships: attack the Dread Lord ship!”

Four spore canisters were launched. With seconds all had hit the enemy ship. The discoloration began to spread. Soon it covered the whole ship. The tentacles attached to the ship withered and broke off. The Royal Vengeance launched a heavy torpedo, and the last Dread Lord vessel was history. The remaining Korath ships scattered and fled.


All of the crew of the Independence had returned; the same had happened for the Royal Veageance. Many of the crewmen ran aboard the bridge, cheering, screaming with joy, apologizing for leaving, despite Jordan ordering them to, and other words of thanks and congratulations.

“Thank me for beating the Korath, but thank our friend Lee Taylor for beating the Dread Lords. Actually, please hail the guy.”

Lee answered. “Yes Captain?”

“Get your ass aboard the Independence. You are in for a serious promotion,” said Jordan to the cheers of his men.

“Jordan, incoming missiles!” shouted Ashley.

“What in the-”

The Dark Avatar’s face appeared on the Independence’s viewscreen. “Time to pay for what you did, Locke.”



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The lack of responses is the reason why I'll resubmit this in the general section of the GCII forum.

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Looking good

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December 23, 2009 11:11:36 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Thank you

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This is the home stretch. One more chapter remains.

Chapter 37


The Dark Avatar’s flagship fired again. The countermeasures on the Independence had blocked both volleys from the traitorous ship, but Jordan wasn’t sure how much longer they could hold.

Jordan smirked at the Dark Avatar, who still kept the communications channel open. “You really are stupid, Avatar. You just essentially committed suicide. My friends and I outnumber you three to one. You can’t kill us all.”

“I can’t. But I’ll just kill you, Locke!” roared the Dark Avatar.

“This is the Independence to all ships. Destroy the Drengin!” shouted Jordan.

The defense fleet quickly moved to aid the Independence without any response, but a Torian captain continued to talk to Jordan. “We should have never worked with those monsters!” he said.

Jordan sighed. “Like it or not, he helped us win. Still, he did seem to try to keep his ships out of harm. The bastard was probably planning to betray me from the beginning.”

“He’ll be dead within minutes. This will teach the Drengin!” said the Torian before closing the link.

“Fire all phasors. I want this battle over. Use torpedoes for support.”

“Captain, we are completely out of torpedoes!” said a crewman.

Jordan groaned and hailed the Royal Vengeance. “Royal Vengeance, what’s your torpedo supply status.”

“We’re out, Captain. We should have resupplied at Protos when we had the chance,” came the reply.

“I doubt Evars would let us. Just use mass driver weapons instead.”

“Right away.”

Jordan set the shields of the Independence to maximum power, and watched the battle unfold. The Dark Avatar had not protected his fleet as well as Jordan thought. Some of his ships had been destroyed in minutes, and even his own ship was beginning to take damage.

Suddenly a barrage of missiles slammed into the Dark Avatar’s fleet. It took a Jordan a few seconds to realize that the missiles had come from Toria. “Where the hell did those come from?” he asked the Torian fleet commander.

“We were working as fast as we could to complete and launch those missiles,” said the Torian. “Much of our stock was destroyed in several Drengin raids at the end of the war. Also, much of the battle took place outside of the missiles’ range.”

Jordan rolled his eyes after the Torian fleet leader cut the connection.

The missile strike had spelled an end for the Dark Avatar’s force. The single barrage wiped out most of his fleet. The remaining ships turned and began to activate their warp drives to escape.

“Capture the Dark Avatar,” ordered Jordan. “His reign of terror ends today.”

“Jordan, we can’t penetrate his defense to board,” said Owen. “Plus, I don’t have enough men. I don’t Ordo has enough soldiers either.”

“Fine. Blow his ship apart then,” growled Jordan.

“It’s hopeless, Jordan,” said Zane. “His drive fully activated. He’s going to get away.”

“Hail him,” said Jordan.

There was no reply, so Jordan sent a message. “So, the mighty Dark Avatar flees from the fight. You lose against me yet again! I’m just sure that Lord Kona just loves your tremendous successes!” Jordan laughed before finishing the recording and sending it to the Dark Avatar’s ship. Seconds later, the Drengin left.

“All hostile ships have left the system,” said the computer, and the crew again jumped up and cheered.

Jordan grinned. “Now it’s over.”

Ordo sauntered onto the bridge, followed quietly by Aelytha. “So, Toria is safe now, eh?”

“It is. Sorry about your ship, though. That weapon was helpful.”

Ordo stomped his foot. “I was really beginning to like that ship. It also had the only copy of schematics for the weapon: the PX-785. I spent months building that, and now it’s gone. Damn Dread Lords. Can’t wait till they all die.”

Jordan shrugged. “Well, at least we found another weakness for those ships.”

“Ha! The Korath have created the weapon that will bring an end to their own masters! Once I get my hands on it…”

“I have my men looking into it,” said Jordan.

“Excellent,” said Ordo in a jokingly evil tone, making everyone but Aelytha laugh.

Aelytha timidly stepped forward and tried to apologize, but Jordan immediately forgave her, sealing it with a hug. Some of the crew started to try to tease Jordan about Aelytha, and were given the middle finger in response.

Ordo walked over to the communications console. “Jordan, someone from the planet is trying to hail you.”

“Open a channel, then,” said Jordan.

Ordo did so, and the leader of the Torian Confederation, Tlas Kzientha, appeared on the viewscreen.

“Well, this is a surprise. What can I do for you?” asked Jordan.

“I must thank you for your actions in saving the people of this planet. I have sent the Terran government a message about what happened. They are very pleased,” said Tlas.

“Good, good. Still, we need to keep the spore technology secret. I’ve no doubt that you’ve heard about these weapons?”


“As much as I like freedom of information laws, spore weapons must remain a secret. If the public finds out, there will be a massive panic. Same for the Dread Lords.”

“Of course. I will say that what happened was a general battle. Will that be sufficient?”

“I guess so.”

“Now, is there anything I can do for you? You have just helped save countless people, so I intend to do you some favors. Ask, I and will grant.”

“Well, all I want are repairs to my ships and supplies. That’s pretty much it.”

“If you say so. Make your way to the Navy docks, and your ships will be repaired. Again, I cannot thank you enough for your actions today.” The channel closed.

The fleet moved into the repair docks, and repair drones quickly began repairs.

While the repairs went on, Jordan walked throughout the Independence, speaking to no one. Eventually, he came across Ordo.

The rouge Yor walked up to Jordan. “Now that the battle’s over, what is going to happen now?”

“The Terran Alliance is secure. The Drengin have been pushed out. Ordo, I’m returning to Earth. It’s been over a year and a half since the first war ended. I’m going to rejoin the Navy, but first I want to go home.”

“I understand. I wish to accompany you. I need to speak with Terran leaders.”

“About what?”

“About myself and how I can help your civilizations. I can take over the Yor Collective. We’ve discussed this many times.”

“You haven’t completed your plan, eh?”

“No, but you taught me that some things can wait.”


“But, I have something more important for you.” Ordo held out two large chips in protective cases. “The larger one contains my entire personality program. Well, you can’t call it a personality program anymore. What were once some programs that would give me some amusing quirks and individuality in the Yor has evolved into something much more. I’ve added to them, revised them, and changed them over the years. They’ve well, become…a program, or programs, for true sentience. I can’t believe what it’s become, and turned me into.”

“I still am amazed,” said Jordan.

“But anyway, this is too valuable to lose, Jordan. If something happens to me, find a way to recapture and load this chip into me, and my entire sentience will be restored.”

“Can I make copies of the programs?”

Ordo laughed. “You’d need an entire mainframe to hold all of that. Our computer technology is much more advanced. If BA-73, or ‘Bruce’ has a chip, you can get him to copy it.”

“If something happens to you, can it be used on Bruce?”

Ordo shook his head. “No. Each Yor, believe it or not, has some degree of uniqueness. Those programs work for me alone because of that. Now, that second chip, the smaller one, contains the program that allows my units to spy within the Yor Collective consciousness. Bruce already has that loaded, but I figured I should give you a copy to hold onto.”

“Thanks, Ordo.”

“Guard those well, Jordan. You know what would happen if they are lost.”

“Of course.”

Zane radioed Jordan. “Fleet repairs are done. What now?”

“Set a course for Earth. We’re going home. Tell Ordo’s fleet to follow.”

“Finally! I can’t wait. Man, I still can’t believe that we’re heroes today. What do you think about it?”

“No one is to brag or boast about what happened today, Zane.”


“A true hero doesn’t bask in the glory of his or her deeds.”

“Whatever. It’s getting late in ship, time. Can we get some rest.”

“Definitely. Get the night shift going.” Jordan turned to Ordo. “Make use of whatever unfilled quarters we have here.”

“I will. I’ve always wondered what’s it’s like to lie on a bed.” Ordo then walked away.

Jordan returned to his room, lay on his own bed, and began to fall asleep. A short time later, when most of the crew was asleep, Aelytha quietly walked into Jordan’s room. She smiled, and asked if she could sleep with him. Jordan smiled back and lifted back a portion of the sheets. Aelytha removed her clothes, revealing a nightgown, and crawled into bed, letting sleep wash over the two of them.



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Merry Christmas everyone! Here is a little present: The final chapter.

Chapter 38


“Captain Locke! Wake up!” said someone over the intercom.

“Huh? What’s going on?” asked Jordan sleepily.

“We have the meaning of an intruder alert! Over a hundred of them! Korx and Drath, by the looks of them. I don’t know how they did it, but they got inside using the hangars, and they’ve been shooting everything and everyone up. I’ve got casualty reports coming in from all over the ship!”

“Shit!” said Jordan, now wide awake. “Get everyone to the armories to get weapons. Kill them all!” Jordan bolted out of bed, pulled some clothes on, grabbed his plasma rifle and armored vest, and ran out of the room.

“Jordan, what should I do?” asked Aelytha.

“Stay here and hide!” Jordan ran and joined a group of his crew, who were blasting at the invaders with guns from the armory.

“Good to see you, Jordan!” said Owen. “God knows how these idiots got aboard here. How could they control the hangars like that? And who are they, pirates or something?”

“I have no idea. How far have they gotten?”

“The bastards sabotaged the computers. We’re getting no feeds from anywhere. Engineering is working on it. We don’t know where they all are. We’re holding key areas, and waiting for them to come to us.”

Another group of invaders came, though they were quickly shot in a hail of plasma bolts. After the last one fell, the group quickly moved to find more.

“Jordan, over here!” shouted Bruce. His built-in arm guns quickly brought and end to a new enemy squad attempting to kill them. “I performed a scan of the ship. The intruders did not get as far as we thought. They went past your quarters, as well as those of Ordo’s but they apparently were driven back. I have created the most efficient plan to secure the ship. With your permission, I would like to perform it.”

“Go ahead,” said Jordan

At that moment, one of the invaders fired a grenade launcher, the round detonating over Jordan and his men. Something struck the back of his head, and he lost consciousness.


Clutching the back of his head, Jordan awoke in the medical bay.

“Good, you’re awake, said the medical drone that was tending to him. “Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it looks. Something landed on your head, that’s all.”

“What happened?” groaned Jordan.

“The attackers blew open a roof panel with that grenade blast. Some of it hit your head,” said Owen, who had walked into the room.

“Did we get them all?” asked Jordan.

“Most of them,” said Owen. “The rest retreated to their ships and fled. The Royal Vengeance couldn’t get its weapons activated fast enough.”

“Who’d we lose?”

“We lost one hundred and twenty three men. Most were killed before they could get weapons.”

“Bastards,” muttered Jordan.

Owen lowered his head. “Jordan, I don’t know how to tell you this, but Zane and Ashley are dead. We found them shot up, their bodies surrounded by fifteen enemies. They sure didn’t go down without a fight.”

Jordan was silent.

Owen continued. “I know what it’s like to lose a buddy, Jordan. Zane was like you, Jordan, a warrior and a patriot. Going down and taking a whole bunch of enemies with you a pretty glorious end for a warrior.”

“He was so excited to return to Earth…” said Jordan, keeping himself from crying.

“I know, I know,” said Owen sadly. “Jordan, Ordo and Aelytha are gone. Not killed, gone. These guys must have taken them.”


“I know. We’re looking to into it.”

“Bruce said that they had gone by where they were. They must have been looking for them. That’s got be the reason why the computer was messed up. They hacked it so it would give them information. Anyway, we captured one of them, a Drath. We are ready to interrogate.”

“Let’s go.” Jordan got off the cot and followed Owen. The medical drone protested Jordan leaving, but it was ignored.

Jordan and Owen walked to where a large group of people surrounded a terrified Drath prisoner, which was restrained by Bruce.

Jordan approached the prisoner after being handed a rifle. “All right, time to talk,” he growled, pointing the rifle at the Drath.

The prisonder began to babble nonsensically, making Jordan realize that the Drath didn’t speak English. After giving the Drath a universal translator, Jordan repeated himself.

“Please, don’t kill me! I only did what I was paid to do!” said the Drath through the translator.

“You were paid? So I’m guessing that you’re not pirates?”

“Pirates? No. We’re mercenaries.”

“All right then, who hired you?”

“Some Altarian lady by the name of Tresia,” said the Drath, causing an uproar among the crew.

“The prisoner is telling the truth,” said Bruce.

That bitch… “All right, what did she tell you to do?”

“We were to kill you and your crew, capture a girl named Aelytha and a Yor named Ordo, which we did, and once that was done, self destruct the ship. You Terrans are tougher than you look. Then again, we had Korx on our side. Bastards are better bankers than they are fighters.”

“What are they going to do with Aelytha and Ordo?”

“I’m not entirely sure, but I overheard my leader. He was saying how this Tresia lady wanted Aelytha ‘reformed’ and Ordo to be given back to the Yor Collective. Why the hell do you have Yor on your ship?!”

“None of your business,” said Jordan.

“They’re heading for Altaria, but you won’t be able to catch them. Tresia, she’s rich. She supplied us with these boarding craft. They have the fastest warp drives yet.”

“How did you get aboard my ship?”

“She had Altarians come aboard your ship for some sort of celebration a while ago. They accessed the computer and got all the ship’s information. Maps, docking codes, everything. We accessed it again and found the locations of our targets once we entered, then sabotaged it.”

Shit! The ones that beat up Aelytha, they must have done it. Jordan had a feeling that he knew the answer to his next question, yet he still asked it. “Why did Tresia send you?”

“I don’t know! We’re mercenaries. We just do what we’re paid to do.”

“The prisoner is lying,” said Bruce.

Jordan raised his rifle. “I think you know more, Drath. Spit it out.”

The Drath took a long look down the barrel of Jordan’s rifle, then spoke, “I heard something about it. She wanted revenge. The mercenary captain said that you had killed some of her friends or something like that. Still, it seems like overkill to destroy an entire ship. You’ve made powerful enemies.”

Jordan rolled his eyes. “Now, it seems you’ve served your purpose.”

“Please don’t kill me! I’ll do anything. I didn’t even kill any of your men. Check my targeting visor. It records what happens during missions. It’ll show you I’m not lying. Please don’t kill me!” screamed the Drath, its large blue eyes widening.

Bruce pulled the visor off the Drath’s head, and configured the adaptable plug on his arm, forming it to fit the access port on the visor. After running through the footage, Bruce concluded that the Drath was telling the truth.

Jordan looked at the Drath. “I’m not sure whether to let you go, kill you, or take you as a prisoner.”

“Please don’t kill me!” cried the Drath.

“I’ve ruled that out,” said Jordan, “As much as I would like to, a friend taught me otherwise. You’d be worthless as a prisoner, though.”

Lee Taylor stepped forward. “Captain, one of the ships these mercenaries came on is still in the hangar.

“Yes, yes! That’s my ship! I password protected it so no one but me could fly it!” said the Drath. He tried to move, but Bruce grabbed him.

“Now,” said Jordan, “do you promise not to tell anyone about where I am or what happened?”

“Yes,” said the Drath.

“Good. Give up mercenary work that targets Terrans, Altarians, Torians, or Arceans. Return to your home. You’re a bit far from it, aren’t you?”

“I have no home! It was destroyed when the Dark Avatar attacked the Drath Legion. His forces destroyed everything!”

Jordan paused. “I see.”

The Drath continued. “I…I can help you, you know. You’ll need to replenish your crew.”

“No,” said Jordan, “Just go.”

The Drath left without a word and headed for the hangar bay. A few minutes later, his ship had left.

The crew stood around, silently mourning their losses. Jordan bit his lip, thinking about what had happened through the past year and a half. He thought about the interrogation that had just happened. Back when the Dread Lord War ended, he would have certainly ordered the Drath to be shot. But now, he had changed. Once someone who liked attention, he now ordered himself and his men to keep a low profile about what had happened at Toria. Altos, Aelytha, Ordo, and so many others had greatly altered him. He had come a long way from the cocky, action and attention hungry high school graduate who had stepped through the gates of the Naval Academy. Jesus, what’s become of me? I’m not who I used to be.

Jordan continued to think when Lee suddenly swore. “You’re not going to believe this, Jordan!”

Lee was watching the news on a handheld device, and showed it to Jordan. “…an arrest warrant and bounty for the capture or killing of the criminal Jordan Locke was issued today by the Altarian Foreign Ministry. Locke is accused of murdering many members of the controversial Uslynthinis movement. In addition to these actions, Locke is also being wanted for high treason. Locke is believed to have sold information about the Korath Clan to the Drengin Empire for personal gain, as well as maintaining contact and conspiring with a major commander of the Yor Collective.”

“What the-?!” shouted Jordan

The news anchor continued. “Tresia Kolonis, the leader of Usylnthinis who informed Altarian authorizes about Locke, issued a statement regarding the matter.”

The news feed then showed Tresia speaking to a group of reporters. “I am sorrowed at the loss of my fellow Uslynthinis members, and I hope that the foul man that is Jordan Locke will be brought to justice. Ever since meeting him for the first time, I saw his evil nature in full. I learned of his terrible deeds that threatened our great civilizations, and decided that it must stop! Let us hope that Jordan Locke will be caught and punished before he commits yet another crime. Our civilizations could be dependent on his capture! Terrans like this are why Uslythinis exists, to provide guidance and help to all Terrans that can be saved! Let Jordan Locke be caught or killed, and long live the Alliance and Republic!”

The news feed switched back to the news anchor. “The Terran Alliance has not issued a warrant or a bounty yet, though it will likely match the Altarian bounty of fifteen million standard credits. The Arcean Empire has not produced a warrant either. Neither government could be reached for contact, though Tlas Kzientha, the leader of the Torian Confederation has expressed outrage, calling Locke a hero, citing his rumored participation of the battle at Toria, details on which are still unclear.”

“This is ridiculous,” said Owen. “That women is not going to get away this.”

“She already has,” said Jordan.

The news continued. “Locke, a former Navy officer who vanished for a time when the Earth Shield was activated, is rumored to possess two stolen Vortex-class battleships, as well as a large number of henchmen. The Navy did not have a statement yet, though one is expected to be released. Both the Terran Alliance and the Altarian Republic advise extreme caution if he is located. For information and report placement, please contact your local military offices.”

The news switched to another story. Jordan stood there, seething. Owen swore under his breath.

“What now?” groaned Lee. “We go from being heroes to wanted men.”

“Blame Eleys Mue for her stupidity,” said Lee.

“Who’s that?” asked one of the crew.

“The leader of the Altarian Republic. That old hag probably manipulated her into putting a bounty on my head. Fifteen million credits! Every mercenary is going to come after us,” grumbled Jordan, making a mental note to promote Lee.

“Unless the Navy comes after us, or the mercenaries get their hands on a big ship, no one’s getting that money,” laughed Owen.

Jordan was silent.

“We’re not leaving you, Jordan. We’re a like a band of brothers these days. We’ll get this bounty off our heads, and keep doing what we do best: kill Drengin,” said Owen.

“Thanks, guys,” said Jordan.

“If Tresia is knocked from power and we somehow capture her, with your permission I shall cut out her black heart,” said Bruce.

Jordan smiled. “You have my permission.” The crew cheered. After thinking for a second, Jordan spoke again. “We need to keep out of sight until we explain ourselves to the Terran Alliance government, if Tresia hasn’t corrupted them either. We’re repaired, and we have fresh supplies. I say bring on whatever is thrown at us! We’ve survived countless battle and raids, and the Dread Lords of all things! Whatever Tresia throws at us will be pathetic shit!” The crew cheered, some raising their weapons into the air.

“All right guys, let’s get on it!” said Lee. The crew cheered again and moved to complete their tasks. Jordan, Owen, and Bruce were left standing alone.

“I thought they would all leave,” said Jordan.

“Fine little speech there,” said Owen.

“That was nothing,” replied Jordan with an eye roll.

“Jordan, I waited until everyone had left had tell you this, because I figured out that the crew really didn’t need any more bad news,” said Bruce.

“What happened?”

“Ordo as we know him is no more. He has been reprogrammed by the Yor.”

“How’d they get him? Let me guess, Tresia,” said Jordan through clenched teeth.

“Yes. Tresia, or ‘the old hag’ as you and some of your men call her, sold him to the Yor. He erased his mind before the Yor could access it, so his sentience and spy programs are safe from Yor hands.”

“Well, I have them on chips he gave me.”

“Yes, he told me. Where are they? I wish to make copies in case something happens.”

“They’re in my room,” said Jordan.

“Okay,” said Bruce. “You know, Aelytha apparently didn’t go without a fight. I found your knife on the ground in front of your room. It was covered in Korx blood. It looked to be a serious wound.”

Jordan laughed. “Good.”

Bruce left to get the chips, leaving Owen and Jordan.

“I’m sorry about Aelytha. She was a really sweet girl. I hope nothing bad happens to her.”

“Me neither, but seeing how Tresia is, that may be wishful thinking.”

The two were silent. After a while, Jordan spoke. “Well, I’m going to make sure my crew didn’t screw something up. I’ll talk to you later.”

Jordan turned and walked away, but he looked back over his shoulder at Owen, who was looking at the space outside the Independence through a virtual window. He heard him mutter, “Cower in your corner, Tresia, you twisted bitch. You will feel Jordan’s revenge.”






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December 26, 2009 4:51:49 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

 Just wanted to thank those who stuck with this story and continued to patiently wait for me to finish it. Thank you.

I will likely work on the Origins prequels for some time, and eventually start the sequel to Jordan's Revenge.

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January 3, 2010 2:05:06 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Man, no replies for the end of this story? What a bummer.

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January 11, 2010 6:10:14 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Come on people. Just leave a response. Don't just read this stuff.

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January 13, 2010 9:25:05 AM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Hi General

I'll do my best to read the whole thing sometime soon, and leave a response once I have. 

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January 13, 2010 6:14:28 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Quoting Muuurgh,
Hi General

I'll do my best to read the whole thing sometime soon, and leave a response once I have. 

Thank you. I really like your story The Iconian Dreamer. Great stuff.

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January 13, 2010 9:08:54 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

The spy from DA?

Special Agent James Solon Locke

Opening the "Spies" scenario in the scenario editor will show you that.

I wonder if he is related to Jordan?

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January 15, 2010 6:12:40 PM from GalCiv II Forums GalCiv II Forums

Hmmmm. You shall see in the sequel.

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